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  1. it was something that just became a thing with their Jan patch with the answer being *shrug* wait for us to fix it even though we are pushing out a faulty patch its nothing do to with surround AT ALL I dont run surround (ok I do very seldom but not for WD) simpley having them active displays makes this happen
  2. I dont think its an Nvidia specific issue. Its straight up a windows issue, they pushed the path out and if you are running triple screens (not even surround just game on 1 screen other 2 doing whatever) you will get alot more stutters. I've noticed my watch dogs 2 performance has been effected by it ... peobably other stuff too once I notice it in WD2 i just ran on the single display
  3. If its something you were willing to buy pirating is a lost sale. And you are working on the assumption that the key you get off G2A is stolen, if it isn't and its a legit key than Ea/Ubi still got paid. Now how many of your game keys have been revoked? 0? odds are if none were revoked whatever publisher was fully paid for these keys. And even if a few have been revoked that $20 chargeback on EA is going to matter a HELL of a lot less then it will hurt your own personal finance when you need to get a new key since G2A support is a crapshoot. In fact you are going to be hurting the individual studio a HELL of a lot more than the conglomerate company that is EA/Ubisoft as a whole. So yes your logic is extremely flawed. Not only that your logic depends on supporting LITERAL CRIMINALS who make lives hell for random ass innocent people.
  4. Not only the above but ubisoft and EA are big enough they dont give a shit. And you are still putting money into the pockets of the people hosting the thieves ill-gotten content.
  5. rgb all the things

    Easy. I look at the screen.
  6. rgb all the things

    its 2am he can say whatever he damn well wants lol, unless hes giving me a substantial amount of money I aint doing it lol
  7. rgb all the things

    not right now I took it cause I had just gotten the 1070 at the time.... and to be honest I dont wanna dig out all my equipment for a proper photograph lol
  8. rgb all the things

    Not shown: k70 rgb
  9. No he very much has a point. I've personally sunk no more into SC than it would cost to buy it at launch, and I seldom boot it up. they are spitting out TONS of money. to produce what they have made. from what ive seen the money put into citizencon isnt mentioned either. are they ahead of their money spent? Well of course they are. But if they are trying this as some scam they are doing nothing short of hemorrhaging money to make this scam work, and if it was a scam they would have been alot better off axing the "project" and taking the money and running long before the point of hiring celebrity voice actors. Sorry but claiming star citizen is a scam at this point is just silly. It isn't Now is money being utilized in the most optimal manner? that's another issue entirely. But if its a scam it is a very badly thought out one.
  10. See second post.
  11. Durp forgot link
  12. Codemasters licensing has run out on Dirt 3 so they cant sell it anymore. Finding keys wont be terribly easily. IMO you are better off with dirt rally through or waiting for dirt 4 (most likely)
  13. I have the triple arm version of this. I quite like it because of its small footprint and the fact it clamps to the desk itself means it wont risk falling despite that small foot print.
  14. A valid key would still work. its still on steams servers and I can prove it to you Furthermore, I can't think of any key reseller that also hosts the games itself for download. So your story isn't adding up.