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  1. My bad I meant to... lack of sleep lol, and damn okay.
  2. hmm.. I see, was a lil puzzled why it linked the chipset then the uPD720210 thing but that makes sense, okay then which are the direct ones that do not go through a hub then? I have a vive and by my estimate, it counts at 3-5 USB devices, so its probably best if I plug them in one of the ports that isnt a hub
  3. So I have slept an hour and im trying to work on some USB issues if anyone could be kind enough to tell me which of my USB ports are the intel chipset ones and which are the Renesas uPD720210 ports.. that could be much appreciated I cant figure this out on so little sleep. Link to my manual here.
  4. the noise was just getting extremely aggravating its why I was trying to get to the root of it. for some reason it was doing it every 3 minutes,
  5. The ones I'm currently using no. it's why speed isn't my concern, Anyways my method turned up the manufacturer which is HTC, meaning it's my vive. For some reason its doing this in standby mode.
  6. it might be the fastest but that's not of my concern. I would rather the physically easier route due to chronic back pain which I wish to not aggravate. I do have reasons for doing things in the way I set out to do them.
  7. I assure you it isn't if I can find a way to look up these device names properly. If it comes to it I will but I REALLY want to avoid having to do that. I havent looked recently no. Edit: Just looked there is none.
  8. No I unplugged that thing ages ago
  9. A lot. And my PC is not in an ideal place for this kinda thing.
  10. im doing my best to avoid this since I dont want to waste my day off with a bunch of trial and error trying to figure out what the issue is, its why im trying a software solution
  11. Long story short im having usb device issues and I dunno what is causing them, I got a log but im still struggling to tell what device is what. This isnt the problem device but for example my "device name" is 0000.0014.0000. My "product ID" is 1142 But im struggling to find the name of this device (name in regards to something I can make sense of) with googling I got a couple hits with the product id but still not common, anyone know a better way I can research what device is what?
  12. id rather some kinda software log if this an option because unplugging everything is a massive pain in the trial and error ass and id rather not spend my day off doing that.
  13. So my PC is constantly making USB disconnect and reconnect noise, I cant figure out what device it is though, is there any kinda software I can use to keep a quick easy to read log to figure out what it is? cause its getting quite infuriating hearing that noise over and over, or anyone else have any ideas?
  14. yeah stumbled into this (at least the top and bottom ones) which made me think I figured it out but wanted to double check since I have spent a massive amount of money over the last month, didn't wanna waste any.
  15. So I broke my rj 12 cable for my Fanatec racing wheel and need to order a replacement. I was told it was an Rj12 but I see there is a reverse variant. I'm not sure what one is what I need, does anyone know from the included picture below? (this is the broken cable) I'm guessing this is straight though since from what I can tell on reverse there is a twist in the line so both ends don't match up like this but wanna be sure.