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  1. Hmm true, Yeah I rather be in the safe side. Thank you haha
  2. As subject above states. I'm using my old parts I had set aside for a month which was working completely fine before this happened, but somehow how it won't display anything on monitor. I troubleshooted my GPU(Ok), Monitor & Ports HDMI&DisplayPort(Ok). I'm still yet to do my ram. But I'm seeking answers for the subject first. Then help provide tips on other steps to troubleshoot please. Thank you! sorry, I am learning from you guys to troubleshoot.
  3. I see... Well we will have to wait for those who post video benchmarks on youtube. Can't wait.
  4. Hmmmmmmm you out of many. My curiosity kicks in. Would you mind defending thyself?
  5. nothing, I'm changing topic to the rtx3080. excluding the cpu.
  6. curiosity and for the sake of newbies like me...
  7. Thank you, its just that the latest 3080 requires a 12pin pcie now?
  8. As the title.. would it? or would it be just fine ith the upcoming RTX3080?
  9. The noise is from my bedroom wall fan not the desktop. It's actually silent fans. The community helped me find mistakes i made and troubleshoot it. And was able to upgrade to this puppy. I transferred the components to the white desktop case made from corsair.
  10. Yes I've been doing that method. Turn off PSU, unplug the gpu pin and leave the 24pin only. Then turn back on. Still not working. And i've tested my prior psu after my new defective one failed and it works fine when testing it solo with paperclip. Pulling the cpu out I will try next. When you mean turn over, do mean if it would show sign of life?
  11. Disconnected cpu 8pin. Leave 24pin & Gpu Pin. And yet again no sign of life.
  12. Sorry for the late reply Windows7ge, Update: I tried disconnected everything except the listed cables you mentioned. And the behavior was the same. Not a blip.
  13. Would the device detect a bad psu which you recently purchased right away? before you plug in your new one?