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  1. I didn't ask, just randomly found it in there while sorting boxes. I'd assume its from one of my brothers as they like collecting weird ammo.
  2. I really thought it would start getting better right around this time, but I just learned its only getting worse. I know at least one ammo producer just completely ran out of their primer stockpile and had to start limiting employee's OT because there aren't enough coming in to keep them as busy as they'd like. About a month ago it was going to to take until May 2022 to catch up to the current backorders at the current production, which is now less... this might be a several year long ammo drought. I never wanted to be one of those guys who hordes hundreds of thousands of rounds of
  3. Haven't posted in here for a while, so a little update on my firearm adventures.... I forgot to keep my AR's separated and they made little baby ARs so I had to pickup a 5D jig to finish milling them up. No real plans for them, pry just throw them in the safe and save for a rainy day. Finally bought a AR10 lower as well that I'll likely do a 6.5CM build on. The 5D jig was a little janky for how much money they want for it, I really should have just bought a milling machine instead. Right around two hours for the first lower and a bit under an hour for the rest of them once you get the hang of
  4. Its way nicer than the snap/stick on risers, this one is a taller version of the piece you already have on there, you will remove to top section of your stock and put the riser in its place. It will have a little hollow cavity under there now, but the polymer is quite hard and I doubt you'd notice. It also gives you an awesome spot to shove a vial of cleaning oil and should be able to fit a boresnake in there too as long as you buy the really cheap ones that don't have a ton of fabric on them. Yeah, I don't even bother looking for the front sight of a shotgun anymore, just get a gl
  5. Not sure if it would be high enough, but they do make risers for the SGA: https://magpul.com/sga-high-cheek-riser-kit.html?mp_global_color=undefined As far as backup sights I'd find a way to mill out the center of the picatinny wide on everything but the lug closest to the stock, and on the last lug cut it out to behave as the rear sight. It looks like the height is at least close to working.
  6. Honestly nothing legal will have the power to blast through concrete walls, you will need to put multiple APs in so get several of the cheapest - UAP-AC-Lite. Mesh systems won't work very well as they need good signal to the mesh point to properly repeat it. That being said, if 160mbps is too slow for whatever your usage is you shouldn't be on WiFi anyways, run a cable.
  7. Amazon sidewalk is basically this: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/ And to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they literally just use a private TTN network... Its been around for years and works extremely well. There is very likely a public TTN hotspot near you, if not there is almost certainly a private TTN network near you. The concept of LoraWAN is amazing IMO, and TTN's makes it even better. You willingly host the hotspot, essentially for the greater good of the technology, and get access to every public hotspot to send data across without any monthly charges, r
  8. I'm a little late to the party, but in case someone finds this down the road and is wondering.... Home Assistant works with several Robot Vacuums. It auto discovered my Shark, the Xiaomi integration worked for my Wyze vacuum, and got it working with my Samsung Powerbot thru IFTTT.
  9. The upside to a DIY printer used to be that you could save a ton of money, but anymore with how cheap the Creality printers are I would just buy one of those. In my opinion, the only remaining reason to DIY a printer is if you like tinkering, or you want a very specific printer style/size. If you don't mind tinkering and upgrading a little, get an Ender 3 Pro and add the common printed upgrades as well as a BL touch, will cost about $300-$350. If you want something to run out of the box, check out the new CR-6 SE for $400. Even if you have $10k budgeted for a 3d printer
  10. Could be wrong here as I haven't looked for a few years, but almost all of my server stuff was 2-3 years old as data center pulls. From the reading I did back then, they rarely keep hardware for very long as its much cheaper to spend $5k on a new server that saves X amount of power as newer, more efficient electronics very quickly pay for themselves. Also helps with performance per unit, and the density gains pay for the cost of new servers as well. I really doubt there is any half knowledgeable person out there running a 15 year old server in a DC, unless its for compatibility of
  11. He isn't looking to start a fight, and was eventually going to convert it to electric regardless of the rules as its less noise and maintenance anyways, it was just moved up in priority and we assumed there would be some easy to find turnkey solutions. The eventual plan is solar panels on the roof so you don't even worry about charging it, just replace the batteries every 5 years or so. Most people on the lake have these, he just wanted something that will hold a lot more people: https://www.protatch.com/pontoon-boats Doubtful, I don't know the exact terms, probably electr
  12. Long shot, but I figured I'd try here quick... A family friend kinda screwed himself over, owns a lake that he is having houses developed on and let some of them form a lake association so he didn't have to deal with the nuances of lake management. Well.... they decided to ban gas boat motors and he just bought a 20 some foot pontoon boat. Its a small lake that he just putted around on anyways, so I'm looking into options to convert it to electric. The little 40-50 pound thrust trolling motors barely move it, so I doubt trying one of the $3k 120 pound trollers will do much more. I'
  13. I'm looking for a 65" TV mount that attaches to the back of a cabinet. Right now the TV is just sitting on top, but their dog likes to attack the deer on the screen when watching hunting shows and keeps breaking panels... so I need it raised up 2' or so from the top of the current stand. Its sitting in a corner where I'd need nearly 8' of extension, so a wall mount won't work, and all the floor standing ones look pretty sketchy with a 65" hanging off of them. Basically I want something like this, but already have a nice stand, so just the mount part to attach to the back.
  14. I know your IT guy, he said there was a snotty kid at school always complaining about the computers, so he bought some really crappy ones just for him to use. True story, you can believe me because I said so. As for assuming they can have nicer computers because you pay $300 a month... that is insanely cheap for schooling. Hell, daycare to have a 18 year old watch TV with your kids all day long is at least $1k/month. I have to sign a paper once a year to opt my kids into the school we want them to go to so that the school we pay our taxes into will pay the taxes forward to the scho