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  1. do i use some like duplicate remover to remove the dupliates
  2. why are all my documents duplicated with the duplicate having a (2020_03_23 14_47_23 UTC) on it
  3. sczze


    Does disabling iGPU increase performance as the CPU will have more power/stay cooler
  4. do we need to rewrite hdd cos they may lose magnetism. So rewrite all hdd data once every 5 years?
  5. lets say i have two hdd connected to two seperate usb ports. i copy a 100gb file from one to the other. how is it being transfered. does it transfer like how it is done on a network in packets in a "TCP" form to ensure there is no corruption/packet loss And also, how is it transfer in terms of sending the data like is it like drive 1 put data onto the (ram/ssd?) of the host computer then the computer transfers it to drive 2 sorry if my question is not clear
  6. if you encrypt them before uploading they cant see what it is right? dont that solve the problem
  7. hi to the photographers out there i would like recomendation and opinion on how you store your photos and archives. do you suscribe to like flickr pro account to store online, etc or have your own drives/NAS at home to store? or do you do both? Concerns over security of cloud storage, like cloud storage being hacked? Concerns over robbery, like drives being stolen by burglar(very unlikely)?
  8. my external hdd connects and disconnects like 5 times before connecting when i plug into my laptop. is this a wire issue? does this mean the hdd is failing? the usb port is working fine
  9. that has not solved my problem unfortunately
  10. My laptop hotspot uses Microsoft wifi direct virtual adapter #2 on my laptop. hotspot works as normal when i enable hotspot. however when i off hotspot the ssid of the network still appears from another device like my phone (isnt it supposed to be off?) and furthermore the ssid changes from <hotspot name> to DIRECT<hotspot name>msGo? any one can advice i really need help on this i cant find help on google OR do you recommend me to contact microsoft? thank you very very much in advance.
  11. sczze

    DNS Server

    thanks guys appreciated
  12. sczze

    DNS Server

    Hi guys. For me dns server can be set from both laptop and router. So i am confused. Which one really determines which dns server you use? thank you in advance edit: under control centre if you put optain ip adress or dns server automatically, then it will take the router assigned ones?
  13. yes the p53 is an good choice with good performance and best keyboard in a laptop. if you need better cooling and have higher budget msi workstations like ws65 is another good option