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  1. Honestly, if you are using the thing for development I would keep pushing at the vive angle, it has a much wider user base and if your game is something you wanna sell it will be better in the long run.
  2. Or something to that effect, I dunno exactly what is happening but I was getting this warning in Chrome a lot (note the address in the address bar) it was popping up frequently when id open a new tab upon typing like..2 or 3 characters in. I was quite puzzled but looked into it more and found this and by visiting the link in that thread I found this I'm pretty sure linus has plugged hotspot shield at some point so I wanted to put out a PSA.
  3. Stupidest Build Thread Ever made Fixed it for you
  4. been playing cities skylines on a OCed 4770k and 1070 and im hitting 35ish fps in some places in my city its not just you op
  5. As of late when I try to access the properties page for a game controller Windows shell common.dll is crashing, it recovers eventually but this is causing issues with a game Assetto Corsa. it seems when Windows Shell Common is crashing I cannot configure any controls within Assetto Corsa making the thing effectively useless to me. The below link is actually very similar to my issue but this "USBJOYSTICK.cpl/USBJOY.cpl" file doesn't seem to exist within windows 10, at least not for me. So I can't try this fix. I have included a photo below to show what imrefering too as well. Driver reinstallation/repair/updating along with firmware updating on my wheel did not fix the problem so I am at an impass of what else I can do at this point.
  6. This too actually
  7. Vive owner here. It will be nice to get that entry level market if it works properly. if it works as well/better than PS VR id be happy with its existence. Anything to spread VR tech around is a good thing. THAT BEING SAID I would say the resolution of the vive screens are at best adequate resolution. I question how good this will handle some things with a lower resolution. For example, Elite Dangerous in VR is unplayable unless you are super sampling on the Vive at its higher resolution. Now with steam, VR im told the rendered image is outputted at 2160×1200 and then super-sampled 1.4 times even before the user applies anymore manual super sampling on the game. Steam VR was made with 2160x1200 in mind, so I question if its still going to be rendering at that (even on a phone with a lower res,) plus doing its automated super sampling. Cause if it is the user is going to have to be pushing the manual super sampling (again on top of the automated one) even higher than a vive user will be to make some things readable. (I don't claim to know a ton of what goes on behind the scenes with the vive so this might be silly just a thought that crossed my mind.) I definitely question though 1 tracking station being used though for sure and if that is really enough for adequate room scale.
  8. I would say yes, the seat on them is woven, with nothing in under it, so you do not ultimately press down on metal/wood in under the cushion like you do on another chair, plus because of this method of design even if the woven seat does stretch out a bit you are still ultimately pressing into nothing, comparatively when the foam on a cushion starts to go its just going to get easier and easier to hit whatever hard materal they are using to hold the actual cushion. Forgive the dust but yeah you are pressing into no hard surface as you can see
  9. Used Herman Aeron Miller if you are lucky and can find one at that price.
  10. thought so but wasn't sure, have literally never touched it, still odd though since this should be in windows 10 since a guide on finding cmd in win 10 mentioned this exact method.
  11. Trying to follow the directions for this here. of FCAT VR Capture On HTC Vive and I cannot open cmd from explorer as it says, the option is just not there I get an open new window option and than it goes to open Windows Powershell. Does anyone have any insight into this? Windows 10 pro 64bit build #15063.296
  12. I'm willing to bet any amount of money your windows display settings are the root of the issue, windows wont output more then 60hz unless you actively tell it to.
  13. The fact of the matter is this, yes g2a sells (probably) "legit keys" aka a key that will activate the product, but what is undisputable at this point is immorally sourced keys can and frequently do find there way on G2A, and it become quite clear they simply don't give a fuck about it because it is money in their pocket even though they are profiting off of thieves.
  14. ugh...