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    Warsaw, Poland
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    3d Animator / Graphic Designer


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    INTEL Core i7-5960X
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    Asus X99-PRO X99
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB
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    GTX 780Ti
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    Corsair Graphite 600T White
  • PSU
    Corsair AX860i 860W, 80 Plus Platinum
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    29 "LCD Dell UltraSharp IPS U2913WM 21:9
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    be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 3
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    Razer Orochi / Steelseries Sensei
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    E-MU 0204 usb

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  1. Hey, Bored Gamer just released a pretty cool video with some info about the coming Star Citizen patches. For people too busy to follow all the CIG content, I suggest taking a look at his stuff. Cheers!
  2. Maciek

    Gladius weapons loadout

    My loadout plan is to pack the Gladius to the trunk of my Vanguard to add weight. Then I can ram people like a boss.
  3. Maciek

    Finish jobs but dont earn any money

    And I guess there's no info on the possible live release date? I've seen Bored Gamer on YT saying mostly good stuff about this patch.
  4. Maciek

    Around The Verse 2.33

    Still it's a nice looking ship so it's good enough content for me. (I'm not buying it though)
  5. Maciek

    Finish jobs but dont earn any money

    The PTU build seems to be working great and the persistence of money is there along with many other improvements. Can't wait for this update to hit live servers.
  6. Maciek

    30-40% GPU usage on 980Ti?! 30-40FPS on 1080P?

    Or try adding 2 or 3 more 980Tis. That should help a little. Or maybe not.. Not sure if there's any support for SLI in SC.... ;D
  7. Have you checked if there are any options in your bios responsible for power management? I'm pretty sure there are options for keeping different sections of the motherboard powered up even after turning the computer off. Maybe some of these settings got changed by the hue+. Also I believe some boards have the option to keep the fans spinning for some time after the computer has been shut down. This is co cool down the cpu faser. Good luck with finding the solution, cheers
  8. Maciek

    [TL;DW] Around The Verse 2.13

    Thanks! I so don't have the time to go through the full show. Love your posts. Cheers!
  9. Maciek

    Weird boot behavior

    After some more digging I found multiple places mentioning similar problems as I have with this particular board. It seems that Asus x99 motherboards have an issue with power management. This manifests itself in a situation where you have many usb devices connected during boot or when you have your CPU overclocked. The special cpu socket that ASUS has on x99 boards even fried the cpu in many instances. I got this board because of it's OC capabilities and now I'm scared to even use the xmp oc ;/ For now there's no solid fix and what I can do to get the system to boot every time is unplug everything except mouse and keyboard and go back to stock cpu clock. That's messed up. I hope some bios update will fix this soon. Cheers everyone!
  10. Maciek

    Weird boot behavior

    XMP is not enabled but the CPU is running at 4.2 ghz currently. This is not the issue though. Even at default bios settings the problem appears. And the most difficult thing is that it's so random. Sometimes it boots ok for 10 days in a row and the next day I have to click restart button 10 times to boot the damn thing.
  11. Maciek

    Weird boot behavior

    I don't think so. I'm quite careful with my stuff and it's not the first machine I've built. You never know but I don't suppose so....
  12. Maciek

    Weird boot behavior

    Nope. Maybe that's the way to go. Thanks for a quick answer. Cheers
  13. Maciek

    Weird boot behavior

    Hey Everyone, Happy new year! I'm posting as I have the weirdest boot behavior on my machine. It gets randomly stuck on different stages most of the time. Sometimes it freezes on the flashing cursor on black screen, sometimes it freezes on the windows logo without the white dots turning, sometimes it wants to do the system repair and sometimes it goes straight to the desktop with no problem. The funny part is that it happened on win 8.1 and now it happens on win 10. Full dist wipe and fresh install don't help. BIOS update doesn't help. Removing different drives from the boot sequence and only leaving the system SSD doesn't help. Aa and one more thing. I'm not 100% sure but it might have been happening before the hardware upgrade. The only parts that are old are the drives, psu and chassis. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp System specs: MB: Asus x99 pro CPU: 5960X 32 gigs of corsair ddr4 gigabyte g1 gaming 980Ti PSU: corsair AX860i 500 gb samsung ssd (840 evo) Windows 10 fresh install
  14. Maciek

    I need a throttle

    Here's a polish store that has it. http://www.morele.net/thrustmaster-hotas-warthog-2960739-770116/ It's listed as available.
  15. Maciek

    I need a throttle

    The thrustmaster warthog throttle is also available separately but it's totally out of your intended budget ;/