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  1. It’s 2A max per ‘line’ with a max of 3.5A total so depending what charger/source the cables grabbing from you’re talking between 10W and 40W max I’d guess it’ll be 5V or 9V so 10 to 18W max per line. Not sure how the power delivery spec actually works though, not sure if it’s charger or device led, or both. So there’s definitely variables and I could be wrong.
  2. You can get industrial IP rated PCs for use in a workshop though a KVM and cheapish monitor would get you a lot more bang for the buck for the a dual tower. I work in automation (electrical design engineer) and we do a lot of cnc controls upgrades amongst other things. 90% of the time they either have some old dell chugging along covered in crap or an IPC mounted to a control panel so There’s a few options Heck recently I’ve seen a very old pc (a beige beauty) dumped in a control cabinet with a crude cutout for a ghetto monitor installation on the door. The air con on/
  3. I grabbed my dad a fire stick 4k so he can have access to my plex library (about 60TB atm) and IPTV for the F1. Grabbed myself a new 1TB SSD 970 QVO and the alarm clock Echo Dot
  4. Look at it this way, if it doesn’t work out after your attempt to fix it you just cut the end off then can let someone more confident in soldering a usb connector do it. Always worth a go. And you’ll lose a couple of cm of cable at most. it’s a good skill to get a grasp of and may as well start somewhere
  5. I actually like the look of it and the adds won’t bother me as I just turn it on and open Plex, YouTube or whatever when I do so it’s not like I’ll be watching the adds or anything. If it does end up bugging me then I’ll just switch to a different loader, people have disabled the new one already on Reddit and moved to a 3rd party launcher I’m in the UK and I’m yet to receive the update
  6. You can still do this, have done my home pc and work pc in the last couple of weeks even on insider dev channel the hc theme patcher still works and there’s a lot of themes in deviantart
  7. If you look on makemkv forums you will find what you need. It’s literally one app and one firmware and that’s it. I would post a link but I don’t know if it’s ok to post links to other forums and don’t want to break any rules. The community there is helpful when asking advice though.
  8. It’s good! I have an ek velocity with 2 360’s the EK very thick and medium rads and an EK distro block +pump for the OD-11 XL and mine jumps immediately to 75+ With any sort of load. Any gaming or transcoding and it’s above 80 within 5 mins and climbs a bit from there I suspect it’s the cpu block as my old 3950 ran unreasonably hot also
  9. Tried and tested industry brands, there’s tons. In the UK lots of guys I work/worked with (Automation) use brand such as: Facom, klein, wera, wiha, Bahco, Bondhus etc.. I’ve never tried ifixit as to me it’s just a YouTube/internet brand, but it gets good reviews so probably worth a shot If it’s not magnetic then just grab a magnet to stick on the side like https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wera-05073403001-Magnetizer-demagnetizer-52/dp/B000XIZN9C/ref=asc_df_B000XIZN9C/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=208050023643&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1341
  10. I can’t say for the one you posted but I use a similar thing for an extension lead and ethernet switch behind my tv cabinet. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Command-17204-12ES-Medium-Picture-Hanging/dp/B00LW1APOC/ref=mp_s_a_1_4_mod_primary_new?dchild=1&keywords=command+strips&qid=1617655055&sbo=RZvfv%2F%2FHxDF%2BO5021pAnSA%3D%3D&sr=8-4
  11. I believe either LTT or Gamers nexus had a video on this, they found the 5 series benefited from the 4*8 over 2*16. I’d personally aim for 3600MHZ ram too.
  12. OKI printers are getting hit by this. I told everyone over teams how to uninstall and it’s been fine since, looks like the patch (optional.. why?!) is out now though so an annoyance overall but nothing too bad.
  13. My work PC is used for EPlan, Autocad and solid works and it’s just a Dell optiplex SFF with a 6500k (igpu), 16GB ram and an SSD and it does the job. A tad slow when rending 3D items and a bit choppy but honestly it’s fine. Add some sort of cheapish GPU and it’ll be spot on.
  14. It’s not really worth the upgrade personally. what graphics card do you have? You might not even need the 1000w PSU
  15. Firefox NordVPN Teams Office365 Eplan Autocad