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  1. Hi , i wasnt sure if Displays is the right forum to get an advice about that topic but chose it nevertheless. Anyways , my webinar teacher bought a 49'' ultrawide monitor from dell. when it arrives , he is unsure of how to make it so i can correctly see his screen share which we are now doing directly from microsoft teams. Will there be a way to configure the screen share so it fits the right way for this huge monitor to make it so watching the webinar from the smartphone / 1080p 24'' standard monitor as comfortable as possible? Any big software you know of that maybe lets the
  2. Hey guys, i really need your help. I recently ordered an rtx 3080 and right now my display setup might be underkill if this term even exists.. Anyways, the thing is that im really into simracing so i got a triple 1080p setup whihc i enjoy alot for racing, 24'' aswell. But for upcoming games, especially cyberpunk, i want to utilize the rtx 3080 to the fullest with a 1440p 144hz monitor. My first issue is that all 1440p monitors are 27''+ And the second, i dont even know if ill be able to pair it with my other two 1080p monitors in nvidia surround, even
  3. Hello breathtaking people, I was wondering if you can help me with finding a macbook pro compatible monitor around 350-400 euros on Amazon italy for my friend.. He tried a 1080p monitor and instantly returned it.. Too blurry for him to read on. He will probably only be satisfied with a 4k monitor. I was thinking of recommending him the lg uk850, but i saw immense price difference between the uk850 to the uk850-w and i was only able to find good macbook reviews on the uk850-w. I also thought of the UL850, but ive seen some bad macbook reviews on it saying the usb ports
  4. Manual says it takes 8 hours to be fully charged. Can it be the reason it is loud right now as i just plugged it in? Is it possible it will go quiet once charged?
  5. Hey guys, i recently got a 1500Va eaton ups I was actually excited for that one because i really need it, and from the moment i plugged it in, the fans started running seemingly at full speed, and i didnt even connect it to my pc yet. Right now my pc is on and it is still very very loud. Ive had a super quiet ups up until now and when i checked the db on the site it showed only a difference of about 5 db. I only now notice that my previous one didnt have a fan at all.. I guess i fucked up, but i paid good money for this.. Is there any way to make it stop turn the fans a
  6. Really all i needed to hear man. Thanks! Ill getget a 1500va I have a 650w psu, 850va ups
  7. Hey guys, Recently I got a triple monitor setup for my gaming pc which relies on a 650w psu, it rocks gtx 1080 and i7 8700. Up until now my 850 ups worked fine with very rarely beeping after plugging in my racing wheel g920. Recently after about 1hr of simracing sessions on my setup, the ups starts beeing and stops only when shuts down. I do not understand why, i thought that the amount of VA on ups determines how long you can keep power on shutdown, not how much power you can provide to the pc. I was thinking that even if you get a 850w ups on a power hungry 650w s
  8. i do have uefi boot option on bios , but when i use that , the pc doesnt recognize the flash drive on the boot menu..
  9. ill try with uefi but i didnt find an option to change to ahci , i think that it doesnt support that one
  10. Its aleardy selected on legacy in bios, not sure what you mean other than that It is aleardy selected on legacy, and i think there is a uefi support there. Should i enable it and disable legacy instead?
  11. Hello people! A friend brought me his old laptop and new ssd for an upgrade, yet i ran into too many issues when trying to install window sby simply replacing the hard drive. So i wanted to know how can i install windows on the ssd rather than putting the ssd inside and installing windows on the ssd through flash drive. Because thats it, the 1% case has happened and installing windows through flash drive on this particular pc just wont work. The problem was that the ssd could not be formatted through that install, yet i managed to format through 'my pc' with the old hard driv
  12. yeah managed to fix that with custom resolution! i had to just pick the same format and Hz of course and then the option popped up on surround thanks
  13. hey guys , i just bought 2 75hz monitors to combine with my 144hz monitor and create a triple monitor setup. i was planning to have nvidia surround on 75hz but a 75hz option does not show up on surround.. i have found that my 144hz monitor does not have a 75hz profile option but the option does not show up on nvidia surround even after i create a 75hz profile. anyone got a solution? =/ thanks
  14. so i got it now , and i got 2 75hz monitors , but on nvidia surround i only have 60hz option! i tried adding a 75hz profile to my 144hz monitor without success..