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  1. I had a program like this years ago but I forgot the name. I'm asking because I have a tv and in rare instances I have a program go to my tv and there is nothing I can do to drag it to my monitors so I have to turn the tv on to find the windows. There was a program that showed all screens at the same time in a window, does anyone know the name of it or something like that?
  2. I tried it but i'm not sure how to do that. yes he is correct. 7.1 surround sound thx onkyo speakers. Connected to hdmi from my video card to a pioneer vsx lx101
  3. like watching a show that goes through 2 speakers only, is there a program that will make like chrome(where the video is from) to go through all speakers instead?
  4. Would never do that to a video card waste of money since it isn't compatible with the next video card. Also it worked went down 7 degrees. No more notifications of my card lifespan going down at 83c
  5. It doesn't list 2080... and it only lists best buy for where you bought it?
  6. Great. Gotta talk to more clowns. Well I tried it again and it crashed my PC before even getting to windows. No troubleshooting for them
  7. I bought it from nvidia obviously? Right when it came out founders edition
  8. I cannot find it anywhere? Mine is faulty. When I contacted support on chat they give me the bullshit answer please go into the control panel and edit these settings
  9. ok did a full pic. I finally finished. Got my silicon CPU in.
  10. Anyone going to anime expo? Going need some hot chick to go with.
  11. Victim blaming? You are definitely a liberal. How about move to one of your utopias like France where they give everything away for free like you want? And you took a gamble and want us to pay for it? Lol Also never donate to GoScamMe. Just look at the fake ones you see on the news.
  12. It should be fine soon. I am returning this one and I ordered one off silicon lotto
  13. It literally says my specs in my signature lmfao