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  1. Well this sounds familiar(thanks to a lost Californian, and thanks epa, now it sounds like I have to figure out how much a cow farts and report it, what's next a breathing tax?)...So, 1. Look North of Casselton ND. All what you will see is a sea of red lights. Wind farm. Look to the south. Wind farm. As one of the things ND is famous for we are using it and selling it to Canada and MN. 2. A lot of our coal doesn't stay in state. Iirc most goes to China, and what's left goes to our few coal plants, and plants in the midwest. 3. Garrison Dam. Built in the 50s
  2. Well why starve/kill the group that built you and will(probably) support you indefinitely?
  3. Hello,I am looking for a recommendation for a protective (mostly from falls) battery case. With my old phone(kyocera brigadier) I didn't have to worry about a case, so I don't know what's good, bad, or recommended. Why a battery case? My cell service is terrible. I would also prefer it to have or to fit in a holster. Also I haven't really heard/found a clear answer on screen protectors: should I get one and, of so, what one should I get?Thanks
  4. *some. My equipment that has a cvt does have gears. I regret buying a cvt.
  5. Qvc all in one "no cpu, no box" "you couldn't get 4k without it"(referring to intel's 7th gen) "intel's newest" (are they not on 8th gen?)
  6. I didn't know they figured out how to make a replacement for the differential. technically all vehicles have gears. Well Coal-wise, in Beulah ND they are capturing all CO2 and using it to extract oil, then leaving it there(in the ground, where it is stuck there until some MAJOR earth movement. They have to study it to make sure the layer/reserve is sealed). Nuclear kinda screwed itself with Chernobyl. Not really idiocy when you see what happened. I wouldn't want that near me.
  7. Last I heard the hole(if that's what you're taliking about) fixed itself.
  8. His prototype actually could get up to 85mph. I seen it running on I-94 when I was down there
  9. No that's exactly what you're saying. "Let's KILL off an industry, a couple million animals, and the people who take care of them, because environment" what about their benefits, such as soil aeration, fertilizer that is spread, and the auto mowing and keeping the native grasses from being choked out by weeds?(I'm battling the USFS on the same grounds right now.) Remember when the who said we have to stop using antibiotics in animals or we are gonna die in 100 years? Beef dropped $30 and hasn't recoverd. The same thing when they said red meat is a "possible carcinogen"
  10. Agree, as long as its not like ethanol that ruins seals. "hey you want to go to the race tonight?" "yeah sure, I'll be you $10 that #12 sounds more like a vacuum cleaner than #89" "deal" there are quite a few races in the world with cars here where I live? nothing because the cops don't do much at -40f(just like electric cars) Methane. Not co2. I raise beef cows. Quit trying to make the ag world harder, We barely make it as it is. Just gotta love def and the government(or the def government). Isn't def mostly water? Also I see that our dumps won't t
  11. I think of high end I think of Xeons/server grade, not i5s and i7s Except for the fact that there is no "apple enterprise" and I can guarantee you there are quite a few programs that don't have mac versions(like soildworks, an industry standard) or just run like crap on them(from experience"lets design on a mac, then render it" "why?!")
  12. I haven't watched him in a while and I can say he has really changed(seems more like an actor, you know unnatural, forced, (yes I know they are/want to be an 'Entertaiment' company, etc)) Thanks for them...
  13. Once again "value" is a matter of opinion. To some people macs don't fit into "high end"
  14. Gone are the days when people over engineered things to last for 40+ years, you know built to last.(want examples? ask) Also any manufacture that has tried to do that has ended badly-thus destroying the engine, I wouldn't as within 5 years I would need a new engine-that costs more than the vehicle itself.(also have examples) It depends-was the flaw or oversight on purpose or accident? Did the engineers do it or was it a bean counter?