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  1. The obvious has been forgotten here... you NEED internet that is fast enough to send those streams outbound. Plex box will get you mostly there but if the pipe is too small, you won't get what you are seeking.
  2. The FUCK they're not! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Charmin-Essentials-Toilet-Paper-Ultra-Strong-Soft-Toilet-Paper-16-120/264663277443?hash=item3d9f291f83:m:mTGdSMLhltoLDE8yLkS1fjA Just go to ebay and type toilet paper. $10 a roll? Are you kidding me? TOTAL a-hole! If you are rushing out and scrounging up everything you can get your hands on, you are either so incredibly unprepared for even tomorrow's bowel movement OR you are profiteering. And in that vein, you have zero shits to give about others that might be in a need situation because you are forcing scarcity with your actions, preventing others from having even the slightest of chances to get some for themselves. I honestly hope these ass-hats are stuck with garages full of toilet paper that they can't sell even at a discount. I don't care how bad it might get but I seriously doubt it will get worse than in China and even they are not destitute! They still have water treatment plants functioning and toilet paper is still being manufactured. Food is still available for the most part (even though they have freaked out and caused scarcity as well) and people are not dying and being carted off like in Monty Python movies. I am not saying buying for an extended period is wrong. I am saying causing scarcity for profit is. And you can't tell me that anyone of these fuckers on ebay has been selling TP there prior to this situation. Not one of them. And a few thousand cases is not going to bloom overnight to hundreds of thousands of cases with tens of thousands of deaths in the same period. Just because one person 10 miles from you gets sick doesn't mean the grim reaper is driving his mercedes down your road looking to bone you in the jiggly bits. Paranoia and fear is the absolute worst thing that you can work towards in this. Calm the hell down and get a grip. Wash your hands. Stop going out in public just to go. If you don't HAVE to go out, stay the hell home and stop intaking more fear from the internet.
  3. I TLDR'd most of the comments in this thread because they seem to be pretty much the same...Don't blame us, it's them... It's gonna be huge, but maybe bigger than they said... my dick is bigger than yours, no it's not....UGH. First of all, I want to say that anybody that thinks that rushing to the grocery store to buy toilet paper and water is a doofus. Its a respiratory virus, not a G.I. virus. If you don't eat, you won't need the toilet paper. And buying it by the pallet load just makes you an a-hole because everyone knows you are profit-mongering waiting for the shelves to be empty so you can hock it on Ebay or Gumtree (depending on your country) for $20 a roll. I get the water thing if your tap water is crap to begin with and you have to drink bottled water. You might get some sort of sick and need to hydrate. But most of the water scroungers are just being stupid. I get buying some cold symptom remedies but by the dozens? Get real. Again... your profit-mongering. Problem is, these idiots will scramble to get bog roll and not food. THEN, they will venture out when they probably shouldn't.. like after lots are sick, and go to buy food and pick up the illness they were trying to avoid and not have enough food in the house to survive, let alone shit. I have food. I always have food for a couple months if needed. I also have laundry soap and socks, which I will probably need because some dipshit created scarcity in the TP market and when I run out of my month and a half supply of toilet paper, my socks are in jeopardy. But I will stay quietly in my home watching the panic ensue over an "eminent pandemic" that is NOT gonna kill most of the worlds population. Oh yeah... and WASH YOUR DAMNED HANDS! Even the non-antibacterial soap and water is better than hand sanitizer. If you need hand sanitizer at the level a couple posters listed, you are totally clueless as to the functionality and benefits of the product. It is NOT better than hand washing and it is NOT a replacement for the same. Stay away from people as much as possible and you will be way better off. Not because they are sick but because you are just not right and nobody needs your paranoia around. Your fears and lack of preparedness are what makes situations like this unbearable. Oh... on another note, I did get to witness a funny one at Walmart... there was a lady there with her presumably 7 year old daughter that was dressed in white high heeled dress shoes and PAJAMAS of all things push 2 overloaded carts up to the register while I was standing at the CS counter. She made some comment that she had forgotten her wallet with her food stamps card and she had to wait for her boyfriend to bring it. She told the clerk that she was buying a months supply of food for her household. In the cart was probably 8 cases of Coke, easily 2 dozen pudding cups, 3 large tubs of cheese balls, who knows how many frozen pies, 7 or 8 cases of hot pockets, top ramen by the skid load, and other miscellaneous diabetic inducing junk food items. And we think coronavirus is gonna kill people. F' me dead! I fear for our society. As you were...
  4. Then the easiest way to kick them in the dick is to wire your network and disable wifi.
  5. i am sure the OP has buggered off already since it appears that all the answers given were off topic for some reason and then went onto discussions of service providers and equipment regulations and other WTF'ery. BUT just in case... Your "phone router" is probably DSL and it SHOULD have an ethernet jack on it. You plug a cable into that (probably one that came with your new router) and you plug the other end of that wire into the "WAN" port on the new wireless unit. Most manufacturers will color the WAN port either yellow or red to make it look different from the standard ethernet jacks on there. Then you configure the new router following the instructions in the box for setup. Bingo! You now have wireless. Hope that helped...6 days later
  6. Doesn't sound like it's a wireless issue or an old router one either. Sounds like you just want the modem hard wired to your own room so you have the fastest wired connection you can get for gaming. And to that, i would say the same thing I would say to my own kid. Deal with it. I pay the f'ing internet bill and you can either buy a wifi card and use that or just not use it. Wouldn't that just piss you off if he bought a brand new one to replace the old one and left it where it was? Nothing would have changed by doing so but he could enjoy your seething entitlement.
  7. I would say no simply because every damned POS IoT device out there is spraying the wifi spectrum down with their crappy signals. If you live in an area with very many people, the wifi spectrum bands are so full and slow. Wired avoids all that crap. I am pretty anti-wireless if at all possible
  8. and it's ONLY amazon? That message is more related to not connecting to the internet than it is to any specific website. I have never hear of a computer blocking a specific site only. At least not in a consumer box... corporate networks do that but usually with a redirect that says they won't let you connect to something specific and are being blocked. What you didn't mention is pretty much what all of the previous posters should have asked... What is you network like? What kind of service, how is it connected (modem->computer, OR modem-> router-> computer, OR modem - > aluminum foil antenna -> box of wet raisins -> wifi dongle on a computer), are the devices that WILL connect to Amazon on the same connection, like via wifi? Lots of places for stuff to go wrong and we need to know what the internet has to get through to get to your browser. With more info, can probably help.
  9. Would be nice to know the make and model of the gear so we could assist you better, but with that said... There are a few things I would do. Connect to your modem with a WIRE... not wireless. Then first of all, if you do in fact have the stock password info for the modem/router, do a factory reset. Put it back to scratch. Any password that is on it now will cease to exist if it isn't stock. Then immediately go in and change the password. Being as a-holes like this are usually home all day doing nothing and sponging off of others, you need to be pretty quick about it as they will probably be in there right behind you once they realize that they no longer have wifi to steal. Once the password is changed, then turn off WPS and turn ON MAC address filtering and deny everything that isn't your system. That in itself should stop them from reconnecting the extender. Remove that sticker that has any login info, even if you have changed the password so if they do decide to break and enter again, they have squat to work with. And if you do catch them in your home unrequested, hit them with an end table. Sounds like the person doing this is some level of stupid that has access to sniffing software that is grabbing your authentication info. MAC address filtering will make it so even if they can get the password info from a packet, they can't get data connectivity without some brute force measures. At that point, it IS a confirmed crime, though would take some major forensics to prove their actions. And again, if you are still having this issue after the changes you made, post your make and model so we can do research and help you fix it. People like this need to be stopped.
  10. (bangs head on the desk over and over). For that budget, you will be writing a list and selecting 2 things. You just can't get power efficient, quiet, powerful, allows LOTS of memory and dirt ass cheap in the same package. Unless you are friends with a computer builder that is gonna chip in on your project. Pretty much anything in the commercial realm is going to be noisy as hell. Or VERY expensive, even used. Workstation grade boxes are good, but they still are expensive to get computing power and ram space. Power consumption is relative to age and power. Faster systems are going to use more power. $800 to $1000... more options. For a couple thousand and used parts you can build something that kinda makes all those work. For 3000 you could check all those boxes and have a serious box.
  11. Being someone that bought a used enterprise grade server for cheap... If you don't have a use case for it, don't waste the money. Don't get me wrong...there are lots of fun stuff you can do. And if it's gonna live on the home side (safe side) of your network, that's a bonus. But buying one and creating all sorts of web utilities like a LAMP stack or cloud file server or what not is not a good idea unless you are willing to invest the time needed to, first learn the software you are utilizing inside and out and second, being willing to stay on top of updates and learning the ways these kinds of things are exploited so you can prevent your machine from becoming a botnet. I had all sorts of grand plans but I just don't have the time to learn and keep up with the mountain of knowledge to PROPERLY manage such a thing. You CAN just bang something together following some YouTube video tutorials and you CAN kick it to the dark reaches of a closet somewhere to run on it's own. But you WILL be contributing to the diseased side of the interwebs by doing so. Lab box? Sure. Testing and learning the trades? Absolutely. Base for your your own super cool network you can show off to friends? Whatever floats your boat. But don't create one if you don't create the subsequent need. You can do a lot of what you would do with a server by adding a VM setup to an old POS desktop box and never know the difference. And that comes from experience. HP Proliant DL380 Gen 7 with Esxi and a dozen VM's..... that do pretty much nothing but consume electricity. Fun. But generally not worth the money.
  12. Welcome to internet in the sticks. And the answer is probably no. You say "the best WIFI..." so it sounds like you are getting local wireless beamed to you... or maybe cellular? But still, probably not. It's so slow because it is the only thing around and everybody around you is on it. That is why the speeds go up at night. You have 2 options. Move or live with it.
  13. Lighter is not always better but BananaSplit is right... If it's heavy, you won't be picking it up with snow on the ground. I can stand my Wing up by myself without issue... on solid ground. Thw wheels have to be able to stay put while you lift or you are chasing it all over until they do. If the bike is super light, it will want to slide out from under you. If it is too heavy, the inertia will work against you as well. Snow is just a bad idea.
  14. Being as I am a year round motorcycle rider in the Pacific Northwest (an hour south of Linus and crew), I will tell you this... You are f'ing nuts if you think you will be riding in the slush and snow. 2 wheels is a stupid thing to be on when the traction is near zero. I did 11 thousand damages to a 30 thousand dollar bike because of a tiny patch of ice. Riding is fine when road conditions are not icy but you have to ride like the entire world woke up today with the sole intent of killing you while you are on the bike. Why? Because even if you were wearing pink and were on fire, they will look through you (or not at you at all because they won't put their damned cell phone down for even half a second) and you will be dead. I love riding... on a Goldwing personally. But riding is stupid dangerous and you have to be willing to take the risks. And just because in some places you CAN ride without insurance, it's stupid to do so. If you wreck and cause damage to anything but yourself, you are liable and insurance keeps your ass out of the fire. Just saying. Keep the rubber side up.
  15. Hence why I suggested an Alienware Alpha...