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  1. I'm 37 and still build my own pc's for gaming. My Destiny clan is mostly 40+. I've not seen any reason for there to be an upper age limit.
  2. I shot them an email and I've saved the page from Digi-Key just in case. THANKS EVERYBODY!
  3. Well here goes. This Wurth Electronics inductor has the required inductance and the highest current capacity that I could find with the correct shape and size. I'm going to get a couple and hope I can fix this. http://www.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&itemSeq=217907507&uq=636214921556517393&DPU=submit I had thought of the RMA but my serial # sticker fell off of the board. I'm probably sol.
  4. It cannot be intentionally left out because the old one fell out of the unit and onto my table. So I found a photo of this board on another forum. That inductor does have a mate in that location of the same type. Looks like a uH 0.33 with a dimension of 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.125 inches. We're getting closer.
  5. Thank you all for correcting my assumption! I'll investigate more deeply into this and I will post what I find here.
  6. An inductor wouldn't have an "r" prefix. Right? I'm not versed in electronic components but r usually means resistor in electronic's vernacular? Also, would an inductor come in a square form factor? I'm not educated in these things. The part that fell off was the same size as the part labeled r33. Thanks.
  7. Possible, but I think that the power limit of that one is low for this application. I might be wrong. I may go that route if we don't turn up the exact part. Thanks.
  8. Right smack in the middle. Which I'm assuming is an r33 since its closest neighbor is also. The original was blackened and unreadable.
  9. Suppose I can take the time... Not like it's going anywhere at the moment.
  10. A couple of weeks ago my 780ti went belly up. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I proceeded to disassemble the unit and see if anything obvious was wrong. What I'd found was that one of the surface mount resistors had completely come unsoldered from the board. It was one of the r33 square resistors. A simple test showed that it had failed. It was down to 0.1ohms instead of the 0.33ohms that it was supposed to have. This would have increased the current passing through to a dangerously large degree thus eventually melting the solder. Does anyone know what form factor these resistors are and where I might get some so that I might attempt to bring this back from the grave? I've tried looking for r33 resistors but I don't know the form factor or the power limit. Thank you in advance. Peace. To clarify it's an EVGA SC model.
  11. You're confusing who the customer is and who the product is. Sponsors are their customers. We are the product. That is how all media works from YouTube to your local newspaper.
  12. A loud pop. Sometimes the cheaper ones will hiss. But a loud pop might be a capacitor.
  13. Well q4 is missing information. AMD also sells to the OEM market. They also sell to the game console market. A third competitor for q5 might be Qualcomm. You might need specific details for q7. Good luck with your assignment.
  14. Thanks for linking to the answer you found. Maybe someone else will find this useful.
  15. The computer isn't going to 'get confused' by 2 different sizes of ram sticks. It usually counts how much ram is installed upon POST.