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About LOLPhilips

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    Swashbucklin' Pirate
  • Birthday November 24

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    Not Telling
  • Location
    Deep blue


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Rampage IV Extreme
  • RAM
    16GB 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
  • Case
    HAF932 Advanced
  • Storage
    1X 240GB SSD 2X 3TB HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair AX1200
  • Display(s)
    LG Flatron IPS234
  • Cooling
    Custom waterloop with a 360mm Rad
  • Keyboard
    Generic acer
  • Mouse
  1. The sea and oceans Love- What is not to love, She (the deep blue) be me only love. Hate- Water, water everywhere. And not a drop to drink.
  2. LOLPhilips

    Left Shift, or Right Shift?

  3. LOLPhilips

    Intel Core i7-6700K hits 6.8GHz with all cores active

    Srry man other guy seems to be right
  4. still best peripherals
  5. Yarrr, this here pirate just became an uncle...

    1. Flight1sim


      Aww congrats!!

    2. Jeroen1322


      Congrats! :)

    3. LOLPhilips


      Thanks me mateys..

  6. LOLPhilips

    If You weren't a Tech enthusiast, What would you be?

    Yarrrr, I be on that deep blue lover, ye be callin' the sea. Even more, although that be almost impossible..
  7. 3dfx's voodoo 2 and 5 cards had SLI so he would have been able to go two cards though you actually need like a bridge card to go into your single AGP slot and all of that
  8. LOLPhilips

    Fire at Apple in Arizona

    Must have left the gates to the hell thats called "customer service" open.
  9. LOLPhilips

    Worth Buying Cheap Electric Cello

    1. ditch cello. 2. become a pirate. 3. profit.
  10. LOLPhilips

    When was the first time you got drunk?

    Yarrrrr, As a pirate I be born drunk and that be what I'll stay the rest of me life.
  11. LOLPhilips

    What is your most wanted ability?

    I wish I was a good video editor. I'd edit Linus in sir-mix-a-lot's Baby got back, caressing GTX Titans all day.
  12. LOLPhilips

    GTX 980 Ti GPU-Z Appears Alongside More GPU Benchmarks

    Now I get why nvidia releases these 1000+ dollars titans. It makes 700 dollar card look like a steal.. I used to buy high end graphics cards for around 200 bucks now its 700. This is just a prices rant BTW nothing against nvidia or OP.
  13. LOLPhilips

    Dutch Talk

    DX12 zit gewoon in de laatste windows 10 preview build. Anders kon ik zelf ook niet de 3dmark api overhead benchmark draaien
  14. LOLPhilips

    Dutch Talk

    Eey guys, is er iemand op de hoogte of er nog wat benchmarks zijn die directx 11 tegen 12 testen ?? Heb net 3dmarks api overhead benchmarks een keer kunnen draaien (stock speeds 720p) en ondanks al de anandtech en etc. reports al gezien te hebben toch best onder de indruk van grotere hoeveelheid drawcalls die mijn 680 nog kan oproepen. En ik zou graag eens willen kijken of de 600 serie nog wat meer directx12 trucjes kan uithalen. Heb wel van star swarm gehoord maar weet niet zeker of die al dx12 support.