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  1. Trixanity

    Activision-Blizzard Fires 800 staff to cut costs

    Seriously think that someone should do a Valve/Dell mashup: buy out Blizzard from Activision and take it private. Then rehire the old Blizzard execs and developers that quit or were removed. Make whatever you wanna make. ??. Profit.
  2. Trixanity

    Petition to stop 5G trials in the Southwest UK

    I actually agree on this. It'll probably be several decades before we discover anything on any long term effects. One example is noise pollution. We've known for a long time that noise can damage your hearing but if you keep it below a certain level over a certain period of time your ears will be fine. However at that level it can still cause undue stress increasing risks for things like heart problems. I think that's the bigger debate rather than the "does it cause cancer or not?" or "non-ionizing radiation can't cause cancer". The point being who knows what other health issues it might long term, even if slightly, increase the risk of occuring? Not to mention the effects on our brain of using devices etc. - there's a lot of research going on regarding the latter and probably the former as well, so time will tell.
  3. It might be overblown but it should still be reported. The issue is big enough that AMD acknowledge it and are fixing it. That should be enough proof that it's an issue. It should have been UEFI compatible from the start though. There is no way around it.
  4. I doubt they would issue a change. At best an addendum. Dictionaries aren't meant to be authorities on words but observers. They observe the use and pronounciation of words and over time alter definitions and pronounciations to fit how the word is being used. Same reason you can have conflicts between two dictionaries on particular words. It's not an exact science and in a way it's a popularity contest to decide the meaning. Sometimes misuse of a word alters the meaning as well; sometimes even to the complete opposite. Sometimes nonsense words make it in. For example irregardless is in there (and Gboard even just suggested it as an actual word). Enough people have used it wrongly for it to be recognized.
  5. They don't. They own 40% of Epic Games.
  6. Trixanity

    AMD Delays Navi to Q4 2019

    Ideally software developers would maintain and optimize themselves but somehow they've managed to get away with shifting the work to the IHV instead. It was supposed to change to some degree with low level APIs but I think they might have found a way to keep the status quo because why not get away with doing less work when you're already being overworked on a tight schedule?
  7. Quite sure that's an RTX reference given the context (responding to claims that ray tracing makes it worth the purchase of RTX cards over V7 right now and referencing PhysX).
  8. Show me someone who hasn't said something along the lines of (or the intent) "RTX something something Nvidia something proprietary bullshit vendor lock-in something AI something something needs industry standard to take off" or "ray tracing tanks performance and isn't ready yet". Unless you're referring to other people than in this thread in which case it isn't relevant to the thread.
  9. I think you may want to get that checked out if an opposing view point is causing you that kind of frustration. Also, RTX doesn't necessarily equal ray tracing in the context it's been used in this thread. People are poking fun at yet another proprietary Nvidia technology that is being pushed early for the purpose of exclusivity. Let's be real: it'll take a while before it has any chance of becoming mainstream and until it does it runs the risk of being killed or replaced with better solutions. This wouldn't be the first time early adopters get burned.
  10. Of course. The nice cooler will make it so people will disregard the performance. And if it was gold-plated, they would say buy it instead of a 2080 Ti because why not? Seriously where did you come up with that? It's a graphics card, not a phone or a laptop. The looks will only determine whether you pick up one AIB implementation over the other (if all else are the same), not whether you'll pick up an Nvidia or AMD card and even then those so called pity points are non-existent.
  11. You're conflating technical possibilities with reality. Again. Reality is for economic reasons AMD would want to launch a new platform together with new products and to do that they'd want to introduce a compelling processor which would mean performance improvements AKA new uarch. It would also cause an uproar if AMD sold various uarchs on the same platform unless they'd make a very clear distinction which seems unlikely. They'd likely go under the same model name. So your claim seems a fantasy at this point. Also, if AMD has an abundance of Zen 2 chiplets lying around that haven't been packaged then they've fucked up somewhere. Integrating an MX150 is a trade-off. It adds cost and complexity but you get Nvidia resources and performance benefits. If you haven't noticed Ryzen is dead in the water despite it seemingly being the obvious choice. If AMD says they're not doing APU chiplets then your theory is pretty much dead. It hinges on a GPU chiplet or a combined IO/GPU chiplet and if AMD says it isn't happening this time then I can't tell you anything other than it's monolithic. It's apparently too expensive to package multiple chips for the BoM cost conscious mobile market. I suspect there are many more factors involved but it's hard to say which ones matter the most to each OEM. All I know is they've gone on record saying it's easier and cheaper to work with Intel and AMD throwing any curve balls their way doesn't encourage them any further.
  12. Laptops have a limited scope to work with. I don't think a massive package of 2-3 chips to work with is what they want - both in regards to laptop internal design and custom board design. Since they use the same for desktop and mobile it'll color the development for both segments. OEMs are already ruling out AMD due to lack of subsidies and development resources. They'd tell AMD to fuck off if they tried to sell them a 3 chip package. So what they'd want is essentially a similar package to what Raven ridge is now. That would be a reduction in most or all relevant factors. Hence it'll be a single die aka monolithic.
  13. Ian Cuttress says APUs will remain monolithic (costs, area and complexity probably). I assume he has talked to someone at AMD.
  14. Semi-custom work doesn't really count as by its very nature it's made to be specialized in some way meaning if the customer is willing to pay they'll make you whatever you need. It opens up a lot of avenues because the economics and marketing is taken out of the equation. If Sony wants a processor that runs gddr6 instead of DDR4 they'll get it if they're willing to pay for it. Same way they got a Jaguar processor with gddr5 attached it. The key here is it's what the customer pays for and what AMD can deliver. AMD has a portfolio but ultimately it's the customer that decides what it should be.