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  1. For anyone who hasn't heard about Red Ash already basically it is by a lot of the original guys who did Mega Man Legends. We already have a near completed attempt at their take of a Mega Man game Mighty Number 9, but now we will hopefully have a Mega Man Legends game but without Capcom. The update we just got was that the ps4 port won the poll and will be getting a port (even if it doesn't reach the stretch goal it will likely still get a port but just after launch most likely) Honestly as someone who games mostly on the PC this only affects me in such that the game needs more funding. Link to the Update On a side note they are also making an anime based on Red Ash by by STUDIO4℃. For $24 you can get an HD digital copy of the anime (the side bar is a lie read the updates) it looks like it will be pretty good imo. Also .... I thought about something and I think some people might be confused by the way the kickstarter's pledges are.. I have been following this since Mighty Number 9 so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Anyways you might be confused by pledges on the game from here. Basically Keiji Inafune is super afraid of publishers after the Mega Man Legends 3 bullshit so this kickstarter is for first a smaller prologue (but honestly still a full length game by many people's standards) for $25 pledge minimum and then after the kickstarter is successful and he fully owns the IP he will find a publisher that will let him keep ownership basically and make a sequel. You can basically 'preorder' the sequel at the $79 pledge mark. A good thing to remember for kickstarters is you will not be charged any money if the kickstarter is not successful and not until the kickstarter is over.
  2. Prob just the fact that driving auto is easier so if you drive manual.... it will be easier?
  3. I loled I'm not driving for fun.. I don't even know if I enjoy driving yet.. but so far I haven't really.. but then again I haven't been on open road yet either.. *shrug* Driving auto has less things for me to focus on when I drive and that is better for me.
  4. Ah well I'll be getting something that is auto.
  5. Does it change anything if I'm driving auto?
  6. That is a lot of miles isn't it? I could be wrong though..
  7. If you can get the hatch for $10k color me interested. What year / millage did you manage to get for $10k?
  8. I honestly would prefer a hatchback but you can try to convince me otherwise.. also dunno if you could get that for $10k I don't know what the 5th gen of GTI is. .what year is it? The Mazdaspeed's gas millage seems pretty bad to me imo. Funny you speak of a fiat 500 my brother picked up a 2013 a few days ago for his first car.
  9. I didn't see a place to ask in the forums... Are we allowed to ask for help with finding a car in this thread? I know you guys would surely have the knowledge. I will be starting my second year of college and I am getting (unless I fail my drivers test :unsure: ) a car in the $10k range. I am thinking a hatchback smaller hatchback but you guys can convince me what ever go ahead. Main things are 1) reasonably comfortable 2) best gas mileage without having to turn off the AC to accelerate I really don't want to get a 2 door (or I guess it might be 3 counting the hatch) unless a magical one exist that has 5 seats... I just would feel weird about getting a 4 seat car. Right now I am thinking a Honda Fit .. but I don't think I can get it for $10k.. The chevy spark actually looks like it could be decent but it only has 4 seats.. and that is kind of lame..
  10. Randomacts

    Swiss University designs craft for cleaning up space debris

    So basically this. edit: I wasn't the first one to think of this show hah
  11. This thread is really really old... GG necro
  12. Randomacts

    [Review] California Headphone Company - Silverado

    Hmm perhaps I dun goofed but what I got is kind of mono audio .. I'll have to fix the cables manually to fix them I think. I used these cables: https://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021802&p_id=645&seq=1&format=2 And this splitter https://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10218&cs_id=1021808&p_id=667&seq=1&format=2 I'll prob ask this guy https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/356shv/getting_a_replacement_cable_for_california/ for help as he seems to have done the same thing.
  13. Randomacts

    YouTube now has 8K support (w/ video example)

    My overclocked i5 2500k can't handle it lol but it buffers fine
  14. Randomacts

    GOG galaxy client now in open beta, download now!

    Still no beta invite.. odd signed up right when beta started edit: Oh you don't wait for an email.. you just straight up download now.