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  1. Some adaptor have circuits prebuilt onto them to improve the audio fidelity.
  2. Yes, the iPhone is typically supported for 5-6 years but if you can buy a newer iPhone as iPhone 8 just has 2 years of support remaining.
  3. I'd suggest you to buy a type c to 3.5mm converter, so that you'll get all the features that you might need even though a physical headphone jack is absent.
  4. If you are okay with Huawei then consider this: Huawei Y9 Prime. This one has Google Apps.
  5. It depends upon your view about Huawei. If you are fine with buying Huawei phones, then go for it as P30 prois a great phone with better cameras, a 2k screen and it is a flagship which the nord isn't. But, if you don't wanna buy a phone from Huawei, then buy the Oneplus nord.
  6. Depends upon your needs. Do you play resource intensive games?? or Do you prefer the latest and greatest hardware and software features??? or Do you want the Oxygen OS???, then you might wanna pay extra and buy the Oneplus 8. But if you don't care about those stuff and need a Samsung flagship, a headphone jack, like S Pen, prefer trading off new features for a cheaper price, then buy a Note 9.(Note 9 is already 2 years old, so I might not be surprised if it doesen't receive the android 11 update)
  7. Maybe the battery is loose or not connected properly or something along those lines. The impact makes some sort of temporary disconnect from the battery and so the phone turns off. Can't see why the power button doesen't work though. This is my best possible guess. Don't take it seriously - just a theory.
  8. I actually wanted to do that, but I don't have any facilities to work with wood or aluminium. Also, making a shop to do this was quite a bit expensive beyond my budget
  9. The reason behind this is the fact that my laptop heats up quite a lot even after cleaning it from the inside. So I thought about adding a case fan and connecting it to the slimline sata using adaptors. Also, the laptop is in quite a bad shape with broken panels.
  10. Hi guys, I'm having a HP 15R laptop and it's screen is broken along with a dead battery. My idea was to restore it without spending more than $20. So, I decided to mount the laptop motherboard along with it's components into an old ATX case. I know that the mounting holes might not match, but is it possible? Also, can I connect the power button and LED indicators from the case to the laptop motherboard? I'm okay with soldering and stuff if that's possible. I'll be using the power adaptor that came with the laptop and will not try to use a PSU. One more thing - I can't get the bios screen to display in an external monitor, everything after the startup/bios screen gets displayed on the external monitor.
  11. Now, would it make a considerable difference upgrading to core i7 2nd gen??? I'm a casual user and I play some older games (like old GTA titles, NFS old games and so on). BTW I've already upgraded my harddrive to a sata SSD and it's working fine.
  12. I guess new is better than renewed. So I would recommend OnePlus 7. But don't get me wrong, iPhone xr is a really great phone but if I were you, I would buy a new phone than a renewed one anyday.
  13. I guess what's fair depends upon your needs, expectations and your region. For example in my region pixel 3a costed $565 for base variant(not 3a XL).
  14. Actually I saw this forum in HP official website from which I got to know that my laptop's processor is upgradable. Here's the link: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Pavilion-G6-CPU-upgrade/td-p/6510532 And, I've attached the image which contains the list of processors that HP pavilion g6 came with (got it from notebookcheck.com)
  15. Hello, I'm having a HP Laptop (HP pavilion g6 1025se). It's pre equipped with Intel Core i3 2310m. Now I had read in HP forums that the processor is socketed and hence can be upgraded. If so, then is it viable?? Also am I stuck with upgrading it to 2nd gen Intel core processor lineup or can I upgrade it to maybe 3rd or even 4th gen Intel core processor??? And is it safe to buy these processors off from AliExpress if upgrade is possible(they're not as easy to find as desktop processors in India at least??)???