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    Ontario, Canada
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    unRAID, PLEX, Random tech that is interesting. Fast Internet
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    IT is my day job and it's also my hobby. I like playing with cool tech and I refuse to freelance for a good reason.
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    IT guy to the worst type of people imaginable.
  1. _Rogue

    Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions

    I would love to see a video where you work with CIRA https://cira.ca/ Show what they do other than just manage the .ca domain. One thing I would really like to see if how CIRA is working to build internet exchanges across the country https://cira.ca/ixp to make it easier for companies to keep our data within the country without having it go through the US. They are working on a new exchange up in Iqaluit which sounds like a fun trip. I think it would be a great education video. Also if you could convince them it would be awsome to get to transfer some data from vancouver to halifax at 10Gb/s.
  2. _Rogue

    Google Stadia (Cloud Gaming)

    So if Google has a server that is peered with VANx when this launches LTT can do a new video. 50 Gamers NO CPU!!!
  3. _Rogue

    Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Automation

    I could make the script myself. I am in computer networking for school so I will be working with powershell a fair amount this upcoming semester. Definitely a good idea that I will look into.
  4. So I have been getting into the habit of using Windows 10's virtual desktop feature. I keep having one nagging issue, reopening everything after a reboot. Does anybody know of a way I can get a chrome window to automatically open at start in fullscreen on a separate virtual desktop? Very much appreciate any insight into how to set this up.
  5. _Rogue

    Whats your WiFI SSID?

    So I'm curious to see what others have come up with as their wireless network SSIDs (WiFI network name). Default, simple, maybe dorky? Mine is: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Who can top it?
  6. _Rogue

    Would you get the Nexus 5X or 6P?

    Canada Post should drop my 5X off tomorrow!! Cant wait! Wanted the 6P but it's way too much money for me and the 5X will do what I need no problem!
  7. _Rogue

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Wait! I have to PAY these guys?
  8. _Rogue

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Yes, we can set Linus on fire
  9. So I am looking for an interesting solution. I have a camera at my front door that allows me to see if the dog is barking at a delivery or just a squirrel. It is just a raspberry pi. Anybody know if a way to get this advertised on my net as a virtual TV tuner similar to a hdhomerun? I want to be able to use my android TV to navigate to a set channel and see the IP cams feed. Thanks in advance ladies and gents!
  10. _Rogue

    Post your school internet speed here

    Per system we get around 100/25 but I know that out connection is around 100Gb/s fibre as part of the Orion network. Also the overall speed is actually limited by our schools hardware at the moment, the other end can do more.
  11. _Rogue

    LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread

    Wait! We need a slogan?
  12. _Rogue

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    Sweet! I needed a new media PC!!
  13. _Rogue


    Omg!!! I want one!!!
  14. So a friend of mine that works for bell has been given the official time frame of fibe roll out for Windsor and London. London will be upgraded to 90% 50/10 by the end of August and Windsor by the end of August 2015. Anybody on Bell should be extremely happy (as much as you can be while using bell ) with this news. Hopefully in Windsor spicifically this will cause Cogeco to lower prices because fibe pricing will undercut them by a fair bit.
  15. _Rogue

    Upgrade Home Network

    If your running cable outside in an underground conduit, ensure that you can either pull a new cable down the road for upgrades or run cat6a now. Also you should probably run 2-3 cables no matter what just for convenience of not having to have to run another again.