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  1. As a person who does not own ultrawide of course I would not like that as I did not enjoy the previous one they did and now there was Edzel's tweet regarding having Scrapyard Wars with black bars. Can someone clarify for me which way is it done with digital cameras liker Red and others I have understood their sensor is more square and therefore 4:3 or 16:9 has more information than 21:9 video. So the video regarding letterboxing would be opposite, that wider aspect ration would loose information.
  2. For me Vessel was a good way to support LMG as those were only channels I watched on there. I am happy that Youtube Red is not in Canada as it probably will take years to come to Estonia so I would be cut off from using that anyway. I really hope LMG will respond and maybe make a statement what will happen next.
  3. When do they announce, how long to I have to keep following them on twitter.
  4. I really would have liked more explaining videos not that just there is 24GB VRAM. Moreover saying it is for CAD work does not really help as Quadro in my experience does not help that much. I would have liked some real world cases where in can be used not that it will fail in environment it is not built for.
  5. This looks amazing to set up and being so close to wall, projectors are really something nowadays.
  6. I think in here background music is annoying especially as it is so loud. In latest channel super fun on vessel too loud music ruined the end for me as I wanted to hear the answer. Please don't make it regular or at least tone it down.
  7. Hello After upgrading to windows 10 I can't seem to use my Jaybird X2 wireless headphones as headset. When I pair them the sound is all choppy if I have headphones activated and it is OK if sound is to Headset part of it, however then it is only Mono sound. I saw a guide that recommended to take away handsfree telephony feature away from bluetooth device and that worked, but no microphone then. When adding it back then every time the mic is used the it automatically turns headphones off, so I can't really use mic part and it easier to leave mic disabled. Can somebody help
  8. I would like to win Excalibur v2 keyboard and give it to my brother as I have g710+ and love it but my brother does not know the heaven of mechanical keyboard yet.
  9. If it would be possible I would like to win Roccat Kova as it has more programmable buttons.
  10. I heard that Valve uses HL3 as cover name for games publishers want to hide. Aperanlty Fallout 4 was until E3 named Half Life 3 as well
  11. As my parents are on old-age pension they need something to do and for that I think I would be able to teach to use Nvidia shiled TV for streaming content as in Estonia we do not have data caps on broadband and 400/40Mb is quite good internet for that. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013HK3YH0/ref=ox_sc_imb_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER Currently the 500GB+remote bundle is less than 300$ but if the bundle goes away I would be happy with a 16GB+remote version as they would still be able to stream content.
  12. These really look nice. I like worldwide giveaways.
  13. For me the best feature was Slow motion capture.