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  1. Hey everyone. So since the latest big Windows 10 64bit update (the kind of one that has the "We're setting things up for you" welcome screen upon login) my sound card has been performing really strangely. Update history states: "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809, Successfully installed on ‎10/‎03/‎2019" I have a Creative SoundBlaster Recon 3D PCIe sound card. I'm running a pair of powered speakers for the front L/R outputs through a 3.5mm jack, a powered subwoofer from the sub output through a 3.5mm jack, and a microphone into 3.5mm jack. I need the sound card software in order to establish a high-pass filter for the front speakers, and for the equalizer (I'm yet to find any decent windows-based equalizer but I digress). If I didn't need the high-pass filter I would simply bridge the connections from a full-range output, as the sub has its own low-pass filter, but the powered speakers do not have a high-pass filter and, given a full-range input, play all the frequencies I want the sub to play instead, limiting power handling and making things sound wrong. I have an ASUS P8Z77V-LX motherboard, that only has two-channel audio and no switchable output for a subwoofer, and even if this wasn't the case, there is no way to apply a high-pass filter for the front speakers with Realtek audio software. The Creative software is my only way. The problem i'm having, is that ever since the update the channels will switch randomly. By this, I mean for example front-left will become front-right, or rear-right, or any of the other 4 channels. This happens, randomly, without warning, seemingly without reason. Sometimes the sub plays loud for no reason. Sometimes one of the front-speakers will go silent entirely. Sometimes the subwoofer will go silent entirely. This is especially annoying in video games like DiRT Rally, where it will often mute the co-driver, making the game unplayable. This situation is intolerable in all respects. I have never encountered this problem before. I have not found anything remotely related googling. The latest update for the drivers of the sound card is in 2015. I understand full-well that I am using outdated hardware. But until the windows update, everything has been working perfectly in an otherwise flawless system. If I attempt to troubleshoot the sound card using the windows troubleshooter, i have the option to open "Audio Enhancements" and If i de-select the "Allow extra signal processing by the audio device - [Enable audio enhancements]" checkbox under "Signal enhancements", another problem arises. The channels somewhat fix themselves, sub stays sub, except left-front and right-front only switch occasionally with each other. This makes the situation a lot more tolerable, albeit still broken. The other problem that arises, however, is that the sound starts going BZZZT- BZZTTTTT every now and then, as audio plays. i.e the BZZTT only happens when audio is being produced, and to the degree of the intensity of the audio. As of this evening, when i uninstalled a reinstalled the drivers, software and physically the soundcard for like the tenth time, this no longer happens when de-selecting the Audio Enhancements checkbox, nothing happens at all now. The multi-channel-swapping problem has remained for good. In the meantime I am using a 3.5mm double-adaptor and using the full-range speaker output from the motherboard to split the audio into two full-range signals for the front speakers and the subwoofer (the subwoofer has its own available low-pass filter) but it doesn't sound especially great as the front speakers are trying to play subwoofer frequncies and the sound is messed up. Its the lesser of the two evils, as at least the channels aren't being swapped. Basically, the motherboard audio works fine. It's solely the sound card that is having issues. It must also be said that the channel-swapping also happens when headphones are plugged into the headphone jack on the front of the case, which uses the HD_AUDIO connector plugged into the soundcard inside the PC case, as does (did) the BZZTT sound. My biggest issue, is that there is no cheap way to fix this. I haven't found any USB or PCIe sound-card currently on sale in my country (Australia) that has a high-pass filter available. It's literally the only thing I need, and seemingly no products are available. The alternative to a dedicated sound card, is buying a new motherboard with inbuilt 5.1 or 7.1 channel sound, hoping the motherboard software has a high-pass filter. Considering it's a standard feature on almost all motherboards these days, this shouldn't be hard to find. The problem with this, is that I would have to also buy a new CPU and RAM because my old stuff won't fit (LGA 1155, DDR3...) Which makes it an incredibly expensive option considering I have perfect working hardware. I have an i7 3770 and 16gb of DDR3 and absolutely no reason to shelve these things. Im writing this here today because I feel i'm out of any workable remedies. I don't know if there's anything I can do inside windows to fix the current soundcard, I can't find any sound card to replace this one that are suitable, and I can't afford to replace a motherboard, ram and cpu when they all work fine, just to get a damn high-pass filter on my front speakers. I'm out of options, and I hope someone can help me out. Thanks.
  2. Don't be a dick, it works perfectly fine. Sure, the apps are lacking - but that's it. It does everything android or iOS can do.
  3. precisely this. Correct me if i'm mistaken, but aren't heatpipes more efficient than liquid in regards to transporting heat anyway? struggling to see the point of this thing.
  4. *sigh* sensationalist title. did you miss the part where it says "for the purposes of comitting a crime or preventing it's discovery" ? using a VPN etc. as per normal and not doing anything illegal with it is completely fine. Nothing to see here folks.
  5. are you people serious calling it a non-comparison? a Macbook (non-pro ofc) and a Chromebook are bought by the exact same people, for the exact same reason; the customers just want something to check their facebook on and watch youtube videos. Discerning computer users (read: people who need to actually use a computer to do something their smartphone can't - business, games etc.) buy neither of these products. The people who use to buy MacBooks because "they [were] cool and made by Apple" have grown up now and are realising that by not buying a chromebook they are throwing their money away. People who just want a fancy device with no specific purpose of use in mind buy iPads. They do not buy chromebooks.
  6. Why do people continuously forget about Fusion power and ITER? THIS is legit the best source of power IN THE UNIVERSE considering it is literally what powers stars.
  7. umm 5ghz already has mad range issues - how is this going to work with 30 times the frequency?
  8. PC is custom built so manufacturer is irelevent. As I said ALL other devices work 100%, the problem is with this computer and only this computer. There is nothing the ISP could do to help as the networks are operating normally.
  9. Hey everyone, Have a computer that has been running great for almost a year, now. WiFi has always worked well, even 15 metres away from a router up a flight of stairs, through a few walls - was pushing wifi max throughput easy on cable internet (~54Mb/s). However, I have moved to a different place and now all of a sudden my computer does not enjoy operating on a 2.4ghz WiFi network. The internet here is not the best (~13Mb/s) but it is fast enough. It is also very stable on my android phone and all other devices i have connected. However, the PC operates flawlessly on the 5ghz network provided by the same router - the problem with this being that i am, again, upstairs and through walls so the 5ghz signal is not stable, with either 1 or 0 bars showing. Fine for browsing, bad for MMO's. I need to use the 2.4ghz network for the purpose of stability. I moved the PC downstairs and placed it literally next to the router for testing purposes. It performed perfectly on the 5ghz network, full speed and full signal/completely stable. The 2.4ghz network, however, is able to be connected to and the signal/connection stable (less stable upstairs - was having trouble connecting at all yesterday) but it produces huge lag (300ms and above average pinging to google) and the speed is less than 1Mb/s. I concluded that my computer simply does not operate properly with this router on its 2.4ghz network, which is strange because as I said all other devices function faultlessly. I have also tried using a D-Link usb WiFi dongle to no avail - the results were identical albeit the d-link doesn't operate on 5ghz - so it is fair to assume this is not a hardware problem, even though it may well be. I have also tried changing WiFi channels, am now on an unused channel with only 1 network overlapping but this is irrelevant as symptoms are the same at 4 in the morning with no other networks visible and as I said i put the PC next to the router for best possible connection. TL;DR; internet runs like crap on 2.4ghz WiFi, is a dream on 5ghz WiFi (but need to be near router for stability), changing WiFi hardware on PC end produced 100% similar results, interference doesn't seem to be an issue. Halp pls <3 Specs: Asus Z97i-Plus Broadcom 802.11ac wireless card (built into motherboard) Pentium G3258 Silverstone SFX450 Gigabyte 750ti CM Elite 110 Chassis Kingston budget/low-profile ram Edit: Just remembered i can test the router-to-pc connection pinging the router times out on 2.4ghz, get 2ms on 5ghz. Also cannot connect to the router's setup page on 2.4ghz ( but works fine on 5ghz. So, therefore, it is a local connection issue not an internet issue. Literally no idea how this is possible when 5ghz works 100% fine...
  10. Put it this way. I don't believe in this "emissions" bullshit. I'm not saying i don't believe in harmful emissions- ofc they exist - im just saying we dont need it to be as severely regulated as it is, but i digress. Imagine if you are the CEO of a car company who feels the same way about emissions - they they are heavily over-regulated. Are you really going to augment the price of all of your new cars by 10-20% just because some shitty government thinks your cars need to be "cleaner" ? You are going to modify your entire range of vehicles (not making them any tangibly better, JUST better on paper) just to suit the laws in one shitty country, decreasing profit margins (which are already very small in the automotive industry) for the cars sold in other countries? or are you going to tell that government to go fuck itself, cheat the tests, save a shitload of money whilst still delivering an identical product (no, emissions do not affect your daily life) to customers for a higher profit? you tell me which is a more desirable business venture.
  11. Then you're doing it wrong. for me, and millions of other people, it has been nothing but trouble-free.
  12. or, you know, appease the demands of customers and make the phone thicker?
  13. Watched the downhilling video. Opens with "...things no black guy would do". It's incredulous that "black guys" are so concerened with racism yet they clearly bring it upon themselves with this crap. fucking hypocrites.
  14. the spotify mobile app has always had retarded issues like this. when it first came out, if you didn't pay for a subscription then you couldn't choose a song to play, only the album it was contained in. The album then played from start to finish, with only the pause function available, and you had to wait out the other shitty songs in the album just to get to the one you were looking for - which imo completely defeats the purpose of the app. "hey mate listen to this awesome song i just found!!..... after we listen to 6 others in a row first" youtube music forever