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  1. Nuluvius


    Did you even read any of that research? Did you miss the parts about the destruction of lung tissue and the other toxic compounds in addition to the nicotine (the virility of which is increased by the heating process)? In any event what is certain is that it is far from being dumb; the marketing and propaganda is specifically aimed/targeted at the young and it works quite well. Case and point; this whole thread Well by that line of reasoning it seems as though you are suggesting that rape, pedophilia, torture and slavery are all valid and acceptable, no? Because of individual liberties and it being meaningless in the context of how a civilization may conduct itself. Finally, yet you had even more to say after that particular point... Because I presented some research when challenged to do so (and you didn't like what the data had to say)? I've even reiterated that I don't care what people do to themselves so long as it doesn't have a direct effect on me or mine - let Darwinism run its course. I agree with you on this point, it seems that many are getting involved for no other reason than to simply argue for the sake of it. Perhaps you should read the thread properly before trying to field your arguments next time: I think that it's perhaps yourself who has a 'big problem'; can you remember how this started?
  2. Expect to not get the job once you've sat there for 3 hours doing something that industry standard library number 3 does. A thought process comment would likely have sufficed.
  3. Nuluvius


    Arguing that the world is flat or that the sky is green and refuting all other forms of hard evidence to the contrary as 'ignorant puritanism', 'cultism' or otherwise garbage does not validate those flawed original views I am afraid Sticking one's head in the sand will not make the bad things go away either unfortunately.
  4. Nuluvius


    I'll attack it whenever it makes sense to do so as it is just another one of those undesirable, pointless, destructive and arguably obsolete habits that humans engage in. Much the same as the choice to murder animals for food when there are now viable alternatives, thus no good reason to do so other than saying that 'they taste nice'. We should be better as a race. Which do not directly affect me or mine by proximity (like emissions do) unless the cases are especially prolific/obnoxious. That said however, those prolific/obnoxious cases do indeed warrant strong criticism. Where have I ever told anyone in here what they should or should not be doing? Which is exactly my point. I may well have done just that in there when people have taken a nonchalant or amused attitude towards speeding/reckless driving. I think that you may need to read up on the definition of a forum: I don't see how anyone has been toxic, a broad range of research was presented that the OP either didn't understand or chose to ignore. This has already been covered (as background), you should read the thread more thoroughly before trying to field your arguments. Those are rather extreme and quite odd reactions to have: 'Bullshit stores', 'cultists' and 'new puritans' Irrespective of the fact that some of that 'shoddy research' as you called it was university or otherwise government/health agency/body lead (if I recall correctly)...
  5. Nuluvius


    Who's 'triggered'? I was providing you with the research that you requested. The research suggests that to be false due to the volume of other pollutants, toxicants and carcinogens packed into those products in combination with standard nicotine; which also becomes more virulent once heated/charged or 'dripped'. Moreover, one could postulate that at least with normal cigarettes the contents are going to be somewhat consistent, predictable and regulated... You state that as if you believe that behaviour to be any better... Frankly it's amazing If you paid closer attention to the dates (that I included) or even read those articles then you'd see that many were very recent indeed i.e. 2017. I felt it important to include that since you'd specifically asked how these products related to 'popcorn lung'. I felt that this served as sufficient background information, and since the date was specifically and intentionally included as well as the content of article itself going into detail about regulation, had hoped that would be obvious. It seems not though... I fail to see how since the weight of other, very recent research clearly shows the negative effects of these things. In fact it's plastered all over the internet... With more research being carried out as time goes on and these things become even more notorious and prevalent.
  6. How'd you figure that it's a 'pyramid scheme' exactly? What source do you base that assessment on? Unless you're referring to cloud mining which is clearly a Ponzi Scheme... Quite a strong statement... Based on what exactly? I'm interested to know why it is that you think this.
  7. Nuluvius


    Nope, I don't subject myself or others to popcorn lung.
  8. I believe it is. It is short term unstable but trending upwards over the long term. That said however the general rule with any investment is to never use past performance as a measure to predict future performance. There's risk with any investment and one should only ever put in what they are prepared to lose. One should also pay diligent attention to the news, political and economic climates as well as conduct careful research into relevant companies and assets... A lot of these currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in particular seem to follow each others trends within and indeed even across different exchanges. Their short term, rather violent instability provides an excellent opportunity for one to make quick gains by buying low and selling high with limit orders. If one uses GDAX for instance then these are can be filled for free, though do read up on their fee structure. If your interested in the background, the technical details of cryptocurrency protocol implementation and it's machinations and associated paraphernalia in specific relation to investment then an excellent starting point is Investopedia: Blockchain. I don't have time to list all of the links but if you read around on there and you are astute (let's face it, if you're not then this probably won't end well for you) then you'll inevitably be able to cover most of the important details within this context (set aside around 4 hours reading time). This is not really true in relation to the more well established and mature currencies such as Bitcoin, at least not for the general consumer that is. The block difficulty is so high right now that one would need to have access to cheap or free electricity, a cold climate, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and be part of a mining pool to make it practical for profit... Maybe some other fledgling currencies can be mined on GPUs but again, considering the cost of electricity and hardware wear and tear, investment seems to be the far more pragmatic option right now.
  9. That's uncomfortable on so many levels...
  10. I'm the same way down at the core. I can't stand other people; their proximity, the smell of them, their sound, the way that they look at me... Being around them for just a normal day exerts such an immense drain on my mental facilities that I'm totally exusted and wrung out when I get home. But the thing about the world is that it doesn't owe you a thing. If you want something then it's up to you to go out into it and to take it. It certianly won't be given to you for free. For me that's lots of money and a comfortable life that I can live far away from other people.
  11. For a 'company that specializes on database', the fact that you'd end up here is surprising to say the least. Which implies that you could do something - double negatives.
  12. You can find a lot of these in various flavours on Amazon if you look around, they pretty much succede the Amlogic S912 based boards (another superior board to the Pi for this context).
  13. For a little more one would be far better of buying a RK3399 based solution these days.
  14. I like Codewars as one can find challenges that are more varied and 'real world' applicable.