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  1. Hey LTT, I have working ubuntu 20.10 server on my raspberry pi 4 (4gb ram). I tried to setup docker container with lancache, but container is in restarting loop and doesnt work. Can someone help me to fix that? I am noob in using docker and ubuntu, so let me know what should I post.
  2. When I do nslookup in windows it shows my ip of raspberry pi but its saying that steam cache server wasnt found.
  3. Hello LTT forum, I have been trying to setup lancache on raspberry pi 4 (4gb model). I have working system with ubuntu 20.10 desktop version. I tried to install lancache by following tutorial on youtube from battle(non)sense But I am having a problem, with running it inside docker. When I do command sudo docker stats it shows 0% at services and it just disappears. Can someone help me with correcting my setup?
  4. Hey LTT forum, I have a problem with wiring up my tv. I dont have any ports left on my router and I cant buy any switch right now. I have my NAS connected and have one spare ethernet port. Can I use that port to connect my tv to the internet with ethernet cable?
  5. Is there a way to figure out if its starting with booting system? I am beginner in linux so sorry for my wierd questions. I can not see anything with starting up with system in documentation.
  6. You are insane dude, its working finally... Can I ask you for just one more thing? How can I setup, when I boot up, to check for updates and install them? Just to make that auto update games. Again, thank you so mutch for helping me with this.
  7. Thanks a lot for the responses, I will try this and will let you know how it ended.
  8. There is output of php -i php -i.txt
  9. Got this error after running that command.
  10. Tried to run it with sudo again and I got this
  11. Looks like it was successfully installed, but now I have problem with that autofill install.sh. I am getting this error.