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  1. nerdglider

    star citizen april fools ships

    star citizen has a few new ships (called fishes) available to view (April fools of course multiplayer is down for the week) look here ----> https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships
  2. nerdglider

    star citizen april fools ships

    woops didn't even see the announcement, but did you guys get any of the cool new ships, there was also fish floating around in the hanger for some people lol
  3. nerdglider

    Experiences with non-techies

    nothing I was just board
  4. nerdglider


  5. nerdglider

    Wan show2

    From the album: memes

  6. weeeeeeellllllllll that's why it's bent, you can do whatever you want to, but body heat when you are sitting down, plus weight, you have to stand up to take it out, a good pick pocket can easily grab it, there are just so many reasons why keeping it in your back pocket makes no sense, at least to me anyway
  7. nerdglider

    Intel Pulls Adverts From Gamasutra

    the community of people who play video games have always included women it is not a new era of minorities, or the opposite of "white young males with disposable incomes" (not a direct quote) as the original article described, they need to understand its not feminism to say things like this about gamers, or anybody its just as PREJUDICE and its a sweeping generalization, self-proclaimed gamers are not people who play FB games, the DS, the Wii, SIMs, WOW or regular MMOs, That moniker "gamers" came from the FPS community and has grown to include the others, and that's the community she is thinking about when she referred to gamers as misogynist, but most gamers do not behave just like the stereotypical FPS community so she needs to chill and do more research before she attacks her readers. If your site is floundering don't turn to sensationalist reporting to garner interest, people don't respect that and never will, even this suicide stuff shows they just want attention, have more respect for the dead than to use them as a pawn in your thirst for anarchy or rather a singular brand and definition of perpetuated inequality... I mean LOL what was the ad they pulled
  8. Google working with a foreign company instead of an American brand, what else is new lol
  9. Those are a lot of needed fixes but feels like too little too late
  10. nerdglider

    Ducky Shine 4

    thanks the video helps
  11. nerdglider


    the verge has reviewed the android based vr head set "GAMEFACE" at GDC 2014 heres the link http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2014/3/21/5534592/gameface
  12. nerdglider


    this seems really cool and I would be a backer if I had money lol ....but I don't get why they just don't sell motion capture suits from movies to gamers
  13. nerdglider


    hope this has not been covered before somewhere else I did a forum search and it didn't come up so I thought I would shear
  14. nerdglider


    I don't know maybe most of you guys have already seen this but I thought it was cool and here's the article of the back changing colors right on the page http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57616176-93/new-moto-x-ad-lets-you-change-the-color-on-a-printed-page/?Media
  15. nerdglider

    temperature issues (overheating?)

    right 40 is normal for a laptop, get a cooling stand if you want and use it on a desk maybe, my sister over heated her laptop by using it on her bed comforter, during collage
  16. nerdglider

    temperature issues (overheating?)

    I cant say I know exactly what's going on here but I seems like your internal cooling solution is not working properly, I would stop using the tv as a display and test it again, and are there any other components over heating like your hard drive?
  17. nerdglider

    MetallicAcid's Fractal Effect 304

    this computer is beautiful, really nice job
  18. nerdglider

    Test Build

    homepage looks beast
  19. nerdglider

    $3500 PC, FX 9590

    that's pure sex
  20. nerdglider

    Another Home Server Build

    nice build but I wouldn't have even bothered moving the graphics card over if its a home server
  21. bent tubing like that is the bees knees, truly sick!
  22. nerdglider

    F4DE by C4B12

    so much perfection in such a small case, well done