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  1. I agree unfortunately The WAN show is something i watch consistently every week and i wish it got more tlc. I doubt anything will happen but who knows.
  2. I would get MGSV if i were you. Its combat/stealth mechanics are second to none and everything you do has importance. Skyrim has crap combat imo and it isn't as compelling. I'd say get metal gear.
  3. So for the longest time Swiftkey always corrected "of" to "if", and now it flip-flopped and now corrects "if" to "of". I guess after using it for 3 years it still doesn't know me well enough :(

  4. I have those speakers and a home theater receiver. They are very good
  5. Tried to reach out to someone online hoping to provide them comfort. Welp, shit went sideways. Guess it doesn't always work out :/

    1. Syntaxvgm


      oh well at least you give the effort where others wouldn't. 

  6. Are you currently in one eco-system or the other?
  7. Thats wrong my friend. He said he wants to be able to upgrade.....what will he upgrade to with the fx processor? exactly
  8. Yeah people play it. I do too. Great fun with randoms or friends!