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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @3.2GHz (OC pending)
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  1. You know someone pulled those requirements from their ass, right? There are no official recommended requirements because the game is still in alpha. There is no way for anyone to actually give accurate requirements of a game that isn't even optimised yet. Whatever the actual final game requires to play with good quality, people will be ready for it. That said, there are always games with settings that are very demanding at launch, that get few people can enjoy. Crysis was one of these. Metro 2033 too. Star Citizen will be as well. But that doesn't mean you won't be able to play it smoothl
  2. That's not a valid point. A high end 2012 machine won't run games buttery smooth on high - ultra forever. People will have to upgrade for other games anyway, so when SC is released, they'll be ready for it.
  3. Build updooted.

  4. Most definitely, yes. Also, we must bear in mind that more than half of Destiny's and GTA V's overall budget was marketing. CR isn't investing nearly as much in that for SC and all the dev teams are doing much more work. You don't build (or in this case, refurbish) a game engine just like that.
  5. Stagnating, you say? You do know that 2.6 has just launched with a whole bunch of new content and a lot of improved stuff, right? Are you even following the development posts and trying the builds?
  6. It's a reward in exchange for helping fund a game that wouldn't be in development otherwise. What I can't understand is people shitting on a game in development that they haven't even tried or even researched.
  7. @NerdNinja However, we now have, at the same time we did this, universe meetups. Sometimes AC too. Join us (almost) every Saturday at 9PM GMT over at our Discord server in discord.uoltt.org Or... join us now. You don't have to wait 'til saturday to get in our Discord server
  8. I generally avoid Kotaku. Either the titles are clickbait or the content is borderline flame in order to spring lengthy comment discussion. I'm not a fan of either. Furthermore, other people from the subforum have told me that most (of not all) of the information in the article is quite old and comes from a disgruntled ex-employee whose NDA was up this year.
  9. Correct. We hold meetups almost every Saturday at 9pm London time.
  10. Hm. I guess I remembered incorrectly.
  11. Now all have to be different.
  12. Yeah, the free flight is over now. There will most likely be another one for Citizencon, in October.
  13. Also, they all have to be different from each other.
  14. While you think about it, come join us on our Discord server at http://discord.uoltt.org