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  • Birthday September 9

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    PC Modding and Watercooling!
    3D Design
    FOOD and Cooking
    XC Cycling
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    I'm Alex, an avid PC Modder from London. Still relatively new to the scene, having only built my first PC in November 2011. In 2012 I succumbed to the watercooling bug and haven't looked back since! I love to build cases and systems from scratch and am definitely not afraid to throw away a warranty or five.

    When I'm not fooling around with a dremel, I'm a massive foodie with a burger crush (not my fault there are so many good ones about). When not stuffing my own face with gourmet grub, I like to do the same to others. I'm an avid cook with an obsession for preparing fresh and exciting food.

    Out and about I like to explore forest trails on my bike.


  • CPU
    i7 5820k
  • Motherboard
    Asus X99E-WS
  • RAM
    64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2666Mhz DDR4
  • GPU
    4x Nvidia GTX Titan X 12GB
  • Case
    Parvum M1.0
  • Storage
    512GB Samsung 950 Pro + 2x 2TB 850 Evo SSD
  • PSU
    Superflower Leadex Platinum 2000W 8-Pack Edition
  • Display(s)
    Asus PB279Q 4k IPS
  • Cooling
    Currently Corsair H100i GTX
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K95 RGB MX Reds
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 RGB
  • Sound
    Beyerdynamic T90 via Schiit Asgard 2 and Modi

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  1. More than happy to take my content elsewhere for you instead. I understand there are no exceptions, but at the end of the day the staff on this site need to decide if LTT wants to be taken seriously or remain a back yard for youtube and that professional modders say "wait you post there?" to. All sponsored mods are advertising. So by allowing them you allow major companies to advertise in this space, but a personal website link in a signature is deemed too far. Don't need to deal with moderators happy to wave a stick so that they can feel more important than they really are.
  2. I am indeed, although unfortunately I won't be returning as I won't support this forum anymore. It's not worth the time to post when the moderation team decides to penalise small businesses and take issue with things that have been in place for months. I will implore fellow modders to do the same.
  3. Well here's another semi-update to the longest running project log where nothing actually happens There has been a PSU swap! As much as I love the 2000W one, and it's no doubt a very high quality unit, it's just not suitable for home use at all. This is an earlier model I believe and as such the fan is unbelievably loud, to the extent that it's louder than the 4 GPUs on air during standard use. So the 2000W beauty will be retired and going to Parvum to use in one of their stunning builds instead where volume doesn't play a factor. I think this is appropriate anyway as they're the ones who provided it to begin with, it should help one of their larger builds draw some nice attention. Instead I'll be using a Thermaltake DPSG RGB 1500W Titanium unit. More than enough juice since I won't be overclocking (rendering stability) and it's nice and quiet. RGB is a 'nice to have' since the PSU will be very visible, but expect it to remain switched to white or off haha. But in keeping with the rest of the build, I went and modelled the beast in full detail, including the Riing 140 RGB fan inside.
  4. Oh yeah plenty of life left in this baby, it's been quite the trooper. Been carted up and down the country by train upwards of 20 times!
  5. I do believe it's about time this rig had a little bit of an update eh? Out with the old and in with the new, fan and SSD upgrade. Stepped up to a 2TB 850 Evo and some shiny Thermaltake Premium Riing 120 RGB fans. I must admit I really do like they lighting they provide, fits the theme just right IMO.
  6. So seemingly a small update but woah it took longer than anticipated. Been so packed over the last few days I haven't been able to put in the time I'd like. Trying to get the front panel all sorted before moving on to the rest of the case. And yes, it is insulated don't worry
  7. First progress for this mod! First step of any build, testing the hardware. This case is really so easy to build in. Only took a few minutes to get it like this. Hardware now extracted, case ready to be worked on Where we're going we don't need PSU shrouds... Nor rear IO panels... Definitely won't be needing these And not this bit either. This will be sanded smooth later.
  8. Quite possibly, I'm toying with the idea of including them in my future logs. Got the kit, just need the time and inclination haha
  9. Hello everybody! So earlier in the year, AMD approached me asking whether I would be interested in taking part in a themed mod "battle" to help promote the new RX 470. Well I've never even done a themed build before, never mind one in a head to head competition! I'll be competing against Jens Schwalbe of BIRD Customs, so it'll be no mean feat. I will be representing the UK and Jens Germany. I'd like to thank everybody at AMD involved in setting up this competition, along with all the companies who were willing to sponsor gear for it. So a big hand to Thermaltake, Asus RoG, Gigabyte and Corsair for each providing hardware that will be going into the build. As you can see, my theme for this build will be Overwatch. Whilst I don't like playing the game itself much, I do like the art style. So without further ado, here are the first photos of the kit going inside!I'm going to be using Thermaltake's new View 27 chassis for this build. IMO it's a beautiful case, plus the internal layout is very tidy. Thermaltake also supplied the cooling gear for this rig along with the PSU. Lots of RGB going into this build, including all the fans and fittings! Every build deserves an RGB power supply of course haha Gigabyte have supplied the build with an FX990-Gaming. No RGB unfortunately yet on AMD's boards from them, but this is very pretty anyhow. Love the PCIe slots and the super matte PCB. An FX 8370e will be going into this board. More RGB goodness in the form of Asus' Strix RX 470. Great cooler on this card, was nice and quiet even under full load. Perhaps not waterblock level, but you can't complain for one at this budget end. Corsair insisted on sending some Dominator Platinum DDR3 for the build. Perhaps doesn't quite fit in with the other specs (bar watercooling) but like I'd refuse an offer like that, many thanks!
  10. Would certainly be very cool to use the new Pascal ones, although thankfully for me they don't offer any real improvements other than speed (yeah that sounds dumb I know haha). The big limit for my usage is VRAM, which Nvidia decided not to increase for the Pascal Titan Xs. So at least I can rock myself to sleep telling my mind I don't need them haha Just wait a it until the big block is done, now that will be interesting for sure. Glad to be back at this, had to put it off all summer thanks to overly busy schedules and whatnot. Cheers, hope it lives up to the hype You our and me both, it's been a long time coming Haha my favourite tactic, make the pictures look like renders and the renders look like pictures That actually sort of happened with my previous project Aetos. AMD thought that I had finished the build months before hand and had shared the renders around. Needless to say they were quite surprised when I said the build was done and presented them with the final pics.
  11. Well this has certainly been a little stagnant hasn't it? So with Aetos finally all done and dusted, the time has come to once again move my focus to completing Argentum. Got an awful lot of CAD work to do, but at least it's now happening. Here are the latest renders for the first parts:
  12. Well aside from the fact this build was started almost a year before that case hit the market, I wanted to do something different. Anybody can build in a case, you know?
  13. Glad that you like the final results! Good spot, thanks for letting me know! Seems they stumbled upon the build via my reddit submissions.
  14. And here we are folks, the end of the journey for Aetos. Hopefully you'll enjoy the final results! A huge thank you to AMD for commissioning the build, it would have been completely impossible without their help and support. Banana for scale:
  15. I certainly am painting it, although I don't have the time nor funds to have a shop do it, that said I've been gearing my workshop to deal with paintjobs so the finish should be good. I did think about doing a strong colour, perhaps a two tone, but tbh it always ended up looking gaudy. The shape is already pretty out there so having something simple like a satin white really works well. Besides, should I get bored of it in the future it can always be resprayed without too much hassle. Sanded smooth and ready for priming Hung up for action It looks rather nice in grey actually The back looks so much cleaner now!