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  1. yeah I would wait then new gen things should be released then, and these parts will be cheaper
  2. looks good but I would go with a 5700xt or wait for next gen to release
  3. oh my bad then those temps are fine, not familiar with the Ryzen master tool.
  4. I am assuming that you are talking about the windows usb stick. Have you tried different usb ports? and maybe try using a different usb stick
  5. It looks like the current temps are at 77 so thats fine when the cpu is under full load. It does look like it spiked up to 95c before did it come down immediately?
  6. For steaming the 3600 is better its also newer and there will be better support for it. If you can though I would wait for next gen to release
  7. RedlineRp is good many things to do but the application process is difficult.
  8. clean graphic install is when you delete all the gpu drivers that are related to your gpu using software. You should do this when you are planning to get a new gpu or if your gpu is giving you issues.
  9. I would go with a better cpu and ram if you are using those programs because most of them use the cpu and ram more than the gpu. From what I heard but not too sure either as some video editing programs use the gpu to encode as well
  10. Yes that is a good combination they work really well together. I would wait if you are not in a rush to upgrade because the next gen is releasing and you might get better prices if you wait.
  11. is the steam message a notification or did the game crash?
  12. Have you tried to reinstall chrome?
  13. if you are not in a rush to buy I would wait for the next gen to release. Prices for the 3rd gen would also come down when 4th gen releases as well.
  14. ya thats fine I would be concerned if it gets past 90C
  15. That sounds normal for amd chips they tend to idle on the warm side. What are the temps when the pc is under load?
  16. are these tests from when your pc was sitting at idle?
  17. is the 8gb stick a add on to some other memory like is there different memory already in the motherboard and your adding this to it or is this stick the only stick in the motherboard?
  18. Repasting it might help with the temps, 96C is not something to ignore.
  19. 350 with the gpu and the power supply? because a 500w is able to handle both a 1060 or a 1660ti
  20. I would not do that. The power efficiency of that psu is much lower than the one that you have right now
  21. I think that you should return the unit because to me it looks like the unit has seen many years of use and clearly has not been taken care of. IMO I think you should return it because it might fail on you, the psu is not something that you want to take a risk on. But again this is just my opinion.
  22. are the temps in fahrenheit or celsius?