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  1. Hello, 1 year ago I installed a ssd, and reinstalled windows on that ssd. Everything went smoothly with no issues. It worked for around 11 months until my pc suddenly restarted itself, I thought nothing of it because it booted into windows all by itself. The wallpaper was changed but I did not think much of it. I realized that it started to work really slow even though it was supposed to be on a ssd. I went to retrieve one of my files I needed for work, and it was not there anymore. I then checked task manger to see if somehow windows had switched over to my old hdd where windows
  2. have you checked your power button's wires on your motherboard? Sometimes they can come loose and not make a solid connection. Try shorting the pins if you know how to. Here is an idea, not all motherboards are the same though https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/2011-jumping-a-motherboard-without-power-switch-button
  3. Something like this, this are more expensive than the one you have there, but they are much more efficient. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Q7L7YJ/corsair-cx-2017-450w-80-bronze-certified-atx-power-supply-cp-9020120-na
  4. looks good but I would change out your psu for something like a 450w or 500w psu. 600w is a bit overkill for this build.
  5. it may be corrupted, you may need to reinstall windows
  6. it may affect the warranty, you will have to talk with the manufacturer about the warranty
  7. have you tried to reinstall windows?
  8. have you gone into bios and changed it?
  9. do you have any apps that start when you turn on your pc?
  10. it looks playable here are some benchmarks....
  11. what was the blue screen error? Do you know?
  12. Does it crash when you benchmark it at stock settings? If it does then I believe that like you said it may be a silicon lottery chip or you may not have enough power.
  13. It could be but very slim, does the card crash at stock settings? If so then it may be your psu
  14. usually when the pc does that it means that the overclock was too high. Try and lower your overclock little by little
  15. What monitor would you suggest buying? I don't have a set budget. But would like a monitor like this one.
  16. are you plugging in the monitor to your gpu or your motherboard?
  17. Sorry if I put this in the wrong place, but I have this Benq EW2740 27 inch 1080p 60hz monitor and it's fine but I want to know if it is possible to find a similar panel but with a higher refresh rate and higher resolution and just use the same frame but replace the inside? Kinda like this... I know this sounds stupid and is a waste of time but my current monitor has the right settings and functions and I don't like other monitors. Is this possible to do? Or will this just not work at all?
  18. I think they are rumored to be released on November 17th, they will most likely get sold out in a couple hours. I would get something from ebay because if you can wait the prices for the 2000 series will most likely be reduced. Or if you don't absolutely have your mind set on Nvidia you may be able to get your hands on the new AMD RX 6000 series when it releases and if i've heard correctly they are claiming to be better than 3000 series and they are supposed to be cheaper, but I am not too sure.
  19. What are your gpu and cpu temps when you play these games?
  20. does this happen at idle or does this happen when you use the system?
  21. Have you tried to reinstall windows as well as your drivers?