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  1. New mouse in 5 years

    TBH its the best mouse I have used ever. I have had a few flagship mice over the years and all of them had quirks or questionable things about them. My g900 is actually the only one that hasnt, its a shame you are not in Toronto cause im soon gonna be getting a g903 and gonna be unloading my 900
  2. Apple's HQ

  3. New mouse in 5 years

    G nine-hund.... Nevermind
  4. The fish-eye FOV is what kills it for me, I can "meh" the bezels but the warping of the image just kills it.
  5. I dont find it to offer much at all over 2 screens in terms of productivity, it's actually SUPER easy to lose windows you have.The only practical reason I found to have 3 monitors over 2 was video editing which I screwed with briefly and then never again. On top of that its very warm sitting between them (At least 144hz ones), it takes up a TON of desk real-estate even on a triple monitor arm. Games are super hard to power on it as well above 60 and even if you can it stretches them out like fucking crazy. I am just waiting for either 4k ultrawide or Super Ultrawide to bail on the triple setup.
  6. Wish I didn't triple screen Wish I held out for 1080ti over 1070 I think that is it though to be honest. Edit nvidia 3d vision was a waste... but it was a gift, after getting a vive its totally underwhelming. Same sorta thing could be said about my TrackIR after getting my vive its SUPER not used anymore.
  7. Just a totally white page with the sites header and various contact info at the bottom, no actual product.
  8. Already have one, its way to big for this situation. What im trying to do is "mount" it with velcro so I cant go anywhere and im not blindly looking for it. Trying to find something with minimal..if any overhang.
  9. So this is gonna be oddly specific but I want a small keyboard I can attach to my racing wheel stand for when im in VR and I need a keyboard/mouse. Issue is I have a space of (about) 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 inchs to work with for a keyboard, anyone got some recommendations for me? For what its worth the touchpad portion of this is more important then the actual keys, though I still need both.
  10. 500 post Giveaway! ($20 Steam) OVER

    One winning forum post please!
  11. Good games for Oculus rift any suggestions?

    Memes aside I am a vive owner so your mileage may vary. I also dunno what you are into so...thre is that too. But my personal favs in no particuler order, Superhot VR DOOM VFR Fallout4 VR Google Earth VR Hotdogs Horseshoes and hand grenades The Red Stare Assetto Corsa American Truck Sim Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Mass Exodus Project Cars 2
  12. i swear survival game makers are dumb

    Ellipses are best used sparingly. Paragraphs are best used.
  13. So I'm curious about how people select weapons when they get a choice, I made a few strawpolls for people to answer (mostly split up by caliber of weapon.) If people could vote and then give a reason for their selection in the comments I would be appreciative of it, feel free to add any stipulations that might make you sway from your choices selected in the polls in the comments. I have omitted crate weapons from these polls as well. 5.56 Assault Rifles http://www.strawpoll.me/14308550 Assault Rifles (all) http://www.strawpoll.me/14308579 7.62 Sniper http://www.strawpoll.me/14308582 Sniper (all) http://www.strawpoll.me/14308585 (omitted the Crossbow, if you prefer it though feel free to not answer here and post in comment.) 9mm SMG http://www.strawpoll.me/14308564 SMG (All) http://www.strawpoll.me/14308573 Shotguns http://www.strawpoll.me/14308558 Pistol http://www.strawpoll.me/14308596