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  1. I just got a new table. Im interested in getting an extended mouse pad. enought to place keyboard on it, and using it for the mouse. any good ones out there? thanks!
  2. Im looking for this font name, anyone has any idea? thanks.
  3. Looking for an easy to use capturing software program. Want to record my desktop screen , with no lag and allow exporting files. Converting files to youtube format would be a plus also!
  4. thanks all! im stupid. i locked it. new keyboard lol.
  5. Hello all, I think disable something on my keyboard. My window button isn't working anymore. When I press it , it doesnt bring up my desktop toolbars anymore. any suggestion?
  6. He doesnt mind being a 14'' i see thanks! Just a laptop for web/movies/burning cds, that is reliable and doesnt overheat. He want it to be sliver with a dvd/cd burner built in.
  7. My uncle is looking for a laptop. he wants it to be sliver/black ish. His range is around 600usd. He would like to buy it from bestbuy or microcenter. It has to have a dvd/cd drive/writer. found this, http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dell-inspiron-14-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i3-4gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-silver-matte/8963064.p?id=1219698443939&skuId=8963064 thinking of getting that one, since hes picky and thats the only sliver/black with dvd/cd driver ..i could find. any good? if not, if you know any are alike that please let me know. it just has to be sliver/black ish , DVD/CD d
  8. My uncle need to buy a new laptop. Mostly for movies,music,skyping,...the basic stuff. I know NOTHING about laptop. He wants a Dell, *for reasons I guess*. He want to spend around 600usd. The closest store around us are Bestbuy,Microcenter. Online stores are fine too! He want something that is quiet and doesn't over heat easily when he's watching his movies/listening to music ect.
  9. 11 inc little bit too small i think
  10. oklahoma tulsa, any size really. the lighter the better.
  11. Im looking for a laptop for my gf. Mostly for school work/web/movies/music, ect. With a really good webcam. I don't shop for laptop much so suggestion would help.
  12. So which wire would he need to connect the equalizer to the receiver ?
  13. here you go. What he want to do is to hook up his dvd/blueray to the equalizer and receiver.