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  1. disagree, ps4 does have a good number of very solid exclusive titles on it to warrent owning one. No point to an xbo though as a pc gamer I wont deny that.
  2. I am having a real hard time to find any sympathy for you when the terms and conditions explcityly stated if you would have been eligable. I never read software terms and conditions ever and yet I still read contest terms every time, know why? There are a ton of conditions that can DQ you, even just automaticly. Let alone if you do something wrong, and contest/give away conditions are quite frankly brief 90% of the time. This is entirely on you, you need to improve on your willingness to read legal documents about things you care about rather then LTT need to spell every damn thing out for you.
  3. I dont think its anything to do with the drives, im pretty sure the crashing was just a 1 off, I was multitasking very hard at the time. I will take a peek later though I got company coming over, I am just annoyed at these sfc errors because its a fresh windows install.
  4. Nah I just had some prograam crashing and exxplorer crashes cause I was just pushing the comp way to hard. Figured I would do a check up though because of it, I dunno if the errors in sfc are related at all.
  5. After doing both of them sfc /scannow still said there was errors that couldnt be fixed
  6. Long story short had some crashing, ran sfc /scannow and got some stuff it couldnt fix, im trying to figure out how to fix this stuff without losing files/things I have installed.
  7. But to mirror the above if you are within your return window you may as well see if they will replace the card for a new one. It can at least rule out the card being defective. And tbh returning things to stores is usually less of a pain then returning to the manufacter. So yeah I would still get in touch with them while trying to solve the issue.
  8. You say you bought it a couple weeks ago? That makes it seem like its your return period that is ending not your warrenty period, warrenty periods usually last a few years on video cards... If this is the case (I dunno ive never bought a sapphire product for all I know they have a shit warrenty) contacting newegg wont really do anything they are just gonna tell you to ship it back. Sapphire are the ones to honor warrenty. (at least in NA I know the EU is diffrent concerning these things.)
  9. I'mma not even read this cause tbh I donnt wanna troubleshoot things right now but straight up if your warrenty ends in 5days just contact them now anyways and explain what is going on. Even if they cant fix the issue or you fix it before them you have a record of attempting to get support for the issue and even if you go over that 5 days they may still honor an RMA because of that.
  10. *reads title* Okay... slip ups happen... " because they aren't telling you. so do you ever better than everyone in your class? "