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  1. if you cant find a control version in store I wouldn't be to bothered, to be honest I would be willing to say 90%+ of mousepads in people's homes are smooth "speed" types over control, I didn't even know of control types until I was looking up the razer, the opps was me posting something irrelevant that was meant for another thread.
  2. basically look for something like this on the card it'll likely be on the outside (Facing the outside panal, not the motherboard) edge. If there are 6 holes use a 6 pin, if there are 8 use an 8 pin (or 6+2 like my PSU has) if it has what you see above use a 6 AND 8 pin and if you cant find any it gets power from pci so dont worry about it... its really just a case of fill the holes with what you have available. Other than that you just need the cable from the GPU to your monitor and nothing else.
  3. opps
  4. that doesnt help it, it will differ between models on the same manufacture
  5. The control surfaces are higher friction I felt them both in store, the razers felt GROSS. Basically, speed optimised ones will glide over the surface where is control ones won't and will stop more abruptly. (that being said I haven't used a mouse on a control focused mouse pad, I just know the razer one felt awful to the touch) Personally, I think its more about the feel you want though the mouse itself rather than actual speed or control since that can be dialled in though the mouse software itself.
  6. I used to have a 700s Razer Mamba (older models) and currently use a g900. I will say I haven't had tracking issu....actually that's a lie I did have tracking issues with both my Mambas, but that was an inharent issue with its POS sensor on pretty much any surface iirc. But yeah I'm not saying it will happen, but it is an issue to be aware of that could happen.
  7. I use the razer goliathus "speed version" its the 1st mouse pad I've had I consider "quality" rather than some cheap POS Hard mouse pads are just that, hard. They are plastic and can make an unpleasant noise depending on how your mouse is designed as it's dragged over it. Anti-fray has...I dunno some special fabric on the border of soft mouse pads to help them be more durable and not look gross/damaged dual sided hard surface usually has a smoother faster side and a slightly textured slower side. Personally, I go wth Large (as in 3 ft wide cloth pads that are designed for speed over control (the razer goliathus has a control version too) Also depending on the mouse and its sensor designs on the mousepads can cause tracking issues,
  8. Ive frankly lost count how many times a thread has been made asking this very thing.
  9. if you are plugged into the mobo plug into the gfx card, or vice versa just to eliminate it as a possibility.
  10. this is imo the better way though
  12. nzxt hue+

    Even still I'm sure thousands of people who are not subbed to him seen his NZXT Hue+ killed my system videos and never seen the followup, and another companies name has to be tarnished because of those claims when he didn't look at other possibilities for what happened.
  13. nzxt hue+

    On a side note I hate that guy making such a fuss over this and pointing fingers in the wrong direction since people are going to be afraid of the unit now and NZXT is going to feel the blunt of that when said video maker will have pretty much no repercussions from his fuck up.
  14. nzxt hue+

    using a hue plus for over a year without issue. in short the guy in the video fucked up, NZXT didnt. You are safe hue+ is a solid product.
  15. Multiple reasons. Consoles are sold at a loss Games need to be licensed to work on a console so basically the console manufacturers are getting a cut of sales, this isnt a factor on PC in some cases or is less of one. Retail chain Lastly the used market eats up a TON of new sales, and cuts into the profit devs and publishers get from each title sold.