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  1. Exactly what @gFrenken97 said. You don't need a modular power supply for them to work. They are just extensions
  2. I have blue ones. If you don't have a modular power supply, these will come in handy and it makes your pc look good too
  3. I thought she was 18 years old until I looked her up on Wikipedia
  4. 1) check all connections. 24 pin, 8 or 4 pin and so on. 2) Make sure the cpu fan is working 3) make sure you have enough watts to run the system 4) try installing an operating system (should fix the problem) 5) if all else fails, i'd say its most likely a bad part you have installed thats causing it to fail
  5. Did you install an operating system?
  6. Go with something cheap and just swap the HDD for a 128 GB SSD
  7. but but.... I still like my Corsair DDR3
  8. Call of Duty AW = Poo (better title)
  9. Obviously the Titan GPU..... Keychain
  10. It can't auto format without asking you for permission. You should be fine
  11. Nexus 7 is the best tablet for the money IMO. I have one too. I'd just unlock the bootloader and thats it
  12. Sorry if I misunderstood, but I also agree with both of you in that matter. I do not think its right to send troops in, but sending aid and food to help is definitely the right thing to do
  13. Its not that simple, I can say that because I've personally experienced it. People would rather run then protect their stuff Israel isn't IS though. I know they are killing people that are being used as shields but that has nothing to do with this post about Iraq. I think that in itself is America's problem, that it why I think they contradict themselves, but the Iraq problem is a place US has to come into place nonetheless. When I pinpointed the UK plane I was trying to allow you to know that they are stepping in. The people on that mountain would not be laughing with you on this one I'd have to say. I guess the point of me posting here is, when the US spends money elsewhere no one bats an eye, but when they send help for innocent people who have shed many more tears than you could imagine, everyone loses an their minds. One of the reason Obama stepped in was because of the one woman crying the Iraq office. The video went viral (dunno if you saw it). What your friend said is quite true. Like I said above, I have experienced these atrocities first hand where I was born, and let me tell you, its horrifying.
  14. Regardless, your last statement should have been said different about the newspapers lol, but the last point you made we can both agree on. Now I do not want to keep debating on a post on LTT that should have not been made anyways lol No one can bet on any of those to stop happening, but we have to make sure the infectious disease of IS does not grow especially when thousands are dying
  15. Al Queda helped IS with money but US were the leading factor. Remember when they gassed all those people and the US blamed Assad? Until they found out who it actually was. I blame the US for starting the war back in 2003 in Iraq as they left it with minimum support.
  16. Then why didn't the US get into WW2 until 1941? It took them 2 years to read their newspapers to finally decide who to fight against? If you think that IS is that easily beatable, then I ask you to please read on your history as well. People in the middle east don't have the courage to fight against them when their own generals leave their posts. People are scared to tell them to GTFO because they will be targeted and killed. Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where its that simple
  17. That's why people join the army, because they know they will end up going to a place and fight for something they didn't start. I agree with you though on one point, I don't think USA should be the only country to help, the UN should get involved also. UK sent a plane yesterday to help. I never said to send either. Money is what started this whole thing as the rebels in Syria started because of the "US" trying to help fight of Assad. Now they have expanded, so money obviously isn't the solution. Although, Obama is not sending troops into Iraq only fighter jets, so you also cannot say more american lives will be killed compared to the Iraqi civilians.
  18. I agree with that statement fully but the support you gave earlier was more money than action if you know what I mean
  19. People like you said the same in WW2 against Germany.... Don't get ahead of yourself. The Iraqi army fled because of the fear from IS. The IS group behead and kill people in their way, this is not taken lightly by people. Also, I bet if we went back to 3 years ago and I told you that an group named IS would take over Syria and Iraq in about 2 years, you'd laugh; what can we say now?
  20. I haven't used one in like 6 years and never had any type of issues whatsoever. Just have to know what to click and what not to click when browsing
  21. Think thoroughly... We are talking about IS (Islamic State). If we don't stop them now they will expand into Turkey and Jordan (They said so themselves) eventually tearing through the middle east. So would you really want WW3 to be the IS group against UN. Don't let an early decision ruin the future of A LOT of people other than North America. They also sent jets to help Iraq because the head of counsel thought this through or else they would not have sent their Navy to Iraq. As Obama said, he takes his military very seriously. I think he's doing the right thing now! Also please don't compare a murder case in England to a mass genocide in Iraq... don't be one of those people
  22. if you vote against... you need to think hard about your life. there are 50 000 people on a mountain about to die and people are commenting "We dont have enough money"