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  1. Nexxus

    The roast and floatplane

    Had 2 like... less than 1 second pauses using 25 down.
  2. All good, there is a LIVE tab... I think its there tons of people are hanging out in that chat and a bot is telling us how long til it starts, just wanna be sure kinda thing lol.
  3. im looking for the livestream not the archive.
  4. I assume the live tab, but I never used it so wanna be sure.
  5. Nexxus

    Artifacts on brand new 2080ti Strix

    RTX 2080ti owner, went though this, just RMA it
  6. SOLUTION! There is a bug within windows where is a path to a file is over 255 characters it doesn't populate the file size correctly. For anyone who runs into this issue google an application called TLPD and run it, point it to the troublesome folder and set the Maximum character threshold for 255 characters. It will scan and spit out a text doc showing all the files on a path that is over 255 char. either delete those paths if its not important or rename them to condence the folder names and upon rescanning the proprieties window should show the correct value.
  7. 129gb and it is that in drive A and B. I should also add I have rooted around in the reformat folder post extraction, it says that there is a 108gb folder in the 25.7gb folder... somehow
  8. Okay I am going to try and explain this as best I can, I did a reformat and I made a "reformat folder" I am trying to move said folder from drive A to drive B. On drive A the folder is 141GB (via the properties window for that folder, upon copying the folder over the folder is now 25.7GB To make matters even more confusing though when I mouse over the copied folder and the popup comes up telling me date created the folders inside ect. it says the folder is 141gb BUT propitiates doesn't match with this number. Furthermore spacesniffer also states the copies over folder is 141gb, but yeah properties just does not and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, I have copies over things multiple times and every single time this happens. this is driving me mad, is it a windows setting that is only accounting for the files directly in in that folder and disregarding other folders contained within it? please any help would be amazing. For what its worth, I compressed the reformat folder before transferring it and extracting it just to make copying over the folder quicker. Thanks in advanced for any help cause this is driving me mad.
  9. In doing my research I have seen symlink mentioned a ton of times I have NO IDEA how to set something like this up though, I still dont even fully know what it is and read somewhere it royally screwed someones steam library If I have to do this I wwill tryy to learn it.... but a more turn key solution would be preferred
  10. I have a bad habit of reformats, as a result I end up losing game progress a lot (looking at you American/euro truck sim) sadly some games just do not have cloud support on steam, I know there is gane save manager, but to be honest I dont like it for a few reasons. I am hoping someone knows of some kinda application, where I can direct it to particular folders/files and when its run it will take those files, see if they were updated and automatically throw them into my onedrive (ideally, I will use another drive service if I have too) I was also thinking of getting google drive on my machine and pointing it to save folders and it just uploadng those files every night or whatever. Anyone have an idea/solution to my problem?
  11. Being its physics-based it is not unreasonable to assume that its still working behind the scene even if nothing is utilizing it at that moment. Since you just don't know when its gonna need to kick in for example in MP. And I haven't watched steams but the demos frankly blew my mind. I suspect a metric ton of these people saying is RTX on is people trying to be funny and reciting memes and or frankly dont know what they are looking for. I wish I was getting BF5 to try RTX on my own but sadly Im not buying BF games anymore, I play them a ton day one and never touch em again, so im off that treadmill now.
  12. Frankly, I was expecting 30ish at 1920x1080, the fact its getting about 20 over that is blowing my fucking mind lol
  13. Spoiler alert, Raytracing is really really really REALLY fucking hard to render in realtime. The fact its doable at all is amazing.
  14. Nexxus

    PSU Tier List [OLD]

    thats plenty good for my need right now, thank you.