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  1. Currently using a CM Storm Quickfire TK that fell from my bag last year at a LAN, and since then the F keys only work when they want. Other than that it does it's job but I'd love me a fully working one.
  2. Hello! I'm looking to replace my Logitech G700 that I've dropped recently while moving and now the sensor is going crazy, RIP 3 years of pure love. Since the start of the week I've been looking at what I could buy to replace it and I found that the Zowie FK1 or Sensei RAW would be a good choice for me (CS:GO player) and the Zowie would be awesome for it's sensor and great tracking and low lift off distance... but, you can't select the DPI as you only have 4 DPI settings to choose from, and that's not good for me since I've been using 1200DPI for the past 5 years. This is why the Sensei would be a better choice for me since you can actualy select the sensitivity. But there is a problem, I like to keep everything that I have as long as I can and I would like to have some feedback from some of you that have been the mouse for quite some time. Is it any good ? Is it worth the 60€ ? Is the scroll wheel issue still a thing ? Thanks in advance for the aswers and have a good day.
  3. Having the same problem, this is so annoying that I don't even want to play it...
  4. What I like about them ? Dem coolers doe. More seriously, dat OC is what I want.
  5. I did, even before trying on torrents, but I didn't tought it would be of any interest. Still, here I have 11.10 down and 0.9 up, at home I have 13.5 down and 1.1 up. Remember, 17Mb/s here and 12Mb/s at home.
  6. Hey guys. So today I just got internet after a month of waiting in our new appartement, and SFR (the internet provider here in France) sent me their new router that they give to everyone in their shops, and I suspect there is a problem, a big one. You see, SFR has been sold to an other company a couple of months back and since then everything has changed, I know because at my parents house I still have their old router from 2007, and my father said that on the contract it's written that our internet speed is of 12Mb/s but when I download a torrent the download speed is of 2.1MB/s, and here with a speed of 17Mb/s my download speed is of 1.3MB/s. Is it maybe the routers fault ? Do I need to buy a better one ? Because if it's the case I wouldn't even think, I'd just get an Asus one or whatever. Thanks in advance guys.
  7. I have no idea what I'm doing in this thread, I don't even know what net neutrality is, I just know that this website is strange and I don't get what the point of this website is.
  8. That's not the futur of earbuds, it's still connected via BT, the futur of earbuds would be that they connect to wireless fiberwire or some shit. But still, they look really like the earbud in Her form Spike Jonze.
  9. Wow, it looks nice, but you know, ppl will just get the aftermarket ones so...
  10. This is... interesting. I can really see an upcoming orgy video after each tournament, but you know, just saying. Might even get banned for saying that, but meh.
  11. I'm now level 40 and have 47 badges on Steam... Spent way too much money and time on this...

  12. Oh god I'm not the only person in this world that has a Lepa PSU anymore. Very nice build BTW, everything in black makes it very unique.
  13. The fact that you can actually play games on a laptop that slim. Thanks!
  14. I have the Dell U2414H and I have to say, it's a great great monitor for the price.
  15. Reinstall your AMD drivers and after removing the driver, do a cleanup with the AMD cleanup utility, then reinstall.
  16. Download WhoCrashed, scan next time when the PC shuts down and report back.
  17. I love the competitive mode of CS:GO, I just hate the people they put you with.

  18. A high capacity external HDD is probably a better idea isn't it ?
  19. Two Thermalright TY-147 fans for 10€ (5€/piece), and they are great.
  20. Hello guys! Ok so my best friend is celebrating his 18th birthday in 2 weeks and with the guys in my school we gathered 120€ for me to spend on a gift for him. Fortunatly, his a geek and has a good computer, unfortunatly, I really do not know what to buy. I first thought, ok he's using a dying Hyper 212 Evo, let's get him a Cryorig R1 Ultimate, but then I thought, meh, he might not need, then I thought of a second SSD or a larger HDD, meh, I'm not sure he will REALLY need it, after that I thought that I should get him a decent pair of headphones, but I don't see anything better than my Shure SRH440's or the ATH-M40X's, and now I have all these ideas, and I think that he might need all of these things, but what should I get him ? Please be free to leave your suggestions and not only tell me which one to get from the things that I just said, it can be hardware, audio stuff, etc, only thing that I don't want you guys to suggest me is games, the Steam sale is here so no need for that. Thanks in advance, I could really need some advice from you guys!
  21. I can only recommend the 290x since it's a great card, but if you can afford a 780ti, then go for it.
  22. Still trying to find the use of this thread, uno, not really usefull.