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  1. I use a very similar adapter to the one you chose. It’ll be fine.
  2. I thought exactly this whilst watching it last night. Find a benchmark set that has approx the same setup and work out figures from there and it shouldn’t be too far off. What’s impressive to me is that it definitely is pulling more frames than my 2080ti (now on eBay!) and there’s probably still some wiggle room in the drivers to gain a bit more. How much though remains to be seen with the new architectural platform they have. Either way if you were looking to build a pc soon and held out to purchase you’re in luck as this series seems a great buy so far. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the perf numbers of the 3070 to see if it actually is faster than the 2080ti, of it does then it would seem a steal at that price/perf compared to last gen. Now we wait to see if AMD can actually compete.
  3. Tried the case side off a few times, only marginally better temps, a few degrees at best. The case has a total of 7 fan spots with the EK distro block (without it you can have another 3). I have 6 of those taken up currently so 1 more probably won't make a huge difference 1) Will try that, have the bottom + back fan as exhaust instead 2) Yes, removed when I first got it. 3) 5 degrees is quite substantial but for £100~ more ill have to play around more before justifying that 4) Running at full speed 5) I've seen a couple you can control through internal USB which seems fairly handy as I'll have more control. Gigabytes fan control is pretty poor I'll try a remount and see if that does anything - No OC but auto voltages I thought about messing with the LLC, but I've not messed with it on an AMD chip and the opttions are text settings rather than +V like my old Intel board (If i remember correctly at least) Thanks all so far, Just to add some extra info, I had the side off of the case yesterday, had all cores between 20~25% load, and temp high after a couple of minutes was 62% ambient was around 25C. GPU was 34C
  4. Hey all, Just wondering if I could have some advice. I have a feeling of what could be the issue (or one of them at least) which I’ll get into shortly. So whilst playing games or even just a general heavy workload like encoding videos etc.. my CPU is getting to 75~+ even when room temp is around 18/19C. i know the temp is fine, but I would expect a lot better considering Much cheaper AIOs on more powerful chips ie 3900/3950x pull in better numbers 10+C My specs are as follows: 3700x X570 Aorus pro 32GB DDR3200 Corsair rgb dominator MSI trio 2080TI 1x1TB NVMe, 1x 500GB sata ssd, 2x1TB HD, 1x8TB HD Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL EK velocity strike w/Cryonaught paste EK O11D Distro plate EK-Coolstream 360 (the thicc one) Corsair LL-120 fans x5 (no fan header for 6th!) I have 2 fans pulling into case from the bottom, 3 push exhausts on radiator (mounted at top) and the back fan mount an exhaust also. I've double checked the manual for the EK block, it’s piped up as it should be, though, orientation, does that matter? My thoughts are that the LL120 probably don’t have enough oomph for the rad so heats just building up in the case and that having say Noctua F-120s on the rad would be better Turn around the back exhaust into an intake just for some extra, cooler air. Any thoughts from you guys on what I could try or information you need (pics, tests etc..) I would be happy to answer thanks all, Jimmy P.s typed on mobile so I’m sorry if formatting gets messed around
  5. If I’m correct.. If you’re alt tabbing away from the game then the hdr setting is just turning off to display the non hdr content. Nothing you can do as far as I’m aware
  6. So I found the device on amazon and it says it should support both usb3.0 and usb2.0 so it’s not that. It also says that the usb stick needs to be formatted as FAT32, is the usb3.0 formatted as say NTFS instead?