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  1. Biggest problem with this game (now that buying it is a non-issue) is that moving around the map isn't even fun. The controls suck. All you have is a shitty jetpack that's slow af and ground speed that's slow af and a climb speed that's slow af. The map is huge but there's no tactical design to any of it. It's just meant for a really tedious game of tag with no real player interaction with the board. They could have made cool elements like player-placed sensors or fences or turrets but the game has no "setup" feeling to it. It all boils down to mindlessly chasing and flanking with no way to play a strategy where actual trapping and setup plays a key role. The dome is just "I caught up to it, let's dps it." It's not at all tactical.
  2. PS4 controller is a much better shape for adult hands, has better analog sticks, triggers, and d-pad, touch pad can emulate mouse, and drivers are way simpler to set up. The DS4 is 100% the way to go.
  3. wut characters do ya play? we need people who can actually play genji cuz I'm sick of having to be my group's deflect bot.
  4. Overwatch is a lot of things, but Over Hyped isn't one of them.

  5. we just call it the aimbot. Like when we hear the ult someone on our team will just yell "AIMBOT" in comms and then all the shields go up and we snipe him out or whatever.
  6. sqwidee

    Dark Souls PTDE

    DS4windows is an antiquated program. Use InputMapper and have it emulate an Xbox pad. If you're using Windows 10, a lot of input programs will not properly use the controller in "exclusive mode", which means you'll get the XInput emulation layered on top of the raw inputs that the PS4 controller already supports for windows. I had this problem for a while when I was using older DS4 programs. InputMapper will tell you if it manages to actually get the controller into "exclusive mode", and if it does, you're good. If it only goes to "shared mode" you'll get the same problem as before, but there are fixes that work with InputMapper to get around this.
  7. you better replay the game cuz imagine how much good stuff you missed that the game DIDN'T explicitly tell you about.
  8. Definitely sounds like you don't need a 120+Hz monitor for your gaming needs. My Asus PB278Q has been great for 60Hz gaming at 1440p and it looks stunning. But getting dat frame data is always hype if you're tryna git gud
  9. Costs too much for what it is, games cost too much for what they are, no Legend of Zelda at launch, no 3rd party support, no actual Metroid It was missing the stuff Nintendo never includes anyway (like 3rd party support), but also the stuff people expect from Nintendo (like Zelda). I feel ripped off and I never even bought one
  10. I don't waste my money on PS+ so I can't exactly help you, but I can give some advice. 1: Burn it 2: Get those viscerals 3: Bring full stacks of Antidote Farewell good hunter. May you find your worth in the waking world.
  11. Not Overwatch, sadly. C'mon Bliz give us dat beta.
  12. Successful rooting adventure!

  13. I've had more bullshit dealing with account info, logins, and servers than I've ever had with discs. Digital is fine on PC but for consoles it's really half-assed. Especially with Nintendo.