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    I7 5930k
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    rampage extreme
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    256gb ssd. 1tb ssd. 3tb hdd.
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  1. too bad. i was so hoping this shit would crash to 0 and they would go bankrupt and we would get cheap ass 3090's.
  2. I mean it literally worked. I just had to switch it to onboard graphics on my motherboard.
  3. the thing is like 8 years old. I had it when i was stupid enough to get 4 980's. I have a new 850 in my closest when it dies
  4. sorry to impose on another persons thread, but would you have a estimate on how long the battery would last for me? I would be only plugging one monitor instead of all of them but i have a 39" 3840x1600 monitor, 9900k with 32gb of ram and am using a 970 with a 1200w PSU.
  5. ok so i downloaded 2 apps to check temperature. Downloading on steam and warframe right now it is sitting at a little under 50c. When i first DL i saw 60c for 1 sec then go down.
  6. I have a new phone note 20 ultra. I moved to some rural thirdworld shithole city in a redstate with no internet. So right now i am using my phone as a hotspot 24/7 and it gets hot and when i play a game on the phone or use it while doing that it gets even hotter. When i was testing it and DL stuff on steam for about 30min to an hour it felt like it was on fire and i stopped. I heard if your phone is always hot it can damage it. Can it damage mine?
  7. yup i did that. Went to 5.1 and 7.1 and did a test and only came out of 2 speakers. not even the middle.
  8. ok i figured it out. The issue was the receiver was plugged into my video card and it did not like that. plugged it into onboard and it was ok????
  9. yeah it tests a sound in each speaker. Which for some reason i'm not getting.
  10. I'm having issues with my system now and i wanted to test it. Years ago i used to have this one piece of software i cannot find anymore. You could pull up this screen and it would show every channel you have and it would show if audio is playing on it. Is there any other programs like that?
  11. I'm selling my laptop with a ssd. I see that it can damage your drive if you wipe it since I had to dl Samsung software to wipe my m.2 from a USB drive on boot. I don't know if this is like a thing where it only damages it if you do it a lot or what but since I'm selling it I didn't want to take the chance and damage it.. My drive is Toshiba and I cannot find utility software from them to do it.