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  1. Hi i noticed about a while ago my font was different. I checked the settings in google and they are the same Here are is the difference.
  2. Hi, I heard that IOS 14 will be able to stop apps from tracking them, and seeing the other apps installed in your phone. Is this true? Is andoid vunerable to this?
  3. Hi, This post is regarding the battery charge cycles of a bluetooth earbud (eg: airpods/jabra elite/galexy buds) When storing electronics with Li-po batteries for some time, it is recommended to keep them at about 50% from what I have read online. But when you keep the ear buds in the case, they charge up to 100% by itself. As far as I know, there is no way put it in the case and not charge it. The only solution I can think of is to charge the earbud to 50% then take it out of the case and turn it off manually. Is this what should be done or is ther something else I ca
  4. hi, i'm living in an area where i have high humidity thoughout the year on avg it is about 85%, sometimes peaking at 95% does this have any impact on my hard drives that i leave on( in a NAS) and hard drives that are off when not in use(PC)
  5. sczze

    dolby atmos

    hi, just wondering how does dolby atmos achieve surround sound with just two front-facing speakers? Thanks.
  6. hi guys is there any software that allows me to see like the total power draw from the laptop charging adapter? and oso does the charging adapter have a temperature sensor in it?
  7. Hi guys, I ran Octane Bench on my laptop (GTX 1650 MaxQ) without modifying anything My first result was 70 (Core clock: 1480 mhz, Memory Clock: 3500 mhz) at avg 67C I could not really up the voltage on the core clock as it just kept crashing. After that I could progressively increase the memory clock all the way to 4700mhz without crashing and temps still at 67C The score went from all the way to 81.66 Is this normal? Thanks
  8. yeah if i upgrade in the future i would (hopefully) be able to use the same aio wondering if ryzen 9 is any good for overclocking and is it a good idea since i (probably) will have the thermal headroom?
  9. Hi guys, im looking for a monitor that will fit on a small desk but still give me space to write/ put my books/ etc I know about the Samsung space monitor and its still selling from some online retailers However, when contacting customer service it is end of life in my country. I know that i can buy a vesa mounted monitor and use a third party clamp stand. Is there any other monitors that is like the samsung space monitor? and if not what would you recommend me if i have to go with a third party clamp stand I'm looking at a total cost around 500-800? but im
  10. Hi guys, any opinion between 1) Corsair Hydro Series™ H150i PRO RGB 360mm Liquid CPU Cooler 2) NZXT Kraken X73 3) NZXT Kraken Z73 The CPU that I'll be cooling will be a Ryzen 9 3900X For the reviews and forums, it seems like the Corsair is quieter, the NZXT ones are louder but may perform better? I'm not sure pls advice. Thanks!
  11. Is repeatedly sigining up for a paid software's free trial considered not ethical/abuse? Can companies fine you
  12. sczze

    level 3 dns

    is searchguide level 3 a virus or does it appear because i use level 3 dns server (related to that?)
  13. sczze

    display heat

    why do laptop displays not heat up like monitors and tv? is it because they are not as bright?
  14. i think its mega sync
  15. do i use some like duplicate remover to remove the dupliates