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  1. There isn't anything that stands out to me as being high usage. I remember reading somewhere that as of the last windows update there is a bug where an audio driver uses resources and isn't being correctly reported within the task manager. I am having trouble digging up more info on that specific bug because there are so many similar bugs dating back to 2015... And on top of that -- the file deletion bug which overshadows everything in my searches regarding the recent update.
  2. Any help appreciated! I have a 15 inch Surface Book 2 i7 w/ GTX 1060, 16Gb Ram, and 500Gb SSD. Recently I updated windows (to what I thought was 1809 -- can they roll back?) and noticed some severe battery drain and heat issues. I just checked the Windows version and its running 1803 #17134. I'm not sure exactly what update caused this issue and im having a hard time finding info on it given the sea of complaints out there surrounding this machine. Previously I could go days without plugging in to the charger and now im struggling to get hours out of the battery... Battery life was one of the primary reasons why i got this machine, this bug is a real bummer. Anyone have a similar issue? I suspect its not limited to the SB2. Is there a Fix? Thanks for any help/info.
  3. I haven't seen much about this. Does anyone know how to get the new call screening features from the Pixel 3 onto the Pixel 1&2?
  4. I will try that when i get home. However, when i disabled snort entirely it was still happening. Same for PFblocker
  5. So, the best i can tell PFSense is running smoothly. However, I cannot get Speedtest.net to actually run a test. It's the only site that i've found that doesn't work. Where can i view a log to see what is blocking the traffic? It loads the page but wont load the test servers. I have Snort, PFblocker, and Squid running.
  6. This is what keeps filling my notifications... What is this:
  7. It was google. Changing to both cloudflair servers and a quad nine backup worked.
  8. So as i understand it, this code: server: include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf Entered into the DNS resolver custom settings, should incorporate DNSBL into the outside dns resolver I am trying to use. I believe I already have Cloudflare and Google setup as Primary/Backup DNS in the general setup. From the Dashboard (it appears to work normally): What I am trying to do is enable DNS over TLS. As per this video: The issue is, when I plug in the rest of that code into the DNS resolver custom settings: forward-zone: name: "." forward-ssl-upstream: yes forward-addr: forward-addr: My internet dies....
  9. Maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I want to change DNS provider from my ISP to Cloudflair & Google (as secondary). Also, I want to enable TLS encryption on DNS. Each time I enter the settings as I understand them I cant access the internet. Any Ideas? I have Squid proxy server running as well as PFblockerNG. I have isolated the issue to this code in the DNS Resolver>Custom Settings: server: include: /var/unbound/pfb_dnsbl.*conf forward-zone: name: "." forward-ssl-upstream: yes forward-addr: forward-addr: It all goes to shit when i save that code... Any Ideas?
  10. Yea, it was an accident really. I got fed the F up with crappy routers so I decided to repurpose my HTPC as a beast router. I am running some decent packages on it so its not a complete waste. I have a Gigabit fiber connection to the house. The wifi card is just because it's preinstalled on the mobo, I didn't really plan on using it. Although if I could get it working well I might consider turning it on, the box is in one of the worst served parts of the house.
  11. Thanks. Yea, there is definitely something wrong with the Linksys but I think with a different firmware it should work better. It's a full triband AC wave 2 AP. I setup squid on the router and its amazing. I actually use a decent amount of that CPU horsepower. Fun new project.
  12. So, I've been busy and here is the update. It appears that i had two separate issues on the network. The first was that the UBNT Edge-router Lite was only capable of ~250mbps maximum -- so it was causing a bottleneck. To solve this I created a Pf-sense Router with a I5 3570K, 8Gb of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. When Directly connected to this router or through my wired network I can pull the full bandwidth of ~850mbps. The second issue (that I haven't completely solved) is that the EA7500 appears to be capping out at ~20mbps. I switched the EA7500 with the TEW818 and the slow speeds followed the Linksys router. The EA7500 is setup as an AP and the default firmware is very limiting -- I may try installing DDWRT or some other firmware and see if that helps. I am not sure why that router/AP would be having issues, its clearly the nicer of the two AP's in the house. So more research is needed. On another note, I am excited about the web caching capabilities of PFSense.
  13. I made a DVD using the ISO and installed off of that instead, it worked. Changing to Legacy probably would have had the same effect. Thanks,
  14. I am trying to build a PF Sense router that uses an SSD as the boot drive. I have created an install USB using the 64Bit, VGA, memstick installer download file from the PF sense website (pfSense-CE-memstick-2.4.3-RELEASE-amd64.img). The computer is built with a 3570K, 8Gb of RAM, and a 128GB Sandisk SSD, Trendnet NIC, Onboard WIFI (some Asrock MOBO built in wifi card circa 2012). It Hangs Here... The computer gods hate me apparently... Sorry for the huge picture of my TV, But does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong? Thanks for the help!
  15. I have been having issues with my home internet for a while now and I have just had to deal with it because I can't figure it out... I have Gigabit Fiber to the home, but I am getting about 5-20/mbps over wifi and 10-70/mbps over some ethernet connections and 500+ over others. It's all extremely inconsistent.... Should I have all my networks set to a single SSID? Can the setup I have auto negotiate handing off devices between 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Properly? Do I need Better AP's? Is there something misconfigured in the router (had the same issue before the Edgerouter while I was using the EA7500 as a router)? I would pay someone if they could figure this out... It's been years of struggling with this.... My Network (Basic): Router - UBNT Edgerouter Lite AP - TEW818DRU AP - EA7500 Devices connected to the network (Tried to remember everything): ~4 Mobile phones (2x Pixel xl & 2x Iphone) 3 Wired Desktops 3 wireless windows laptops ( Surface Book 2, Macbook Air, HP Something) 2 Nest Thermostats 2 Nest Cams (Separate Hidden 2.4ghz network that nothing else is connected to) 1 Nest Protect 2 Sonos Connect Amps (ethernet) 1 Sonos Play 5 (Sonos Bridge via Ethernet) 7 Hue Bulbs (Via Bridge) 2 Amazon Echo's 1 Nvidia Shield TV 1 Chromecast Gen2 1 Chromecast Gen1 1 Wemo Smart Dimmer Switch 1 Wemo Smart outlet 1 Harmony Ultimate Home Remote (Via Ethernet) 1 Sony 940D 1 Slingbox (ethernet) 1 Epson Printer (Wifi) 1 WD My Cloud (Ethernet) 1 Custom Server running Freenas for plex (ethernet) Network Map: At this point i've tried everything I can think of. If someone has any other ideas I would greatly appreciate it.