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    Maciek got a reaction from rentaspoon in What to expect in the incoming month or two   
    Bored Gamer just released a pretty cool video with some info about the coming Star Citizen patches. For people too busy to follow all the CIG content, I suggest taking a look at his stuff.
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    Maciek reacted to Creiger in LTT Conglomerate main discussion thread   
    Depends if you wanna be a buccaneer in a Buccaneer or a buccaneer wielding a Gladius.
    Now after that horrible just-woke-up humor~
    I'd say it mostly depends on whether you care or not. The $20 difference between them is fairly evident in their stats:
    -The Bucc has over twice the number of maneuvering thrusters to the Gladius, and a pair of Class 3 engines to boot (whereas the Gladius only has a pair of Class 2s). So the Bucc gonna move faster overall and have a better turning ability (by far, I should think). The Bucc's also 2000Kg lighter, so its engines can push it even harder than the Gladius' can to begin with. Neither can carry any cargo, so that rules any potential increased mass from that out of the equation.
    -Both ships can fit up to a S2 class power plant, and while the Gladius has a S2 from the get-go, the Bucc has 2 S1 class plants instead. Now if I had to guess based on what I know from other space sims, the single S2 will have a higher capacity than the S1s put together, but the twin S1s will recharge faster. And come the day the S1s get upgraded to a pair of S2s, well then that just blows the single S2 out of the nebula.
    -Shielding: this is much in the same vein as the case with the power plants. The Gladius can fit a single S2 shield generator (although it's currently equipped with a S3, so one of those is a typo). The Bucc has 3 S1 shield generators fitted. Once again, lower max charge overall, but faster regen times. That and if they'll all upgraded to S3s, it's no contest on mitigation potential (although I imagine that would rip the hell out of the power plants trying to maintain them if ya did that).
    ^Now both of those assume "max size" interprets for each slot shown to be occupied. In the case of the Bucc, if max size means your max S3 shield means either "you can fill these 3 hardpoints with 3 S3 shield generators" or "you can fill these 3 hardpoints with shield generators that ADD UP to a S3 (1+1+1, 2+1, single S3)", then that would skew things. Then you'd be able to decide (on both ships) whether ya go with the single S2 power plant, or double S1s, and so forth with the shielding as well. Although depending on the Gladius' shield stats, if the currently equipped S3 is the typo and it really is limited to a S2, then the Bucc can have a larger shield pool available. I don't know if enough's been implemented into the PU yet or not to see what kind of ship internals customization is available, and I haven't been in there in a few months either, so hopefully someone would know better than I do on that with the component sizing. I'm going off what I know from what I can see on the website at this point.
    -Final point: weapon breakdowns. The Bucc has:
    Two fixed S1s Two gimbaled S3s Two S1 pylons for missiles One unmanned S4 turret The Gladius has:
    Two fixed S2s One gimbaled S1 Two S2 pylons for missiles Power plant energy draw aside, the Bucc easily wins the firepower contest from a gunnery standpoint. Practically seems like a gunship rather than the interdictor they mark it as. The Gladius does indeed to match up with its intended short-range patrol fighter they mark it as; reasonable guns and +size missiles for heavier targets.
    So that's what I got. At this stage, an extra 20 bucks over the Gladius for the Bucc gets you a veritable gunship death-machine. That assumes neither of them get retuned at any stage, but that's what I come to with the info I have. Hopefully it wasn't horrible.
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    Maciek got a reaction from Wauthar in What to expect in the incoming month or two   
    Bored Gamer just released a pretty cool video with some info about the coming Star Citizen patches. For people too busy to follow all the CIG content, I suggest taking a look at his stuff.
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    Maciek reacted to abyss03 in Star Citizen 2.4.0 Patch Notes (LIVE @ 2.4.0u)   
    Updates and Fixes
    Star Systems:
    Fixed an issue in ArcCorp where players could jump over the railing, resulting in player death. Changed the texture on the pistol display shelf in Garrity Defense and Cubby Blast. Game Systems:
    Fixed an issue where a players wanted level was not correctly capping at 2 when enabling and disabling Comm Arrays. Fixed an issue with the ICC Probe Mission 4 not failing due to irregular pirate spawning. Increased the reward for the Outlaw mission ‘Keep the Comm Arrays Offline’ from 100 aUEC per kill to 250 aUEC. Ships:
    Fixed an issue where the nose mount of the Avenger Series ship was not available after being removed. For now, the nose mount hardpoint has been disabled in the Port Modification App. Made additional improvements to the Pyroblast Scattergun performance and visual effects. Fixed a clipping issue when certain missile racks were equipped to the Freelancer. User Interface:
    Fixed an issue where the chat window was on by default in the Tutorial missions. Technical:
    Fixed several server crashes. Fixed several client crashes.
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    Maciek reacted to PCS-REP in Around The Verse 2.32   
    BoredGamer does a really good recap video of a week or month in the SC production world. They are generally a lot quicker to watch and covers all of the written content and RTV/ATV videos.
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    Maciek reacted to Gyre-Taenn in What Ship/Package You Can/Should Buy (Updated: 1/30)   
    TL;DR: You don't need a bazillion dollar package to play the game. CIG is making two games: Star Citizen (MMO) and Squadron 42 (Single-Player). You only need to pay 45 USD to get access to the MMO. 15 USD extra for the single-player game.
    And here:
    And both:
    I recommend the Mustang Alpha as that is more fun to fly as a ship, but lacks some versatility. Also, it is worth more (real monies) just in case you decide to upgrade [NOT NEEDED].
    You've bought or thought about buying Star Citizen. You look in the store and what do you see? Too many packages! Star Citizen is a complex game with an even more complex store (that really should be fixed CIG)! I'm making this post to help all you newcomers out there so that way you don't have to flounder through the stuff that stands between you and your new game, but first, we need to clear some things up.
    Basic Package Info
    There are two games involved here: Squadron 42, the standalone singleplayer game, that ties directly into Star Citizen, which is the Persistent Universe  (PU) which is the large-scale universe, massive multiplayer part of the game universe. They are tied together but that does not mean you need to have both in order to play either. Every single copy of Star Citizen (The PU) comes with a ship. These are called game packages and they range from $45 all the way up to $15,000 (What?!). You can, however, buy ships that do NOT come with the game (either Squadron 42 or Star Citizen).
    Please be aware that the package split has already happened. In case you are unaware, the game Star Citizen, the multiplayer PU, is not going to include the standalone title Squadron 42 (singleplayer campaign-esque thingy), which costs an additional $15 [redundant]. The campaign will have ties to the PU, including starting money, status, and npc relationships but it is neither detrimental nor necessary [also redundant].
    In terms of starter ships, you can either pick the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha "starter" packages that include the ship, some UEC (In-game currency down the line), and a hangar, as well as a few more tidbits, for $45.
    [You can currently buy a starter package that comes with the Aurora MR or Mustang Alpha with both SQ42 and SC.]
    Be aware, however, that you can always upgrade from these ships if you get a case of ship-lust and just have to have a ship, without damaging your package OR INSURANCE and only changing the ship (This does, however, mean that you don't get the additional stuff that comes with the "standalone" version of the ship). You cannot at this time downgrade your ship to get store credit without "melting" your entire package (If you do decide to melt your package, you have one buy-back guaranteed for the price you purchased it at).
    Insurance Info
    You will notice, when observing your potential package, that there is an insurance length (3 months most likely). This is an in-game/PU mechanic that will be implemented. It has not been implemented yet. It will act as the means through which you can recover a ship that has been destroyed or lost. You will be able to renew your insurance for a nominal fee in-game (when it has been implemented).
    Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "Wait! What if my insurance runs out when I lose my ship!" Well... You'd lose it.
    Now, now, I know what you're thinking: "Wait! I payed for that with real monies!" Well... you can always fix that in-game. You can crew a ship, do odd-jobs, and other missions to earn enough UEC to get a new ship. Yes, your ship will be unfortunately lost (Unless LTI), but it should not keep you grounded for too long. Remember: no risk, no reward.
    Some Upgrade Paths
    Most people, when upgrading from these ships, if you pick the Aurora, is
    Aurora MR -> Aurora LN (More militarized version; great all-around ship) -> Avenger Titan/Variants (Better handling and also a good all around ship) -> TO INFINITY!
    If you choose the Mustang Alpha -> Mustang Beta (Exploration ship; think camper) -> Larger exploration ship
    -> Avenger Titan/Variants -> TO INFINITY!
    OR just do whatever you want...
    B-b-but the Ship-Lust is too Strong!
    Here are some of the more expensive ship packages if low-balling it isn't your style:
    Avenger Stalker: Capable ship; Prison Pods; Aimed towards Bounty Hunters
    Cutlass Black: Multi-crew ship; Cargo space; Aimed towards Pirates
    Hornet F7C: Single-seater; tank; small-storage box; Feasible Single-crew; Aimed towards Military types
    Freelancer: Multi-crew ship; Cargo Hauler; 18-wheeler; Feasible Single-crew; Aimed towards Cargo types
    Constellation Andromeda: Multi-Crew Multi-role Ship; Difficult to Single-crew; Aimed towards Explorers/Cargo Haulers/Transport
    [All of these more expensive packages come with extra goodies (e.g. better hangars and an OST)]
    [Additional Note: Once Beta/Release of the SC PU, all ships will be obtainable through in-game means and you will no longer be able to purchase them for monies]
    Additional Info
    Basic Common Ship stand-out attributes (some of which are not yet implemented) in no particular order (Be aware some of these ships are unavailable for purchase now, but you can expect to see them in the mini-PU):
    Aurora: Single person multi-role, versatile ship; flies like a brick; tanks damage like one too; tough little ship Hornet: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Not very well-rounded; Tanks damage well Super-Hornet: Dual person fighter-oriented ship; most often used in Arena Commander Gladius: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Slightly borked at the moment; Handles well Mustang: Single person varied ship; Variants range from military to light transport; Handles extremely well; slightly borked Mustang Delta: Single person fighter-oriented ship; Militarized version M50: Single person racing ship; Extremely fast and agile; small loadout; made of paper Avenger: Single person multi-role ship; Agile, handles well; A bit fragile; Slightly unbalanced at the moment Freelancer: Multi-person freighter/exploration ship; 18-wheeler of the game; Will be able to carry lots of cargo in the future Cutlass: Two-person (?) multi-role ship; pirate-y; versatile, jack-of-all trades; slightly borked at the moment Vanguard: Two-person deep space fighter; No cargo; tanks damage; straight-line fighter Vanguard Hoplite: Drop-ship variant of Vanguard; Lots of seats; Weapon racks Retaliator: Large crew, long-range bomber ship; Think Flying Fortress Khartu-Al: Alien scout ship; agile; giant hitboxes; big-ish guns; no flares Sabre: Single person fighter-oriented stealth ship; Large loadout; Hard to hit; doesn't have as much armor as super-hornet; Stealthy in the future Constellation: Large crew, versatile large ship; Used for exploration or hauling; Tanks damage 300 Series ships: Single person multi-role(ish) ships; medium loadout; handles well; looks good(?) 350R: Single-person racing ship; fastest ship in the game; handles slightly more poorly than the M50; loadout isn't great Starfarer: Multi-person tanker; Creates fuel; Transports it; Massive; You'll get lost in it Starfarer Gemini: Multi-person military support ship; Stronger shields/hull armor; stronger turrets; militarized Reliant: Dual seater cargo mini-hauler; Rotates; Doesn't have too much space; Largish hitbox; Medium armanent Argo: Single-seater utility snub craft; Parasite ship; Cargo/transport/repair variants; No quantum/jump drive Herald: Single-seater info-runner ship; Fast in a straight line; Camper style; Info array; Ejects hard-drives into space Caterpillar: Large multi-crew ship; Modular; Highly versatile; Has a detachable command module; Cargo all the things Ships On the Horizon
    Dragonfly: Coming soon Buccaneer: Maybe coming soon Lifetime Insurance Info (LTI)
    So, you've been checking around on the interwebz and you've discovered this term LTI. All that it means is that the insurance (that automatically comes with ships nowadays anyway) doesn't ever go away forever. And its "free" (You're still paying for the ship) This is not a game-breaking/making feature that could cripple you. It is good for providing an extra layer of piece of mind. Remember, as stated above, insurance will not be a debilitating cost towards your ship maintenance.  
    That's about it... I think...
    I will update this as new ships become available to the mini-PU
    Anyway, sorry for the long-ish post. If you do decide to get it, check out LTT Conglomerate and hit us up on Discord for any additional paling around and questions (discord.uoltt.org). See you in the 'Verse!
    Glossary of terms:
    Star Citizen: Massive Multiplayer game with a Persistent Universe, which is a representation of the year 2944 2945 2946 2947
    Squadron 42: Singleplayer game based in the Star Citizen Universe
    Mini-PU: The smaller sandbox universe that does not currently (SoonTM to change) have persistence; It's where the developers test out features for the expansion into the entire universe
    CIG: Cloud Imperium Games; the developers
    Package: Multiple items
    Ship: Why are you still reading this?
    If you have any additions, feel free to add.
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    Maciek reacted to Napper198 in Around The Verse 2.29   
    The next 7 Days:
    Saturday: UOLTT Meetup
    Prospector concept sale, physical patches
    Free Flight:
    Art stuff:
    19:26 Herald whitebox exterior with some animations
    29:51 Herald whitebox interior
    35:41 ATV Rewind: Stanton pre-vis
    40:17 ATV Fast Forward: EVA Vector Velocity Experiments
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    Maciek reacted to Napper198 in Around The Verse 2.28   
    The next 7 Days:
    Friday: Prospector concept sale
    Saturday: UOLTT Meetup
    Military ships today, Prospector concept sale tomorrow
    Free Flight:
    Free game time until Monday
    Art stuff:
    06:26 MISC Prospector sneek peak
    35:34 ATV Fast Rewind: Aurora Commercial
    47:38 ATV Fast Forward: NPC AI
    Ran out of time will do time stamp links later
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    Maciek reacted to rentaspoon in [CONCEPT]OPERATION TRIDENT   
    Ok, so 10/10 for effort, The reason why Eden exists is to attempt everything you have come up with in the babyPU so we don't have to. I don't know what to say apart to add that the 4 departments will be held under Military until a suitable council member is elected, the reason for this is the Military has the most power however it is the power that has to serve to protect the other departments.
    therefore we need to determine what role the military has in each of these areas take mining, do we need to protect the miners or the convoy? is that part of mining security or part of the military? or even UOLTT PMCs?
    I've got plans but I can't put them into place unless I can test them, I can't test them without playing it.
    All of this could be scrapped if the high council says no.
    I've taken on the role and created Eden so we have a concept of where we stand but this is all subject to @ixi_your_face agreeing with it, if he decided this gets scrapped I have to agree with him.
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    Maciek reacted to Napper198 in [TL;DW] Around The Verse 2.13   
    The next 7 Days:
    Saturday: UOLTT Meetup
    Free Flight:
    Art stuff:30:00 Shubin color palette and area styling
    32:53 Shubin industrial signage
    34:33 Shubin industrial props
    36:58 Shubin technical style guide
    38:18 Shubin engineering concept
    45:05 Shubin transit hub
    47:53 Shubin foyer concept
    48:34 Shubin industrial scanner concept
    49:13 Shubin technical props and walls
    57:41 Art Sneak Peek: Reliant texture phase

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    Maciek reacted to OMEGA SUPREME in LTT Org Membership Data.   
    OK some changes needed.
    Please remove one of the Reliants and add,
    a Retaliator, a Vanguard Harbinger, a Endeavor Hope class and 3*Sabre's.
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    Maciek reacted to Artofinca in Art repository thread   
    when you venture into space with your Freelancer, it is good to take yours favorite large and fluffy friend
    30 min speedpaint

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    Maciek reacted to Corwin111 in Operation Eden - Preparing for Star Citizens Baby PU/in-verse meetup   
    Well the first Project Eden (or is it an operation now?) meetup was held today, and aside from the usual client issues I would say it went well. Participation was much stronger than expected, and frankly, after BEX, we were not really prepared for that! Nevertheless, all of you guys did great today and we managed to actually do some of the stuff that we intended. I commend your spirit, as well as your patience during the lengthy "lobby sessions".
    We gathered much valuable experience for future trainings today. We will work on organizing schedules, streamlining the lobby joining process and generally working around the Alpha's bugs to get as much flight and combat experience as we can before 2.0, where the real work will begin.
    With 1.3 just around the corner, I really hope CIG have improved client stability for creating larger private matches so we can still have fun but by mostly flying instead of talking.
    Great job guys and see you next week!
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    Maciek reacted to Geekavenger in Project Locus - Exploration of the Stanton System   
    Updated with More information
    I want to start looking into the Exploration end of the Org.  To do this I want to do a Pilot Survey of the Stanton system once 2.0 is released.
    This is being rolled into Operation Eden, I am hoping to learn some lessons about how to organize, gather and analyze information within Star Citizen.  Obviously I expect CIG to offer up some systems for this as time goes so what I was hoping to flesh out was how we organize and deploy.  The consolidation, distribution, and analysis of data will be considered a bit of a placeholder for now but will be integral in showing our results.
    What I am suggesting is we organize into exploration groups (wings) of 1-5 ships.  Those groups will then be assigned segments of the system to survey.  All data will be reported back to a Google Doc - (http://goo.gl/forms/jbT6tJh064).  I think we will need to determine how we assign segments and if a wing can take on more than one segment at a time.
    I also think we should establish some metrics to analyze pre and post engagement to establish efficacy of the model.
    This thread needs to flesh out the following:
    Is this a good idea? How should we handle recruitment/Wing Assignment? What are out metrics for success? What is the Structure (I think we can operate less hierarchically than the Military Branch) What information should we collect?
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    Maciek reacted to CommanderFett in Project Locus - Exploration of the Stanton System   
    I for one give it my full backing and support. I think it is an excellent idea and should be treated as such.
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    Maciek reacted to CatCloud in Operation Eden - Preparing for Star Citizens Baby PU/in-verse meetup   
    Few thoughts id like to share related to Exploring, mining and eh, selling  (mercantile?) 

    Its the profit share,
    Note1: i wont include taxes because we dont know how it will work.
    Note2: im shit at explaining.
    So i was thinking that we split the profit depending on who is involved in what task/group.
    Some examples:
    Scenario 1: Explorer finds mining site, Miner mine said site, and merchant sells the minerals, the profit then could be split 33/33/33% and 1 goes to the Org  This could also be called a "Full Mining Operation" or something
    Scenario 2: Miner knows of site and mines it, Merchant then sells the Ore/Minerals, The profit is split 50/50 
    Scenario 3: 1 person does it all and gets it all. <--- probably what will be most common scenario at the beginning in most cases. Ofc once they are teaming up with someone to speed up the process than Scenario 1 or 2 will probably take place.
    Scenario 4: Military protection is involved, The split will be divided accordingly depending if its Scenario 1,2 or 3. so 25/25/25/25, 33/33/33 or 50/50 or whatever, could be 30/30/30 and then 10 for the military.

    Note: if there are multiple people involved in Scenario 1 and 2, for example: there are 3 explorers, 10 miners and 4 Merchants. Then the profit each ...eh "Team" gets have to be split between there "crew" so for the explorers in this case the 33 % they get will then have to be split between the 3, aka 11% each. OR whatever they come to an agreement over.
    Repairs and whatnot have to be discussed internally in each group/team. 

    My suggestion: Split the reward after repairs and resupplies are done. 
    what ye all think? It´s just an example really, it clearly needs to get fleshed out more.
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    Maciek got a reaction from Vivilacqua1 in Sabre vs F7C Hornet vs Gladiator -Star Citizen-   
    And Sabre just looks so bad ass. I love this f14 shape.
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    Maciek got a reaction from abyss03 in Sabre vs F7C Hornet vs Gladiator -Star Citizen-   
    And Sabre just looks so bad ass. I love this f14 shape.
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    Maciek reacted to Corwin111 in I need a throttle   
    This is a hard one. As you have noticed, there are very few standalone combat throttles on the market. Some Saitek throttles can be used as standalone controllers, so if you find someone selling just the throttle form a X45/52 HOTAS on ebay, it will be within your desired price range. Otherwise, the easiest is to get the CH throttle but it is pretty expensive.
    If you are in Europe, or know someone here, you can try to get a hold of the Russian VKB throttle from their European store: https://flightsimcontrols.com/store/available/gametrix-ecs-throttle/. It is pretty decent but almost impossible to buy outside of Russia, unless you find a used one or are buying from this store in the link. And that works only for Europe, I think. Also their quantities are limited. When they run out of stock it's usually at least 4-5 months until they get new ones.
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    Maciek reacted to Nexxus in I need a throttle   
    CHs stuff isnt pretty or fancy but it will apparently last a life time.

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    Maciek reacted to Grrizz in 1,000,000 Citizens means no more Passes to Play   
    Yay that extra 10K will get me enough for that Greycat PTV I had my eye on
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    Maciek reacted to CommanderFett in 1,000,000 Citizens means no more Passes to Play   
    "Starting today, we are eliminating ‘Alpha Access’ and the $5 module passes. Anyone who has pledged for a Star Citizen Package can now play today without worrying they won’t have access to some portion of the ‘Verse in the future. No Star Marine pass, no Alpha 2.0 pass… no additional payment needed for any module in the works, pre-release. Going forward, should we need to put out some sort of limited release it will be done through the PTU test server. All backers will have access to any live release, the moment it publishes."
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    Maciek reacted to Corwin111 in Star Citizens 1.000.000 accounts   
    My response to the comment at 3:36 can only be a hearty screw you from a "well rounded gamer", who has been a space sim fan since forever and has been dreaming of playing an old-school space sim with modern graphics in a multiplayer setting for over a decade. Well guess what. That is EXACTLY what I have been doing on a daily basis for the past year. Understand that when people say that they have already gotten their money's worth, at least some of us actually mean it!
    In my personal opinion, these "allegations" seem a bit too convenient for certain parties, of considerable means and a vested interest in seeing the largest indie project in history burned to the ground. But even if they are all true, not saying that I'd be happy, but I would not be sad. Because what I am already playing NOW is a childhood dream come true. 
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    Maciek got a reaction from CommanderFett in Project Eden Recruitment   
    Star Citizen Name: Maciek
    Star Citizen Handle: MABA
    LinusTechTips Name: Maciek

    Preferred Squadron: Explosive Kittens (if timing will allow)

    Ships, Listed in Order of Use:
    - AEGIS VANGUARD (all variants)
    - HULL C
    - 350r
    Intended Role in the Navy, Check all that Apply
    [] Scout
    [√] Escort
    [√] Bomber
    [√] Dogfighter
    [√] Electronic Warfare
    [√] Gunner
    [√] Co-Pilot
    [√] Crew Member
    [√] Marine
    [√] Special Operations
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    Maciek reacted to Stuntz in Aegis Sabre and Military Ship Sale   
    Melted a Reliant / Hull B / SH / Cutlass Blue / Vanguard / Tali / Gladiator / Star-G and an Orion, picked up the new pack, so I finally have my idris... and my sabre... and pretty much everything I melted (I've got a cargo-capable ship in the form of a BMM, plenty of small ships, and mining is something I can pick up in-universe).