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  1. So I love me some emulation, getting to play games I missed out on as a kid, making em look better, and In general reliving some awesome games! But I have had problems with emulation as well, particularly when it comes to things like the PS2, some of these issues extend to other platforms, but today I will be focusing on the ps2/PCSX2 quality of life improvements and making it as easy to live with as possible. I also do apologise for the length of this, I have split sections up with spoilers. DISCLAIMER The 1st thing you are going to want to do of course is set up your emulator, I won't be going over this since this tutorial is about "quality of life improvements" with the emulator, and there is a wealth of documentation on settings PCSX2 emulator up. So let's get started with steam launching our titles. Steam Launching your PS2 Titles Widescreen support Cloud Saves Auto-loading emulator configuration on a per-game basis Extra Commands to Make the Title Feel Like a Native PC Title Anyways that covers it all, hopefully this all made sense and i don't have much in the way of grammar errors, I'm notorious for not fully paying attention and typing and slipping in words that make no sense, I do hope this helps SOMEONE out there and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them, that is assuming its nothing mentioned in the disclaimer at the top. I also have no idea why there are random numbers in some of the spoilers, but I can't delete them without removing the spoiler tag... I dont wanna mess up my formating so they are going to stay.
  2. I dont use it that much to be honest. without these emulator saves there is currently 5gb used. I have access to 30gb on onedrive.
  3. Meant to mention that forgot too sorry. $0 Would consider a cheap 1-time fee for something though.
  4. So I found out how to setup emulator save states/virtual memory cards to save to the cloud. But im trying to figure out what people think is the best cloud storage solution to be using. Little context, I have used onedrive before cause it is just there on my PC, but I do have an Android phone too and this wont JUST be used for game saves. Thinking of onedrive, Google Drive, or umm.. Dropbox, but open to other ideas too.
  5. So how does it differ from the super-sampling you could already do with Open VR advanced settings? Also is it more or less demanding than what we could do previous? Which looks better, ect.
  6. yeah seen that/edited after I typed it lol I was up til 6:10 in the morning reformating windows sorry.
  7. That's super cool.
  8. See what I REALLY wanna know is how far can you go with this without compromising the cooling capabilities of the machine, this could be useful information for those wanting to do a colour matching build but just cant find the part colours they need.
  9. Yeah, I'm under that impression too, I just always had that thing in the back of my head saying "are you SURE this is purging everything?" I just want a method where I wont have that nagging feeling after doing it is all.
  10. I don't need that far. I want to be assured my current install has no "influence" on the new install is the best way to put it.
  11. I know that, I just dont want people to mention that. What I wanna know what is the best way to get the "freshest" install of windows. I want 0 traces of the old windows on here. And would like it to be the least pain in the ass way possible for obvious reasons
  12. Sorry for the ASAP its 11:30pm and im nearly finished the last thing I need to do before I start this. What is the best, but also the easiest way to reformat Windows 10/fresh Install it and wipe all traces of the previous install without using a new CD key? I usually use the internal "restore" functionality but always find myself questioning if anything from the previous installation is lingering in there.
  13. Honestly, if you are using the thing for development I would keep pushing at the vive angle, it has a much wider user base and if your game is something you wanna sell it will be better in the long run.
  14. Or something to that effect, I dunno exactly what is happening but I was getting this warning in Chrome a lot (note the address in the address bar) it was popping up frequently when id open a new tab upon typing like..2 or 3 characters in. I was quite puzzled but looked into it more and found this and by visiting the link in that thread I found this I'm pretty sure linus has plugged hotspot shield at some point so I wanted to put out a PSA.