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  • Birthday September 30

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    wouldn't you wanna know?
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    it has been covered up!


  • CPU
    amd a6-9220
  • Motherboard
    the one which they gave is nameless!
  • RAM
    4 gigs at 1866mhz ddr4
  • GPU
    amd radeon r4 graphics
  • Case
    typical plastic laptop case
  • Storage
    toshiba 500gb hdd at 5400rpm
  • PSU
    the one given by them... still will be nameless!
  • Display(s)
    720p at 60hz
  • Cooling
    integrated cooling solution
  • Keyboard
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    no mouse only track pad
  • Sound
    realtek hd sound
  • Operating System
    multiboot system consisting of windows 10,ubuntu,cent os,chrome os
  • Laptop
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    shattered....into peices

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  1. I am gone for 2 hours,2 hours! and you guys finish over 5 pages! but for past 2 days nada!
  2. thank you for a new discord profile pic!
  3. install other linux distros and set them up break them by doing something wrong and then do it all again.
  4. why are we still in this world? only to suffer?
  5. after we reached 10000 replys the no. of people active in this thread has significantly dropped....
  6. I like to irritate people so I have this as my pfp also it blends into both dark and light theme.
  7. now @Spotty might do it to just troll you
  8. the 10000th reply (if mods don't delete any previous ones and this one for spam..)