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    Queensland, Australia
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    i5 4690K
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z87 M Power
  • RAM
    Hyper X Fury 16GB
  • GPU
    GTX 970
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    Intel 535 120Gb + 1Tb HDD
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    EVGA 750W
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    Corsair H100i GTX
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    G502 Proteus Core

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  1. Its done! Flat pack picture of the case. All the surfaces sanded smooth. A couple of hardware shots while transferring. Thanks to everyone that followed and commented on this log, If you haven't already make sure to check out my instagram page @willydijo , its where I'm most active.
  2. That could be a bit of fun, I quite like the weathered look. but for my scratch builds clean lines seems most fitting.
  3. I've made a fair bit of progress since last. A lot of sawing, filing and the edges sanded smooth. Drilled perforation holes for the PSU to breathe. Made a basement wall as well as a bottom panel. Painting is up next.
  4. from underneath and routed out the back, it wont be practical it's more of a show piece.
  5. Thanks, i try to make the progress shots look interesting. I don't think it will, ill see if system temps are higher than other builds. Thanks! _____________________________________________________________________ Finished most of the fitment of the case, after this its sawing and filing the designs. I love this tiny SFX PSU, I've been wanting one for a while and I'll be using it in a lot of future builds.
  6. WD Crimson Description This is my current scratch build project "WD Crimson", it's an inverted 90 degree motherboard design that uses an ATX motherboard, SFX PSU and 240mm CPU cooler displaying its hardware in a unique way while also with an emphasis on space efficiency, dimensions being 403mm Long x 385mm High 210mm Wide. Specs i5 6600K GTX 1070 EVGA FTW Z170 EVGA FTW 16GB EVGA RAM Silverstone SFX 600W PSU Thermaltake RIING 140 and 120mm Fans Corsair H100i GTX 3Tb WD Red and 120GB Intel 535 SSD
  7. Thank you to everyone that followed and commented on the build, it made the process all the better! The build is now complete, and I have just finished assembling the system. Cable management in this build turned out to be quite a challenge but worth it in the end, I also like that the PSU is half the length of the case. Here is a HD Imgur album link for the above pictures http://imgur.com/a/QBVi1 If you want to keep up with my builds and projects I'm at; Instagram @WillyDijo Facebook WillyDijo
  8. Since last update I have been painting the cases aluminium. I had quite a setback in that I used "Paint + Primer" paint and after I finished the paint then started to assemble the case I found the paint did not stick to the aluminium, and I had to scrape, thinners and sand all the paint off and start again. Ford Octane Orange is the orange I'm using and also flat black. I've still got a bit of paintwork to touch up, then its build photos.
  9. I just finished making the GPU mount and acrylic panels for the case. This is a guide that came in handy with stopping the drill bit walking from the marking. I found a easy way of doing these kinds of cuts, First scribe a line along the longest part, then use a coping saw to cut the shorter lengths then snap and file, this saved a lot of time especially when cutting the air intakes. Drilled a spot for the power button, its at the rear above the motherboard IO. Nearing complete, next up is paint.
  10. I've been working on sleeving my sleeved cable extensions. Then the parts arrived, It felt like Christmas again. The best part about these components is that they have neutral colours and will work great with the orange without needing to paint. The case is not at all far from complete, and there will be another update shortly. Fun fact, a 900D side panel makes for a good photo backdrop.
  11. This is AMAZING! you really nail it with the details, and the front panel translates Genji's design perfectly. I'm a Genji main at over 80hrs and I cant stop looking at this case!
  12. Thanks guys! ______________________________________________________________________________ Since last update I have been working on the rear panel and filing more of the case. Each hole was 7mm apart and later drilled to 1/4 inch. Next up is making the acrylic side panels and basement divide.
  13. Work has been done on the front plate. I marked out the design the same way as i did with the XOI build by tracing over an iPad,and I realised after I could have printed out the logo instead, It worked out either way. Next up is making the rear panel.
  14. Thanks, orange is my favourite. Thanks, its a great material to work with too.
  15. Since last update I have sawed and filed designs into all the right angle aluminium.The lengths were sawed close to the scribe lines, then rough filed, then fine filed, then sanded smooth.I like how clean this fan grill area turned out, too bad it wont be seen.The H100i's tubing looks real nice but they are a bit of a hassle to work with.Next up is making the 3mm aluminium front and back plates.