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  1. I hope not. The CPU is still going strong haha GPU would be nice. SLI would also be an option in the future if I wanted to upgrade
  2. I was planning on doing that. Can I ask why GPU though?
  3. Give me your opinions if I should upgrade my CPU to the i7 4790k and Motherboard to anything in the price range of $200 or just upgrade GPU to the GTX 980. Currently I have an i5 2500 and a GTX 660. If I upgrade just the GPU, will my i5 2500 CPU bottleneck the 980? Thanks guys!!
  4. I'm thinking of buying back all the older cods, like bo and mw2... oh the memories. I heard Advanced warfare is good though, can't see me buying it though
  5. Me as well. Especially if you can find out if you like the product before you buy it
  6. That would be the reason to why people buy a guitar and receive an "air" guitar in the mail haha jokes aside, I totally agree with you. It's more like "buy at your expense"
  7. Really? I've never heard that before. I hope I don't come across that
  8. If you buy the G2A shield for any purchase, you should be fine. I've never been in a bad situation with G2A
  9. Intel i7 4790K for $299.99 http://www.amazon.com/Intel-i7-4790K-Processor-Cache-BX80646I74790K/dp/B00KPRWAX8/ref=pd_ys_sf_s_541966_a1_2_p?ie=UTF8&refRID=1XY7TXC65QWC28Z3QC9D
  10. no i meant exactly what i said.... I also meant the topic finished yesterday
  11. Sorry to hear. Next steps I would take would be, taking out one of the ram sticks (if you have more than one) or try swapping the ram stick with a different one if you only have one installed. Also, it could be USB that cause this, so try taking out any USB's out of the ports except keyboard and mouse, place those into USB 2.0. Next would be, taking out the Video card and running your display off of the onboard motherboard graphics
  12. haha that we can agree on I'm not a fan of the iPhones (probably figured that out already though). If one thing I hate about both sides of the pie here is, phones are getting too big! Google/Apple, get your shit together haha
  13. Locate the battery on your motherboard. Take it off and leave it out for 10-15 minutes. Then put it back and turn the PC back on
  14. Regardless, your display picture say differently haha, btw Samsung alone owns 58% of the market. Still more than iPhone
  15. lol $0.99 phones are for people who cannot afford a "cheap" iPhone. That is a useless comment to make. That is like saying, PC's own the market because they have cheaper laptops.. IMO Android phone manufacturers are smart for creating cheap phones for people as a marketing stunt as it's clearly worked. Also, when did I say android was perfect when it first came out.....?
  16. In some cases, your CPU will be damaged slightly. But in your case, I would try clearing cmos like stated above, if that does not work i would say its dead. Maybe check if pins are bent when the heatsink fell?
  17. Sadly yes... RIP CPU ps. did you apply thermal paste after putting it back?
  18. 1. We live in the present and when iOS was better than android, that was before 2010 2. Apples "innovative" plan is basically recreating iOS to look exactly like android now... so no iOS has copied anroids more now 3. I've done both and rooting is 10 times better than jailbreaking. Don't know how you got that idea
  19. I've owned the first android phone to ever come out.... no history to read there.
  20. Android came from being nothing in 2008 to owning 80% of the phone market. I think that speaks for itself You know there's custom rom on android right? Cannot say the same about iPhones
  21. Feel bad for people who went for the iPhone 6.... Android has always been top notch