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  1. https://github.com/steamcache/monolithic/issues/28 Steam has switched their entire CDN over to HTTPS a few days ago breaking all steam caching solution's, I hope they will provide a alternative dedicated HTTP server for LAN organisers....
  2. Whoops typo indeed, it's indeed a NP4.2-6H but it's no longer produced anymore. Hence is why I'm looking for a replacement. Though I don't believe that the size standard still exists. The NP4-6 is to big. I have checked CSB, pbq, B.B, Universal Power and Yuasa but they don't seem to have them. PS: APC uses CSB and pbq batteries so no point in asking them
  3. It's a Sharp PC-4641 and as stated before it uses a Yuasa HP4.2-6H 6V 4.2Ah battery.
  4. I'm looking for a replacement battery for my laptop but I can't find one. I'ts a Yuasa NP4.2-6H 6V, 4.2Ah battery, but I can't find it in shops, can you help me find a replacement? Thanks!
  5. guess I should update, currently on 292TB raw, (45x4TB + 14x8TB)
  6. With proper QoS and some caching you can easily run a 1.000 participants lan event on a 500/80 line so 4 participants on a 15/5 should be no problem at all.
  7. What ever happened to the ts server? What does everyone use now?

  8. Price per port is not so good on those, but if you are limited in PCIe slots then its a good alternative. I needed low profile so was no option for me.
  9. Sorry for the late response, No they are not loud.
  10. I just use NVS510 cards if I want to use a lot of monitors, they have 4 mini-DP 1.2 ports each so up to 16 monitors per card using MST's and are very cheap on eBay. Here is a little system I build yesterday that supports up to 112 monitors:
  11. I couldn't say, It isn't quiet but the fan speed is controlled by temperature so I personally don't find it very loud. As far as temps go, I havent populated mine yet.
  12. small teaser for my update:
  13. arrg, I really need to update this topic, cant right now, not at home on crappy hotel wifi. anyway, bought this to future proof my setup: https://www.hgst.com/sites/default/files/resources/4U60-Storage-Platform-DS.pdf