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  1. Okay, I'll tell him to pick one up. If it doesn't do much, he can just return it. Should we be placing it about halfway? I'll discuss PowerLine with him, and tell him to test his laptop ping in his room. Thanks man.
  2. Okay, I have a friend whom I play CS and League with quite a bit. He has a gaming PC which can more than handle these games, but there's a problem. When he first built his PC, it was in the living room right next to the router, but his parents didn't want it there. He lives out of the city, so he is used to playing with around 90 ping on his laptop, which can handle league and his the device he usually plays it on due to the lower ping. His laptop really isn't made for anything more than that, though, and really struggles with CS:GO. This drastically affects his gameplay. The PC is now in his room, and gets about 300-400 ping and very low down and up speeds using a WiFi dongle. He does not have any WiFi extenders or other networking equipment in his house, just a router. His parents don't want him to run a big ethernet cord down to his room, considering it's about a 30 metre stretch. They also don't want him to move it back to the living room. Would a WiFi extender be enough to solve this problem? His down and up speeds aren't necessarily the problem, he just wants ping improvements. If a WiFi extender would make an improvement, by how much, and what kind should he get? If not, are there any other solutions you guys can suggest? Thanks a bunch.
  3. I'm looking for recommendations for a laptop since I sold my crappy old one. I have a $500-600 CAD budget to spend. I'm primarily going to be using it for browsing the web and playing games like League of Legends or 2D platformers, maybe some emulators. The reason I'm asking on LTT forum is because I'm pretty OOTL regarding laptops. A few more things on my wishlist: Maybe a 1080p display? SSD for fast boot times? Lightweight but sturdy enough so that I don't have to worry about it when it's in my backpack for example because I spend a lot of time biking around to friends houses and chilling HDMI connectivity is a must Although I really don't expect the first 2 at all, but I'm fine with that. Any suggestions? Also, long time no see LTT forums.
  4. Sounds good! Always nice to have a killjoy like you!
  5. My 280x just got through customs and it's time I prepared for the upgrade to a 280x from my 750 Ti. Sucks to be me, I ordered a few days before the 960 Is there anything I should do to prevent problems when I boot it up with a new GPU inside?
  6. My current laptop is no longer satisfying me, as multiple tabs begins to slow it down and the OS is beginning to become slow. I am looking for a new laptop, with a budget of $475 CAD. Short list of wants: - A high resolution display, at least more than shitty 1366x768 you see everywhere. - Easy to transport (thin, light). - A screen at least 11-12", nothing smaller. - Tabs... I need tabs... The first point is the one I want most though. I've only found one laptop within my budget that fits that... I don't know if there are any more that do? I am open to both Chrome OS and Windows. My budget, for the most part, will not be getting any higher. As for where I'm getting it, I will purchase it online at newegg.ca or ncix or something unless a store in my area has it. Refurbished is fine most of the time. Thanks.
  7. @deathjester Saving up for 970, Christmas should do it. @ZetZet Got it to 80FPS, no difference. Here's a folder with a FRAPS benchmark I just did in Far Cry 3 (which again looks extremely smooth on 30vs60.com): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/85v90m26xkat4eu/AADdkrQUoGFba3Ae6QCJyKyCa?dl=0 I get the FPS but I don't exactly understand the whole 'frame-time' thing. F11 happens to be quickload so the first 13-14 frames were during a loading screen. @PerfectTemplar Just launched OBS and boy are you right. _____ I mentioned earlier I'm saving up for a 970 for Christmas. The monitor I have is old. Maybe a 1920x1080 144FPS panel? I could go AMD, 'cause FreeSync... I've been out of it for a while.
  8. So disable V-Sync? I'll deal with tearing if that's what it takes.
  9. Hi... haven't been here in a while and stuff... Anyway, I was showing my friend 30vs60.com to demonstrate the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS gameplay (he's transitioning). Most games on my PC play in 60FPS on decent settings, and I noticed it was a lot smoother than console gaming when I first got started. However, I've been noticing something: 60FPS gifs (of games, mostly, 30vs60.com) and youtube videos in 60FPS look a lot smoother than when I play them. I use V-Sync in almost every game, unless it's one where V-Sync lags the mouse a lot (most don't). In-game FPS counters for games that support them through a console ranges from 55-60 almost always. For games that don't, so does fraps. Latest drivers, too. I don't understand why and it's beginning to bother me...
  10. The forum doesn't have an Anime section yet. Which is funny because half the people on here have anime avatars. I enjoy anime too, so...

    1. DildorTheDecent


      In off topic there is one i think.

  11. 970 to replace my Ti. Ti goes to mining. Have you asked Santa?
  12. Mining anything right now is a bad idea, unless you can set up something where power is extremely cheap. Either that or you can invest into Cloud Mining. I have lots of cloud miners, but people often charge high maintenance fees and much higher prices than hardware.
  13. The price would be: price - (price * percent) 32.99 - (32.99 * 1.25) (-8.2475) = price. If you wanted to be super specific, and use NEGATIVE percentages: price - (price * -percent) 32.99 - (32.99 * (-1.25)) 32.99 - (-41.2375) = 74.2275 The price would be higher if using negative percentages. In that case, though, anything on sale would have a higher price: price - price * -percent) 5 - (5 *( -0.5)) 5 - (-2.5) = 7.5 Last time I bought something 50% off the price was lower, though... Since the hyphen is directly next to the number it would look like a negative number, but it's obviously a minus sign. If it were a negative number it would be put into brackets. Like how 5 - 4 doesn't equal 5 + - 4, it equals 5 + (-4). Calculators will often correct it, but it's the proper way to write negative numbers.