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  1. Any corporate reasons why AMD does this (IMO) obviously stupid launch this way? If it's just not ready, simply delay the launch (aka the cyberpunk approach) be honest and ppl would understand. Just have have have at least twice the amount as ampere at launch with a warning of limited supply. Also it would still evaporate in less than a minute, the optics would have been infinity better because it at least look like you tried and you did better than your only competitor.
  2. Can't wait for the 5300x. That would be freaking killer.
  3. Of course the majority of 5700xt owners wouldn't have problems. >50% dissatisfaction rate would be catastrophic galactic failure that requires immediate recall. Now how much of rate would be acceptable? Even if it's only 1% and you sell a million GPUs, that's ten thousands pissed customers writing reviews and their horrible experiences online. We all know Nvidia sells way more GPUs than AMD but the AMD driver complaints are way more numerous and serious than Nvidia. After 6 months of horribly broken driver that AMD themselves acknowledged and finally published a big stabil
  4. They changed it again and it's now possible to create offline accounts without disconnecting the internet. If you put it offline during installation , you actually have to deal with the another nag screen the first time you connect to the internet anyway. (I vaguely remember it's even more obnoxious than the one during installation but don't quote me on it).
  5. Find a random stranger and arrange transaction? That's as complicated as it sounds. The receiver loses money over paypal transactions and when withdrawing the money the money btw, it's very expensive from the seller's perspective which would have to raise the cost. As someone who used to buy from G2A, if it's cheaper, I buy it. That's all there is to it. When you are broke, moral is less appealing, simple as that. Ironically enough they don't have competitive pricing any more for a long time, possibly because they don't allow gray key sells anymore. Anyway our country started
  6. Intel WDDM 2.7 is available already. I wonder when Nvidia will release theirs.
  7. About the one way part, I *think* it's not needed for mobo with sufficient bios size no? Because boards with not enough bios size droped earlier cpu gen to achieve that but it's not needed with those.
  8. It's a hardware issue, not a windows issue. 970 and 580 don't have any known compatibility issues with windows 10 to that extent ever.
  9. Ah yes, great news. My tomahawk max arrived today. With this level of luck I think I can go out breaking quarantine without getting that beer virus.
  10. updated to the latest build and the search high CPU usage bug has returned. Temporary bandaged by restricting search indexing locations.
  11. Amd seems to have superior boost technology than intel. Overclocking seems to be largely irrelevant now, particularly counterproductive to gaming. Does it only apply to x sku? Does the boost only work with certain motherboards?
  12. Sort of, there was the exception of skylake xeon which could be OCed decently with BCLK, just like the non-k oc loophole with that generation. I don't know what happened but the last 1-2 generations the xeon was still decently cheaper BUT the board price for those has skyrocketed which makes the xeon thing not worth it.