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  1. I am finding this an exercise in frustration. I have scripthook installed, its working, I have OpenIV installed. I am using "Modded GTA5 Launcher." I have yet to get to Natural Vision because I am... deeply disliking these install directions for Visual V I think the base Visual V oiv installed okay. It tells me to install to my mods folder though, I dunno if I should do that since I am using 2 totally different GTA folders due to launching though Modded GTA5 launcher (one stock one modded) But visual V says to install to the mods folder, so I dunno if I should disregard that. On top of that I'm told to use the "original distant corona lights" which are in "original corona lights\visualsettings.dat" as far as I can tell this does not exist, I only found "original_corona.oiv" I ASSUME I install this via openIv but again.. that's simply an assumption and I dunno if again I install in the games folder or mods folder Where things are REALLY falling apart for me though is the whole ENB installation directions its doing my head in. From what I have gathered I need to install ENB get the REshade preset running if I wanna get the most out of Natural Vision So there are my issues Install VisualV to mods folder? What the hell do I do about "Original corona lights?" How do I get ENB properly installed and how do I run it alongside ReShade?
  2. No, im not I was telling people in a facebook group to wait for independent reviews rather than that AMD was spouting before preordering, if anything I was the polar opposite. I'm caught up with liuns's testing being bad. the way he tests results in a gpu bottleneck which makes no damn sense for a review on a cpu.
  3. The state of CPU advancement or its optimisation are not relevant to this thread. If you want to defend ryzen there are a ton of places you can go do it.
  4. it wont, but that's not the issue with linus's testing or this thread.
  5. considering its unable to hold its own against a chip that 2...going on 3 years old I would say its performing pretty bad.
  6. My bad, feel free to report the thread if you must but I feel that this thread is still valid because A) ive tweeted it to linus hoping he'll see it and see the issue and B) I have included substantial evidence to my claims.
  7. And he didn't clearly outline all the facts. He never gave me a conclusion, thus my usage of the term "one can reach that conclusion." im saying one can reach the conclusion that they are on a level playing field when they very much are not.
  8. The problem is with Linus's video one can reach that conclusion.
  9. while it maybe "reasonable" at the resolution most people are running at it is falling significantly behind intel chips. This was not the impression I got from linus's video where the 1800x was comparable with anything on offer from intel. Furthermore, as graphics cards get more powerful (and these are swapped out more often for newer ones than CPUs) 1440 and 4k benchmarks will become less and less of a thing. and the deficit of Ryzen over a 7700k (which I can get for LESS then an 1800x even when it isn't on sale) will become more apparent
  10. In light of this Ryzen review, I think you really need to re-evaluate how your gaming benchmarks are done because they are flawed. Yes in the video you showed that in raw FPS numbers the 1800x is crushed, you also showed this on an old ass game on a display with an absurd refresh rate and furthermore the ryzen numbers matched up with that rate so it seemed like a non-issue. On top of that, it very much seemed like an afterthought of the video. Having seen your Ryzen video I found myself saying shit..I could really see myself getting an AMD chip in the future if trends continue. Then I looked at gamersnexus where they did all there testing in a way that way NOT GPU bottlenecked by resolution and the results show much more what the 1800x is capable of in gaming. is it not until we start running at 1440 resolution we start seeing numbers more in line with (the majority) of your gaming benchmarks. I am not going to say you are biased, or paid off. But I do strongly think you need to reconsider how you do your gaming testing in the future. I went out of your video thinking "I could see myself getting an AMD system in the future if trends continue like this" to "yeah I won't be touching this with a 10ft pole if trends continue like this" after looking at GNs numbers.
  11. I do stress just because you are okay on this site does not mean you are ok, you are on more than 1 cloudflare based site I can near enough promise it.
  12. it was something that just became a thing with their Jan patch with the answer being *shrug* wait for us to fix it even though we are pushing out a faulty patch its nothing do to with surround AT ALL I dont run surround (ok I do very seldom but not for WD) simpley having them active displays makes this happen
  13. I dont think its an Nvidia specific issue. Its straight up a windows issue, they pushed the path out and if you are running triple screens (not even surround just game on 1 screen other 2 doing whatever) you will get alot more stutters. I've noticed my watch dogs 2 performance has been effected by it ... peobably other stuff too once I notice it in WD2 i just ran on the single display
  14. If its something you were willing to buy pirating is a lost sale. And you are working on the assumption that the key you get off G2A is stolen, if it isn't and its a legit key than Ea/Ubi still got paid. Now how many of your game keys have been revoked? 0? odds are if none were revoked whatever publisher was fully paid for these keys. And even if a few have been revoked that $20 chargeback on EA is going to matter a HELL of a lot less then it will hurt your own personal finance when you need to get a new key since G2A support is a crapshoot. In fact you are going to be hurting the individual studio a HELL of a lot more than the conglomerate company that is EA/Ubisoft as a whole. So yes your logic is extremely flawed. Not only that your logic depends on supporting LITERAL CRIMINALS who make lives hell for random ass innocent people.