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  1. GTX 1080ti + 1060 in same rig ?!

    I switch between mining on Nicehash and mining Zcash using DSTM Miner. I'm even able to surf the web and stream videos just fine with the main GPU mining if I turn off hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.
  2. GTX 1080ti + 1060 in same rig ?!

    I do this right now. So your PC will use the GPU connected to your monitor to render the images and the game. What I do is disable the main card connected to the display in my miner and game while my second GPU would mine. There should be absolutely no FPS drop. Common issue: make sure the 1060 and 1080ti don't get linked in your OC software.
  3. my Kingpin sits at 693 to 710 sol/s at 65% power, so you want to balance most Sol/s to least power consumption unless of course electricity is basically free for you.
  4. Well MSI Afterburner only supports 8 because if i'm not mistaken here Windows only supports 8 at which point you would need to switch to a Linux based mining OS like SMOS or HiveOS etc.
  5. Yup fan life is your biggest worry otherwise if you know what you're doing and you optimize your cards you should be running somewhere around 70% power limit at 50 to 60c max.
  6. Did you recover your exodus wallet using the private key you were given the first time you installed the program? If not then you're basically SOL and would have to start mining over with the new address. Unless you wrote the private key down somewhere, then you can just recover your wallet with it.
  7. How to get a crash log?

    search "event viewer" in the start menu, it'll lay out what crashed and when. It's quite handy.
  8. BitCoin Bubble set to Burst

    lol when BTC hit $100 it was called a bubble about to explode... it's nowhere near it's peak yet to explode. Check back in 5 years at least.
  9. NewEgg Tax in More States

    Doesn't sound like they want your money ..... oh well.
  10. You don't need to be verified on Binance to trade. Just a suggestion. Probably will be much easier than finding someone to agree to this.
  11. Why not just buy BTC, send to Binance and purchase it there?
  12. Luke is making a cryptocurrency

    would mine/10
  13. Mining is killing me. Need graphics.

    GTX 770 4gb variant... should be able to find one used for around $120, a very capable card for 1080p gaming till this day. The one I had purchased 5 years ago is still trucking along even playing some PUBG.
  14. I too handle drinks with my left hand and keep my drink on the left side even though I'm right handed.... also Luke>Linus. Feels weird to hold drinks with my right hand. Same goes for phones, I can only hold with my left hand and talk on the phone with left ear (obviously). Wearables also go on left wrist/hand.
  15. Out Of Stock 1080TI

    Yup, and after my post SC2 Hybrid and FTW3 hybrid went in stock... easy pick ups if you had your notifications ready. Both at their normal prices.