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  1. It really depends on the subreddit, r/news has some pretty terrible mods that are willing to censor people for saying something that doesn't fit their agenda. Lots of subreddits have a great community but are completely ruined by their abusive mods. Unfortunately this is how the site operates, its up to the mods to moderate their subs and Reddit doesn't seem to care that mods abuse their power.
  2. De veel bibliotheken hebben een 3d printer, vaak kan je daar dingen goedkoop laten printen.
  3. I'm just trying to squeeze a bit more life out of this rig, i'd rather just build a completely new rig instead of buying €400 worth of hardware.
  4. I have a 990FXA-GD65 from MSI. I think it can handle all of AMD's FX cpu's.
  5. I am currently running an FX-4170, but my I am experiencing a CPU bottleneck in many games and applications. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to an fx-6300 for €25 or even to an FX-8100 for €70? Thanks in advance,
  6. The r7 1700 has a lower TDP, but I don't think that's the reason. The difference in TDP is very small. How old is the thermal paste on your 4770k?
  7. Ik zou kijken naar aftermarket coolers aangezien je gpu het nog gewoon doet. Het zou zonde zijn om goede chips weg te gooien.
  8. I don't think all used products are equal, the woman in question had a 4 month old product, she could have gotten a much older device.
  9. The transaction is void because the device was faulty on day one. You could argue that it broke because of heavy use. Because Apple didn't keep their part of the agreement they should give a refund.
  10. The guts can also get worn out by heavy use, you could theoretically be getting a device that has been running heavy programs on a bench 24/7 for three years.
  11. No, you paid full price for a new product. If you wanted to get a refurbished model you would have bought a refurbished model.
  12. If the wifi breaks on a 4 month old device, it was a defect in manufacturing. Apple failed to deliver a proper product and should give the product that they promised.
  13. According to an article on Tweakers, Apple tried to prevent the judge from giving a verdict by arguing that the woman in question was already offered everything that she demanded by Apple, but the objection was rejected by the judge. This verdict could be used for other lawsuits or even a class action lawsuit. I believe Apple should have provided the woman with a brand new product or a repair. A refurbished or remanufactured product isn't new, it could contain parts that are very worn-out. If a manufacturer can't repair your product, you should always get a brand new one, otherwise
  14. Dbrand should really be praised for first testing their skins extensively before releasing them, it could have been an easy cash grab for them, but they didn't do it.
  15. Holy moly, there is a YuGiOh mobile game. Why didn't anyone tell me about this.