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  1. Ya at least I'll be able to run some merchant and make some money. Eventually when all that comes into play
  2. Sweet i will check it out. I will probably play a bit tonight and tomorrow. Might buy a cutlass black tonight too. Ill have my legit ship for smuggling or doing legit stuff, and a cutlass to well... do hood rat things with my friends
  3. Been away for a long time. But I'm back. Got a machine to run the game properly. Got a new ship the freelancer. What's up.
  4. Just so you know its April 1st. I believe all this has to do with that. Check RSI website. edit: i didnt read the whole thread someone already commented.
  5. Thanks for the response. Looked up these suggestions and they look great! Well i know i could get another computer for 500 dollars but would that be better than upgrading? I understand the CPU would be allot newer but graphics cards and all that cant be that great in a 500 dollar computer. Also i just want my computer to last a while longer till i commit to building a brand new one with all the top notch components.
  6. Oh i know im out of training i havent played much cuz its so damn frustrating. But i will try some racing to be a better pilot. Sounds good to me. I might not be a bad shot if i dont have to worry about flying a ship as well but who knows. Also being a smuggler is sounding better and better cuz hopefully most of the time your just trying to sneak and or running away when there is trouble.
  7. Just downloaded the lates patch 1.1 and all that. Im still flipping awful. So frustrated to watch guys just light things up and i cant hit the broad side of a barn. Might have to change my plans for the PU from pirate to miner or something cuz im terrible.
  8. Alright i will do that. Cant look at it at work cuz they block that forum for some reason.
  9. Well lets see last i played was.... when the mustangs came out. cuz i picked up a Delta. Still frustrated with my computers ability to run the game decent and my inability to kill anything lol. But i wait for major patches to come out and play a little bit here and there. Honestly i just haven't had time to play any games recently.
  10. Busy with work been traveling allot. Been out of the country every month for the last 4 months.
  11. So I have a Dell studio xps Specifications Processor: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.66GHz (8MB L2 cache) Memory: 6GB tri-channel DDR3 @ 1066MHz Hard drive: 500GB SATA @ 7200RPM Optical drive: SuperMulti DVD+/-RW Sound: Integrated 7.1 HD audio Video card: ATI Radeon HD4850 (No longer have this) Saphire HD 7750 1GB low profile Networking: 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet Dell wired keyboard and mouse Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Windows 8 Home edition Warranty: One year limited warranty with in-home service after remote diagnosis and 24/7 phone support Dimensions: 14.2"(H)
  12. Been a while im back hope everyone is doing well. SC still runs like crap on my pc.
  13. I get what you are saying but due to the fact that we are apart of a larger org. we cannot target other org members. But i have no problem with any other targets. This was my main reasoning behind having all of our org status' being redacted so as not to cause trouble for the legitimate side of the org.
  14. oh lol. Its a pirate themed spectrum dispatch from the website. Booty Call is the name of the character that is the dj in the story. I have only seen one of these before so i wanted to post it to this thread.