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    I'm a physics loving gamer who is an engineering student
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  1. Csgo isn't the hardest .m play quake 3 or quake live duel .. And then you'll knowbwhat hard means .. Lol .. Just watch a duel between cypher and evil .... Its not the father of fps for no reason
  2. What mechanics ?? .. You cannot just include the whole game
  3. What are your favourite games based on the mechanics of the game ? .. My favourite are :- #dark messiah might and magic which has the best combat mechanics according to me . You have to mould your strategy according to the environment .. For example you can kick an enemy from a cliff of push him on spikes .. Etc .. This game was made in 2006 .. But when you play it .. It feels more like 2011 .. Second one is original doom and quake .. Which according to me have the best fps mechanics .. What's your favourite ?? .. PS :- by mechanics I Dont mean the
  4. That's what I was afraid of .. And so I was looking for something that actually did just physics and nothing else .. Because game engines are not designed to do something like this .. But I'm having trouble finding something that does just physics and can interact with 3D models .. I have tons of design ideas for a robot that's supposed to float on water .. But actually fabricating each and everyone of them and seeing if they float is out of the question .. So a physics simulation software which would do that for me would cut my time to actually design tha
  5. Hey guys I'm doing a college project for which I need to simulate whether bodies of different sizes , shapes and other physical properties will float on water and how they will behave in the ocean currents and waves .. Do you know about any software that can do that ?? .. I want it to be as accurate as possible .. I thought about using game engines but I don't think they will give me accurate results ..
  6. I used custom cfg because it was crashing even without one .. So I just turned off boom and Mouton blur .. Didn't mess with anything serious .. At first I thought the game was crashing during tasks that are graphically intensive like explosions and stuff .. So I thought I'd give it a try and turn off all the graphically heavy settings like motion blur and bloom .. But turns out .. That didn't matter .. I'm doing a clean install of nvidia drivers right now .. Will update you if it made a difference .. And I'll also look for screenshots before and after ..
  7. Also .. Can CIG please bring back the old skybox ? ( spacebox ? ) ... The new one is horridly cringy .. And looks like some one projectile vomited stars all over the skybox ...
  8. All the other games run fine :'( And the crash handler itself crashes 50% of the times ... Maybe more ...
  9. I know its alpha .. And that it's supposed to crash .. But what's the point of an alpha ?.. Testing ! .. But how can you test something that doesn't work ? .. I've tried cfg tweaks .. I can manage a few crashes .. But a crash every time I get 10 minutes into the game .. Unbearable .. I'm gonna ditch the game till 2.7 .. That's when the will add Stanton system and all the mechanics done . All core gameplay mechanics will be done and hopefully they will work on optimisation before expanding further
  10. My dog was sick do I deleted user .. He is OK now .. But didn't fix star citizen crashes