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  1. I'm trying to remember the name of a LTT sponsor from a video, it was about a website that allows you to share your financial profile, and the more people that follow your profile, the more money you would get. THey were not really a recurring sponsor, and I would much rather try to find it here than to dig through a ton of vids.
  2. DO NOT USE PLASTIDIP ON A KEYBOARD. It will peel. I made a really comprehensive painting guide here. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/205502-the-proper-way-to-paint-your-pc-stuff/
  3. The G710+ is really your only option. O-Rings arent that expensive or time consuming to put on, and it really opens up your possibilities. I think there is also a TKL Quickfire board with browns and O-Ring's too.
  4. I just redid my image. I just need to decide what one is best. For those of you that don't recognize me, I am usually in the Peripherals Sub Forum helping people with keyboards. The only difference is on the border of the Red Square and the Grey Line. Any other difference you see is from scaling. Original Grey Line Grey Line No Grey No Grey More Blk Less Blk Less Blk More Blk
  5. 404

    Key Caps

    There are a set by Vortex. That is really your only option.
  6. The switch orientation makes no difference in feel. The Ducky Mini is a great keyboard though and is worth the pickup.
  7. 404

    Tesoro products

    I dislike their keyboards, you are better off buying from Razer than them, and Razer keyboards suck. I have heard of sooooo many problems with their boards.
  8. 404


    Both great, I have like 10 sets, of the transparent ones. The keycaps are really nice and are a great company.
  9. I made a really comprehensive Painting guide. http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/205502-the-proper-way-to-paint-your-pc-stuff/ DO NOT USE PLASTIDIP. It is a nightmare on keyboards.
  10. The switches themselves are, but the plate usually restricts it.
  11. 404


    ohhhh I get what you are saying now. Internet English is hard
  12. 404


    Corsair is fine, idk where you got them from. Rosewill is a bad company. I was talking about Rosewill RGB keybaord.
  13. Nope, depending on the board, the spacebar switch can sometimes be removed. There is NO WAY on a plate to remove them without snapping the case. Believe me, I have tried MANY times, as almost all my boards are modded.
  14. Blues have a much more crisp actuation than browns, which feel mushy in comparison. The keypress may be longer (time) than browns though.