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    on the fringes of the city In geometric order An insulated border In between the bright lights And the far unlit unknown.
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    Intel Pentium G3220
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    2x 4gb Crucial Balistix sport+2x GSkill RipJaws 4gb=16gb
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    WD 320 gb cavier blue hd, 500 Toshiba 2.5" notebook hd, Maxtor 260gb hd
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    Corsair CX500
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    A TV 1080p 60Hz (it's pretty good) and random dell monitor
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    Thermal Take Blue Orb II (secured with zipties)
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    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014
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    Razer Deathadder Chroma
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    Razer Kraken 7.1
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    Windows 10

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  1. yeah you're probably right about the home button, im probably just used to it. But yeah expandable storage is pretty important to me (i might catch some heat for this but whatever) because i have all music locally on my phone, right now its at 76gb and I'm always expanding it. I just prefer having the files.
  2. yeah i looked at it and it seemed really good but it's only in Europe and India and I'm in the US
  3. So my Samsung S7 Edge is done and has been done for a while but I've kept using it. It has the signature pink line down the screen, its getting really slow, the battery has gone to shit, and it gets pretty hot. I want to get a new Android phone but I have no idea what to look at, I'll list some of my requirements and hopefully you guys can recommend something. Needs micro sd card storage (at least 128gb) headphone jack decent camera nano sim card (i think that's what is used on the S7 edge correct me if I'm wrong) not samsung l
  4. No this is in QB64, I put it in the tags but probably shoulda put it in the title.
  5. I'm trying to take the entire console text at the end of the program and save it as a string variable. Then after I will take the string variable and save it as a text document. What would be the best way to tackle this obstacle? Thank you!
  6. I recently acquired a pretty decent laptop that was being thrown away because I need a laptop for college. I installed Windows 7 professional on it because it's the only OS disc I have. Everything went alright, It booted into Windows and it was missing like a ton of drivers but I already knew that would happen because the Windows disc is pretty bare bones (doesn't come with any ethernet drivers or anything). I installed the ethernet and Wi-Fi drivers from a flash drive then I just downloaded the rest of the drivers online. After I got all the drivers I started installing some programs and thou
  7. First, I know OTG cables are like super cheap and stuff but idc because im a cheap bastard and I also want to make one. Ok so I want to connect my PS3 controller to my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This might be a stupid question but, could I theoretically just connect two male USB ends, one being Micro-USB and one being Mini-USB?
  8. So I unfortunately dropped my Samsung S7 Edge last night and this happened. I am going to get it fixed but I am extremely short on cash. I was wondering if there was a temporary fix where at least the panel still works and doesn't bug the fuck out like it does, I can deal with the crack for now tbh. I know this is a stretch but it's worth a shot.
  9. I just got a new phone recently (refurbished Samsung S7 Edge) and new SanDisk 128gb micro SD card to go with it. I am trying to set up my music right now and VLC won't show all the files kind of. Basically the way i have the directory set up is under settings, i go to media library folders then choose my SD card, then choose my music folder. And the way my music folder is set up is Music Folder>Artist>Album>song. So in the songs tab it shows all of the songs, in the albums tab it shows only some of the albums and under the artists tab it shows even less of the artists. On my old phone
  10. I downloaded some image files a while ago and now I have no idea where they are, I remember I saved them to a specific folder and I didn't rename them so they are just a bunch of numbers. I looked in the folder obviously and they are not there, and they are not in downloads or pictures. And also I can't find them under downloads in my browser. Is there any way I can go back and look at my downloads within Windows from a certain date or something?
  11. I fucked up and installed VPython in the wrong spot the first time I installed it. Now I need to change the install location and I can't find anyway to do this in the installer. Should I just install it and move all the files? That just doesn't seem the same to me as installing to the proper location. Does anyone know how to change the file location?
  12. I have an old Dell QuietKey keyboard and it's having some issues. I plugged it in when the the computer was off and it is completely detected. The num lock light is on and also it is listed in the device manager. However it just does nothing, I mean nothing, no matter what I press 100% nothing changes. I did some research and I found that I allegedly needed to change some stuff in regedit and I did and it still does the same, nothing. If you guys could give me some help that would be great. Just please don't tell me it's not worth it, it's more about the principle.
  13. I need some help on editing Amazon files, specifically audio files. I have prime and downloaded some music and attempted to move it around in some folders and edit it but Amazon obviously doesn't want you to do this. But I'm also a cheap bastard so I don't care. The problem is they make the file read only and if you can't change it, you can deselect it, but then when you open the properties again read only is selected. So how can I edit these files?
  14. Lately I've been having this issue where my mouse will just start getting stuck on the screen and lagging a lot every few seconds. I have heard that it is a CPU issue and I should close the item in task manager that is using my CPU the most, but I don't think that's the problem because the item that is using my CPU the most is usually Google Chrome which is about 2% of my CPU. And my total CPU utilization is around 4% while watching Youtube. Right now Google Chrome is using less than 1% of my CPU and my CPU utilization is around 2%. My CPU is an Intel i5 4460. Also it's just a virtual thing, m
  15. Where do I get expert riding as a DK, I might be wrong but I though I was supposed to get it for free or do you have to buy it from the various riding trainers?