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  1. After spending a long time thinking, I figured out there was only one thing missing from my life.... I was really missing giving facebook hundreds of my own dollars so they can put microphones and cameras in my house. Seriously though, "sure" they put a camera off button but, unless that button physically disconnects the power to the microphone and camera, it might as well not be there. I hope facebook paid good money for this video, it sounded like you were just reading the provided script from facebook. Where's the Linus that takes the whole thing apart to see if the button does any actual switching, or if it's just a gimmic to provide an illusion of safety?
  2. Currently have a EVGA GTX 1080 FTW2 iCX. For $181.48 I can step up to the EVGA 1080ti Black Edition. Currently have a 1440p 60Hz monitor. The most demanding thing I play is Shadow of War or PUBG. I know I don't really need to upgrade. But do you think it's worth it given the current state/market of GPUs? PS: I have 4 days to decide to start the step up process or not. Current other specs are: 6700k, 16gb DDR4, 1TB 840 Evo, and a 4tb mechanical drive for long term storage.
  3. It's all about heat as previously mentioned. Increasing operating temperature above 90C ish exponentially increases component degradation (such as caps and mosfets to some degree). Cards such as the GT 220 and all those other old cards ran cool because they relatively consumed almost no power and ran cool. If the VRMs and core run cool, it will likely last a very long time
  4. Get a PWM splitter and run all your rad fans off of one header then
  5. Yeah that's it. set fans up to blow air across the GPUs so they get some fresh air. These are some toastly little buggers
  6. I have the same card. Get a fan blowing air across them so they get fresh air. I just changed the TIM on my MSI 390x yesterday and temps dropped from peaks of 95 with 100% fan to tops of 86 with an average temp of 82. They did a shit job putting TIM on (it was bubbled over the die on my card), and they used some weird sticky stuff. Change it and it should help. It also doesn't violate the warranty if you're in the USA
  7. My thoughts are that essentially at the core you can call all FPS games a reskin of any other FPS game. The only real difference in FPS games is whether or not all the guns are hitscan or not. If you think the game is a stupid reskin, don't buy it. Simple as that. Buy it or don't buy it, no one want's to hear '(insert FPS title here) is a reskin of (insert FPS title launched last year here)'
  8. BF4 now has the best net code of any battlefield game ever. The 60Hz servers are was better than the 20Hz found in BF3 and previous titles
  9. It's a significantly better looking game, new setting, new movement mechanics, completely different weapons. I'm not sure what you want. If you want some long drawn out simulation go play Arma 3. Battlefield will always be the in between game between COD and Arma as far as game play goes. And that's what the community wants.
  10. No, the game engine will dynamically load an unload the needed textures in and out of system and video ram. This is why loading screens exist
  11. This Something isn't working properly anymore. In the words of Chrome: He's dead, Jim!
  12. This goes back to I forget what game where they beta tested console & pc cross platform play but then removed it because no one could ever win with a controller
  13. Currently using a 390x to warm my room, I mean play games. Pls give lower tdp card
  14. hsf = heat sink and fan. As long as you have decent case airflow so the heat sink on it gets some air flow over it, you're fine.
  15. Change TIM, maybe you didn't remount the cooler properly.
  16. I'm a mechanical engineering students and have taken a number of electrical classes before. TLDR: More phases doesn't equal higher overclocks. Electrical chip stability from the power aspect has more to due with tight voltage control and hitting an ideal impedance than just throwing more mosfets in to the power delivery system. A mosfet is really just a big switch more or less. It doesn't do anything for power delivery than potentially adding unwanted capacitance and/or impedance to the power delivery circuitry unless the mosfets don't have the amperage capacity to provide enough power. However, being that 1080 is such a low power card, the power per phase is really low compared to a 980ti.
  17. Nvidia says they are not cherry picking cores, for the sake of this discussion we'll assume they aren't. The only other possibility is that nvidia knows exactly what components produce the most consistent outputs and they then built their board around the core. By picking the board components around the core's design requirements Nvidia's engineers, who inherently know more about the core then AIBs, can build a better board than AIBs. Makes sense if you think about it
  18. This, and Jayztwocents said the only cards he had that consistently hit 2100 were his founders cards
  19. I think this is a good idea. From what I've head from people with a Vive is that the more power you have, the better. So unless you're buying a vive right now, I'd hold off on a 1080 till we see 2 things: 1): Retail stock without nvidia price gouging (there could be stock but nvidia is holding back to generate more hype (no 1080s = more disccusion about 1080 and less about RX 480 and 'exclusivity') 2): A Competitive AMD offering. While the 480 is this supposed great value for money, it isn't a high end card and for those going with VR, it's irrelevant. When we see a fully fledged Vega card, 2 things will happen: 1080 price will drop to compete with Vega & Nvidia launches a 1080 Ti (aka fully unlocked big pascal)
  20. IMHO: Either go for #4 or get some cheapo card to use for ~6-8 months till Vega comes out
  21. Because people are stupid and think if they don't sell now it'll be worth nothing. Same thing happened with 7970's before 290s came out. They dipped in price and became stupid cheap. Then after launch prices came back up. Mind you all that happened before the mining craze. That being said, if you want to sell your 209 for 100 pounds, do it. Or buy another for 100 pounds and have more GPU power.
  22. This is the age old case of: Buy all your parts at once. I don't think the 290s will drop much in value between now and Q1 2017 when Vega is released because the 290 will be just behind the 480 4gb. 480 8Gb cards will be $250-300 so you'd be better off just buying a $500-600 single GPU Vega card or a 1080/1080Ti that will be out by then.