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  1. Apologies for interrupting such a heated discussion but I would like to add my tuppenceworth. The point of ABS is to allow the vast majority of drivers to achieve a reasonable emergency stop regardless of road conditions or driving abilities. I have no objections at @straight_stewie for saying that ABS can increase braking distances. That is true in certain situations sand and gravel where such increases are significant. What I do have issue with is saying: And the assorted mish mash of an argument saying how this translates to shorter stopping distances in the real world.
  2. Would using a WD SN550 as a boot drive for a linux installation work using the m.2 10gbit/s connector on my motherboard (Asus Z97-P)? I know that the drive speed is significantly faster than 10gbit/s and would therefore be bottle necked but I've run out of SATA ports and the NVME version of a m.2 drive is about the same price as the SATA version of the m.2 drive with much higher read/write IOPS. In addition, I can always reuse the drive when I upgrade. I've tried contacting ASUS to check if NVME is bootable on this motherboard but their response was .... "Please if possible get another SSD -
  3. Just a large barrel that connects to the gutters of your house to collect rainwater.
  4. Try and cool a PC using thermal mass alone. In the UK, a 350 litre water butt is the same price as a triple radiator. It would be pretty neat (but completely impractical) to see if plumbing the waterblocks directly to a couple of waterbutts and 700litres of water is actually worthwhile at providing better temps. You could even put the pumps in the waterbutts and the waterbutts outside to get rid of the noise completely. Might need a bit of antifreeze though in Canada.
  5. As the title suggests, I plan to dual boot mx linux and windows by installing them on two different ssd's. I don't want to mess around with bootloaders or anything like that as I don't plan to switch between os' very frequently (only when I need to run a windows program). I already have windows installed. Can I simply disconnect the windows ssd and connect a blank ssd to install mx linux before reconnecting the windows ssd and changing the boot order in the bios so the mx linux one is first? Many thanks
  6. As it turns out, it was a theme in chrome that was messing up the tabs. I changed the theme and it is all fine now. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  7. For some reason, all of the inactivate tabs on chrome look strange and some are completely blurred. Any suggestions of possible fixes? I have already tried disabling hardware acceleration.
  8. Check out @smicha 14x 1080's render station. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzzySn5rLO7S6ui4D_wCwQ?&ab_channel=smicha7 Seems pretty similar to what you want.
  9. Get a 256 gb MLC ssd of your choice to act as cache then a 4tb Red for mass storage
  10. Did you really have to say this 3 times?
  11. Why don't you use Seagate's Archive Drives to well....archive your videos? Are you using the enterprise capacity drives just because you can?

  12. You learn something new everyday. Thanks Sebastian-Very informative
  13. At our school it is: 9 = High A* 8 = Scrape A* 7 = A 6 = B etc....