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  1. Referring to my last post, the plot thickens. I hooked the MSI Optix to the PC I threw together for my parents and it showed the lines like shown in the video for a second but is running fine now. I’m using the same DP cord and power cord. The only difference is that it’s running off a GTX 1060 3GB. But it’s not my GTX 1080 because it’s running my Dell monitor perfectly fine. I’m at a loss and I have to leave for a meeting and won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon so I’ll be able to swap the monitors back out again to see what happens. Edit: Okay I couldn't wait any longer so I w
  2. It powers up fine and when I'm in BIOS, it has 0 issues. If you watch that video you can see I get to the sign in window. I signed in after I made the post and I'm still having the same issue. It displays fine for about 3 seconds and then fades to a really pixelated green color for a few seconds then goes back to normal. It repeats over and over. I've tried different power cables with no luck along with resetting the computer. I'm currently trying to find the paper work I have for the monitor to see if my warranty is still good. I was looking into getting a 1440p monitor around Cyber Monday so
  3. https://streamable.com/j7i4lu I was terrified that it was my GPU at first. But it’s definitely my monitor. When I’m in BIOS it works perfectly fine but in any other screen (including just booting it up) I just get lines and that fading effect. I have issues with it whenever I leave it off for more than a day or so. I’ve been without power since last Thursday due to Hurricane Zeta. The last time this happened I was in Florida for a week so it seems anytime it has extended periods of downtown it gives me this issue. The last few times it was as simple as unplugging it then plugging it b
  4. Yes because I'm already scraping by with a 500W PSU so I wanted to see what I was going have to upgrade to.
  5. In your defense, you have to scroll ALLLLLLLL the way down the page to click "View Full Specs" then scroll ALLLLLL the way down the list to find the power draw info.
  6. As far as I know yes. this is directly from NVIDIA's Page regarding the 3070: "Recommended System Power (W) (2) 650" and in the notes: "2 - Recommendation is made based on PC configured with an Intel Core i9-10900K processor. A lower power rating may work depending on system configuration. Note: The above specifications represent this GPU as incorporated into NVIDIA's reference graphics card design. Clock specifications apply while gaming with medium to full GPU utilization."
  7. Cool. That’s what I was concerned about. Thank you! Can anyone give me a reason not to upgrade from an i5-8400 to an i7-9700k? I’m about to order it within the next week or so
  8. Also does anyone know if I'll have to wait for new PSU's? I think I read they're going to have a 12 pin connector with an adapter but I'm not if I misinterpreted that. I have a modular PSU (yuck) and was curious about a modular PSU not having the right connections.. I'm not sure if that's a stupid concern or not but I've never messed with a modular PSU before... outside of PC Building Simulator
  9. COD MW currently. I also occasionally play ARMA 3, Squad, Hell Let Loose, and some less demanding titles. In the future I plan on playing the heck out of some Cyberpunk 2077 and COD BO Cold War. I know my current rig could handle both but I’m looking to upgrade to the 3070 because the price shocked me.
  10. You don’t think the 8400 would cause a bottleneck?
  11. I apologize in advance because I'm sure this board is getting absolutely HAMMERED with threads like this, but I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row for the release. I currently have an i5-8400 so I know I'll be upgrading to a 9700 or 9900k My motherboard is a MSI MPG Z390 GAMING EDGE AC which is a PCIe 3.0 and I also have an EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze PSU which I suppose I'll be upgrading to a 650W+ PSU. Someone suggested I switch to AMD and after pricing everything out for a B550-A Pro and either a 3600 or 3700X would be more expensive than going with a 9900K. This is my
  12. Alright thank you. I’m not really in a rush to do that yet so I’ll wait for it to go on sale for Cyber Monday or something. It’s just a luxury and not a deal breaker for me.
  13. My bad. I should’ve specified it’s for my case fans and CPU cooler. I haven’t booted to windows yet because I’m waiting for my CPU cooler to come in. I have my CPU, GPU and drives in my other build right now. I threw a GPU in there because I was checking the BIOs. My case fans have a 5V connector for the addressable RGBs but I have no place to plug them into the motherboard to sync them with an application on my computer. don’t judge my cable management yet. It’s my first build and I was gonna tidy it up once I got the drives, CPU and fan in.
  14. I just recently purchased the MSI Z390-A Pro and when setting everything up I quickly realized it doesn’t have any 5V addressable RGB headers on the board. Looking around on PCPartPicker I came across the Gaming Edge which has RGB on it but I can’t find any specs that indicate it supports addressable RGB. I’m fine with my case fans being adjustable from the case but I also have RGB ram and a RGB CPU cooler coming in. I’d like everything to be synced up. I just ordered an ARGB 12V to 5V convertor but it doesn’t support anything aside from static lights. Which is fine for now but I was looking f
  15. Okay I have an update: I shut my PC down again to plug my HDD back in and when I started back up, the HDD appeared again as the D drive. So I formatted it to utilize all of its space. Which is good news. So now I just have to figure out if it's better for my SSD to be NTFS or FAT with my OS on it so I can merge the partitions I have and be finished with this bull crap.